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Adjust the head height, tilt the head back and look into the hinge area from the front over the top of the bowl. Undo that slottedscrew you can see in the middle of the hinge a quarter turn at a time until it stops scraping.

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There is a problem in the planetary, there is wear or lack of lubrication causing wear in something in that area. Replacing the planetary is not a big or expensive job.

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I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with your machine! To solve this problem, you will need to remove the drip ring from your mixer and give it a good clean, this should stop the grease leaking.

I hope this helps you! :)

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I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your KitchenAid mixer. It may just be that your motor brushes are worn down or have not been put in correctly. I have added links below for our help videos on replacing the motor brushes and have also added a link if you wish to purchase a new set:

6778011 KABrushSet KitchenAid Mixer Motor Brush Set (2 x W10380496 brushes)

I hope this helps you solve the issue :)

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I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your mixer.

Please check if your motor brushes have been put in correctly as this may be the issue. I have added links below for our help video on motor brushes which may help you:

I hope this helps you solve the problem! :)

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Sorry you are experiencing an issue with your appliance. It would appear you need to replace your phase board. Please see one of the links below to assist you. Please note the videos show how to replace 230V phase board. The steps are the same for 110V. Please make sure you have the correct part for your appliance.

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your appliance.
We have created some videos, that might help you resolve this issue. Please see one of the links below:

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Sorry you are experiencing an issue with your appliance. We have some help videos to assist you with resolving this issue. Please see one of the links below for your perusal.

To purchase new speed lever, please see the below link:

9709276 KitchenAid Tilt Head Stand Mixer Part (also 5qt bowl lift) Speed Lever Black

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I had this same problem as well.  The beater was stuck like glue to the rotating arm, and it would not budge with any amount of pressure.  I tried the cooking spray and it did nothing.  But today I put a rag in hot/boiling water and then carefully wrapped it around the top of the beater.  I let it sit for 10 minutes. Then I put the rag in hot water again and repeated the process for about another 5 minutes.  When this was done, I covered the beater in a towel (to protect it) and forcefully tapped (ok... I pounded) it with the flat side of my meat tenderizer (it was all I could use a mallet or hammer).  It took a little bit of work because I had to hammer it from the bottom, then the side, then the top to get the little spoke guided through the shaft.  But it did finally come off.  After cleaning with hot water, I put the beater on again and noticed that it was still a little hard to get on/off.  So, I put a little bit of veg. oil on it, and it seems to be better.  Going forward, I will be sure to clean the top of the beater & arm after each use and then coat it with a little oil to keep from sticking.  Best of luck!

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Are you proficient in electronic component repair? If not, then leave this sort of repair to a service professional.
You can find parts here:
Sunbeam Mixer Parts

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Tip the machine upside down on a towel, centralise the hinge pin and tighten the grub screw that locks it into place. This is right up inside the pedestal, there is only one screw there to see.
Now stand it up and fit the mixing bowl & flat paddle, turn the machine on speed one, if the paddle is tinging on the bowl then we now need to set the head height. Turn the motor off.
Raise the motor up and from the front of the machine look in by where the motor hinges on the pedestal. You can see one screw head there. If it's tinging the bowl then you need to turn the screw anti clockwise enough so that the paddle no longer tings on the bowl.
Once it's stopped tinging put it onto max speed and make sure it still clears at high speed, if not turn the screw until it stops tinging. That's it.

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the motor brushes are worn out and the bushes are worn allowing it to "pole "out
the fix is a replacement unit

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You need new planetary gears in the head. Did you make a lot of bread in it, or heavy doughs? It wears them down. Contact them for professional service.

Warranty service from here

Service Centres are accessed from here.

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Get a round file and gently rasp it out, you are trying to remove the build up in the hole not rasp the metal away. Flour dust gets in the hole and embeds itself into the soft metal of the dough hook. Also clean the shaft if you can see any dark patches on it. The shaft is good quality steel so you can use fine sandpaper on it without really removing any metal. It's not uncommon for a paddle or a hook to become frozen onto the shaft from flour dust getting in there while mixing. The first time I encountered it I had trouble convincing myself the flour was the problem, I've seen enough of them now to know that's what it is.

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If it is the worm gear then the planetary will stop turning when there is a load on the paddle but the motor will continue to run at the speed you set it at. I'd be checking the carbon brushes, checking that the field assembly has not loosened up a bit and then I would see if the speed control plate adjustment screws are loose. I'd then reset the speed and see if it stays as it should be.

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Replace the motor.

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There are lots of places to be looking, first thing I would look at would be under the rear cover to make sure the two nuts that hold the rear motor bearing housing in place are nipped up. You don't wring the neck on these nuts, if you over tighten them you will deform the rear bearing housing.
If you can find someone local who has been doing these mixers for a while they will be able to give it a once over. It's unlikely to be expensive. Best people to ask is Kitchen Aid, they should know who does their warranty work in your area. If you are in new Zealand it will be me.

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You need to take the back cover off and then split the gear cases to find the mechanical reason why the lever is stuck. Take the motor off the pedestal, remove the planetary and undo the 9 screws that hold the bottom gearcase to the top housing. You will need to unplug the white and the black wires from one side of the speed control plate.

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The trim ring news to be ta]ed in place with a plastic-face mallet. This type of mallet does not (if used properly) Mar the surface it striks.

Hold the trim ring in place while tapping it in place. It often takes patience to get it right.

The ring is properly in place when there is no place where you can insert a fingernail between it and the mixer body all around the ring.

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Hello Heather,

Either the grooves on the bowl lock plate are worn out, or the grooves on the actual bowl are worn out. I would start with replacing the bowl lock plate. Here is a link to the part: KitchenAid Mixer Bowl Lock Plate 4163032

This part is really easy to replace, it is held into place with three screws, remove those screws (make sure to hang onto those you will need them to re-install the new part). then you should be able to pop the old plate out. To install the new plate like up the screw holes, and press into place, sometimes you need to lightly tap it into place with a rubber mallet as it is suppose to be a very tight fit.

Once that has been replaced your bowl should lock into place tightly. However there is always a chance that the bowl has been worn down and may need to be replaced. Here is a link to the 4.5 Quart bowl: KitchenAid 4 5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl

- Colleen @ Mending


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