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I took the advice from:
I put a wash cloth in a pot of boiling water and used tongs to wrap it around the beater shaft while the mixer was resting on its side. When the wash cloth was not too hot to touch, I put it back in the boiling water and did it again. I was then able to easily remove the beater.

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I will assume that you were not using a step-down transformer (240 to 120 volts).

So what may have happened?

1. The phase board burned out.
2. The stator burned out.
3. The armature burned out.
4. The line cord and/or plug failed.

It could be one, all, or any combination of these things.

A solution is to simply convert the mixer to 240 volts. This can be done by replacing all four items above with the 240 volt versions.

If I were doing this here in the U.S., Ebay would be my source for the parts.

You can find a Service Manual which covers your model (even though it may net say so) and shows how it comes apart at:

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The Service Manual covering mixers with the control plate can be downloaded at:

Things to consider:

The brushes have a chamfer on one edge and must be oriented so that the chamfer can pass a small stop in one corner of the brush sleeve.

Are all the wires to the control board connected correctly? The board is marked for the wires colors.

There are instructions in the manual for measuring the stator coils to find out if they are OK or not.

Checking out the armature is another whole thing and you can get information on-line about this (try searching "armature testing"). I really hope that you don't need to go this far.

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Tilt the head back and remove your cardboard shim. You should see a screw head. Turning this screw adjusts the beater/bowl clearence.

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You can find the User's Manual (which shows how to adjust beater-bowl clearance) for your model at:

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Could be,among other things:

Very worn brushes (although, in this case, the mixer usually stops entirely).
Worn gear(s).
Grease congealed and not lubricating correctly.

In any case, see the Service Manual at:

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This could be the pivot rod between the head and the column being loose and out of place. Or it could be the hook activated by the lock lever not engaging properly. See the following Service Manual:

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Remove the bowl, turn it upside down on a towel, look up inside the pedestal. Right in the middle where the hinge pin goes through there is a screw, unscrew it a little, push the hinge pin back to where it belongs and then tighten the screw up tight. Turn mixer up the right way, raise head up, fit bowl & flat paddle. Lower head & turn machine on low, listen for paddle tinging on bowl, if it is touching turn off and raise the head. Look into hinge area from the front, that screw is the head height adjustment. Clockwise to lower paddle in bowl, anti clockwise to raise. You want to lower it until you hear the paddle tinging on the bowl & then raise it enough to clear without tinging. You don't wind the screw in & out huge amounts, 1/4 to 1/2 a turn at a time is plenty.

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Please unplug it and leave it alone. The earth wire is a life saving device put there to stop you killing yourself if something goes wrong. It is not a little green wire that you can remove on a whim even if just for testing purposes. Your mixer is unsafe if plugged in without it.
The fault is unlikely to be a big deal as far as expense goes, a proper service agent will be able to locate the fault using their eyes and a multi meter. I would be looking for broken or partly detached wiring inside, maybe even insulation worn through somewhere.
Phone Kitchen Aid and ask who your local service agent is.

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here is a link to a step by step machine tear down, you are gonna feel silly when you see the tiny little part that is holding you up, anyway this should take care of your problem. If you need help get back to us so that we can FixYa

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You will need to replace the brushes once you get the stuck one out. You want to avoid pulling the motor apart if you can, I carefully drill down through the middle of the brush. Note CAREFULLY. You do not want to drill into the commutator that the brushes run against when the motor is running. Once you have your hole drilled you can try and extract it with a hooked pick type tool or with a vacuum cleaner sucking away at the outside you can break it up and it will come out in many pieces. Once you have it out clean up the brush holder with a small flat file and check that the new brush slides in and out freely. When filing be careful not to mark the commutator just beyond the inner end of the brush holder. Brushes are keyed and will only fit one way, look in the hole with a torch to see the key on one corner.

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Any number of reasons such as:
Bad electric cord
Bad brush or brushes
Bad armature or stator
Control plate broken

You need the Service Manual:

While this manual does not cover the Artisan specifically, the procedures do apply.

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Push up and twist at the same time.

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I am not sure, often there is an internal thermal protector but easiest would be to contact the manufacturer or a serfvice center and ask the question.

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Put an ohmmeter across the two pins on the plug, on the mixer,,not the earth one.and turn the switch should get a reading,plus it will change as you turn the switch to different settings.if no reading,suspect broken wire in plug,or mixer windings burnt out.try in a different socket

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smell the motor housing for any burnt smell.suggest you buy a new one.theire not worth fixing

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Get some CRC around the shaft and into the beater hole and wriggle it about until it comes free. Rasp the build up in the beater hole out with a round file and clean up the shaft on the mixer. Remember you are cleaning out the hole not trying to make it bigger than it was. In my experience it is a build up of flour in there bonding itself to the hole in the aluminium beater.

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sounds like the gears are slapping an worn out

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Look for any broken wires on the speed control plate under the back cover. Check the carbon brushes under the side caps. Brushes only go in one way so be careful.

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Google Kitchen Aid in your home country.

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