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Hello there,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your appliance, it sounds like you might need a new tilt lever. Please see below the help video for your perusal as well as quote for a replacement one, should it need replacing:

4176024 KitchenAid Lever-Latch Black was 9709280, 9709267 tilt

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Raise the head and adjust the screw that is now exposed from the front over the top of the bowl where the head hinges on the pedestal. Screw out to raise the head up.....anti clockwise.

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If it's just the wire beater attachment, then it's possible it's oxidation from the metal/aluminum. Did you put it in the dishwasher? The manual says not to put the wire beater in the dishwasher. Hope that helps.

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It sound like the hinge pin keeps making its way out, which can be fixed by tightening grub screw that sits inside the pedestal (you will need to turn the mixer around) or you could purchase a Super Hinge Pin, which will NOT work its way out - please see the relevant links below:

You can purchase the Super Hinge Pin here:

KA3009 KitchenAid Tilt Head Mixer Super Hinge Pin Upgrade Kit

ALSO - it sounds like you need to adjust the head height of your mixer - please see the link to our help page below:

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I had the same problem. Part #25, the "control plate assembly" It has a set of points on the lower, inside. These points turn the motor on. You can watch it as you go from off to stir. If at that setting the motor doesn't start, be very careful and bend the lower point contact up just a bit. The 2 points should make contact earlier, and turn the motor on.

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The gearbox grease has separated and is starting to move (slowly) onto the motor armature area through the front bearing. Replace the grease and since it will be apart, use a lot of cloth strips (NO Q-TIPS! TOO STRINGY - LEAVES A MESS) and alcohol to clean off the motor's armature, housing area and any place you see grease slung around. It's not going to be easy, but worth it. I will try to post pictures as I am doing this right now 12/28/17 to my wife's Kitchenaid for this exact reason.The first image is the gear side of the motor bearing, where the thinning grease is moving through. The second image is a shot of the armature of the motor where the brushes touch and will smoke if grease gets that far (it does). The third image is a cleaned out armature area (brushes removed and speed switch moved)The last is the pooled oil separated and sitting just behind the gear box (where will it go if you tilt the head back?)07667273-29b4-4c89-b9b3-12896c8ef14c.jpg20171228_163751-wafg2nvpw021bpnzetjjpo05-2-2.jpg20171228_165900-wafg2nvpw021bpnzetjjpo05-2-3.jpg20171228_173846-wafg2nvpw021bpnzetjjpo05-2-4.jpg

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Ideally you need to fix what's bent and that normally would involve splitting the cases to get at and repair or change the speed control lever. If you don't want to do that then removing the back cover and altering the adjustments and maybe bending the switch contacts may make it operate at both ends of the speed control.

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-Check under the unit to see how many volt it required to run.
Some model require to run 220 volts.

Good luck


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The head height adjustment screw is visible from the front when the head is raised. Looking from the front it is right at the back where the machine head hinges on thew pedestal. Clockwise to lower and anti clockwise to raise the head. You want it as low as possible without the flat paddle tinging on the bowl when the motor is running. Kitchen aid also make a paddle with rubber edges, called a scraper paddle. That one wipes against the bowl during operation.

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Aussie helpline

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By pass the switch and put it on power strip and turn on/off with strip. Or just replace the ****** switch. Or just bypass switch and plug and unplug to turn on and off.

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Hello Wittwer,

I understand that you are having a problem with your head locking in the down position. This is a common problem when the set screw that holds the latch in place is missing. On the right side of the base up next to where the lock is you will notice a whole that has threads make sure that the set screw is there if not you will need to order a new one. Here is a link to sears parts direct where you can purchase a new set screw they cost $4.62.

Thank you for choosing


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Sounds as if the problem is with the assembly and/or the adjustment of the control plate. The Service Manual can be found at:

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Leaking oil is caused by the grease in the gear box separating. This often happens when the mixer is not used much and the grease is not kept mixed by the moving gears. The solution is two-fold. First run the machine more frequently. Second is to open the head and replace the old grease with an approved food-grade grease (6 oz. is the right amount). KitchenAid grease can be found online and at Ebay. The Service Manual can be found at:

While the Artisan series is not specifically referenced, the procedures are the same.

You can also take the mixer and manual to a competent repair person.

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sounds like a dead spot in the motor to me .

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On one brush holder you push the clip on the end of the field wire between the bottom side of the square brush holder and the black plastic insert the holder is mounted into. On the other brush holder it pushes between the top side of the brass holder and the black insert. The bearing is pre lubricated but oil the armature shaft before sliding the rear bearing housing on.

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Yes it is everything to do with the side springy things. Get a torch and look inside there is a blocker on one corner, it needs to be lined up with the missing corner on the carbon brush.

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User this link to identify the part you need and obtain a part number

Have your model number handy.

Once you have obtained the correct part number, google "KitchenAid replacement parts" and choose a vendor.

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