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There is an air leak in the seals somewhere between the carb and the intake manifold. You are getting too much air! ALL of those seals need to be changed, As the paper seals age they develop small cracks that kill the vacuum made by the engine to pull in the gas/air mixture!

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I found this at
AVR Voltage Adjustment

This bulletin covers the following Champion Power Equipment models:

C46535 C41150 C41365

C46540 C41155 C75520E

C49055 C41255 C71350E

Note: Read instructions completely before performing service.

1. On the end of the generator locate the round yellow cover held on by two 7mm bolts.

Remove the two bolts and the yellow cover will come right off.

2. At approximately 7 o'clock you'll see a kidney shaped electrical component called the AVR,

which is held on by two 7mm bolts. Remove the two bolts but do not disconnect the wiring

and turn the AVR over so you can see the backside. You should see a round part coming off

the AVR, this is the capacitor. You should also see a small rectangular box with a jewelers

screw, this is your voltage adjustment screw.

3. With a flat head screw driver turn the jewelers screw counter clockwise and this will lower

the voltage. As the screw is turned back watch the volt meter to see adjustment, the

generator must be running to do this.

4. Adjust the screw until the meter reads 250 volts. On model C46540 when the toggle switch

is turned to the 120 side the volt meter should read around 130 volts. Optimum voltage is

121.8 volts.

5. If voltage does not decrease or does not hold a steady output please contact Champion at

877-338-0999 for a new AVR.

If you have any questions, please contact Champion Power Equipment:

Champion Power Equipment, Inc.

10006 Santa Fe Springs Rd.

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Phone: 1-877-338-0999

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They have a website at Click "support" and they tell you "If you need to order a part please call our tech support line. Our professionally trained technicians will be able to assist with placing orders. Orders ship within 1 business day - orders received before 2:00 PM (PST) will be shipped same day." The number is 1-877-338-0999. They also have many service bulletins thee thay will help solve many problems.

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Yes you should indeed find out WHY the breaker is tripped in the first place? and why it will not reset.
The ONLY thing that will cause a breaker to trip,and not be able to be reset, is a short circuit, across the "line" Phase and Neutral, usually that or a Short to Earth? This MUST be checked out first. One must NEVER EVER simply replace or indeed reset a breaker without first finding out exactly WHY it occurred in the first place. Breakers seldom if ever spontaneously break down.
This may happen if there is a fault in the circuity in the Gen.
To be able to really do anything one must obtain a service manual first.

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If I understand correctly, you have a pull-start generator.

The rope to the pull-start broke.

This happened to us out on the job one day.

Our equipment might be different than yours. Our pull-start assembly is held with 4 bolts. Simply remover those bolts and lift off the cover ... carefully. The rope is attached to something I will call a pulley. The rope wraps around the pulley several times.

Do not lift out the pulley that the rope attaches to >> or the spring that re-winds the rope will come un-sprung (at least it did on our machine). If the spring comes unwound, then you got another job, and have to put the spring back also. Your machine might be different.

Keep pulley in place. Remove rope. Get another rope with same diameter and length and put it in.

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If your voltmeter is registering the 240v prior putting in the twist-lock plug then your have a crossed wire plug or there is a problem with the load.

If not reading the correct voltage then you have problem with the generator's alternator. Example bad regulator or a shorted main winding.

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This comes from gas getting from the carb when the engine is stopped. The carb will need a good cleaning. Kawasaki has vent tubes just to avoid this when air venting gets plugged. Just saying. ..

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Did you leave any gas in it as it was being stored. If so then your probably looking at dirt or varnish in the carb. It this is the case you will need to taske the carb apart and spray the inside with some carb cleaner then make sure to wipe it all out. Next time you store your generator make sure that you compleatly drain all of the fuel. If not then be sure to add some gas stabilizer.

Good luck,


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It should work. The load is less than 8 amps and the supply a good 15 amps.
Try starting the fan before lowering the cooling. This prevents all three motors in the ac from staying at the same time.
Otherwise, there is a problem with the equipment.

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Google (king)(KCG-8500)(manual) without parens OR contact King directly to request it.

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We actually hold parts and service kits for this range:
We also have videos on how to service them:

If you need any help please let us know via the website.

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I assume that the generator has an electric starter and if not, a manual pull to start cord.
Here is a few things you need to check

1* Check your fuel filter
2* Check ignition with an ignition tester or remove plug to verify spark and if you have iginition ...
3* check carburator if it has one. Carburetors are inexpensive and can be ordered on line at reasonable price.
4*Check your oil level and your pressure switch which may be interlocked with the ignition system; maybe, check it anyway.
5* lastly, ignition coil as stated before, test it

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starter selinoid is bad

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maybe it needs to be reflashed. see you tube for how to videos

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is anything plugged into the gen when you reset it?
If so unplug everything and try again.
If not, it is an internal problem with the inverter.

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probably==varnish from gas sitting too long or fuel filter.
I was able to get past this on one of my machines by using starter fluid and keeping it running for a minute or more until it cleaned itself. YMMV. Otherwise, it is a disassemble/clean project.

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