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First the levels should never be set to the highest level? as this only stresses the compressor and runs to much cold air in only 1 compartment. If u have a cooling problem I would check my thermistors fridge and freezer side but check at very cold temperature not at room temperature. and check for continuity and for the OHMS rating as well according to ur schematic. also check ur cold control thermostat. and air flow control damper

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Generally, if you unplug the refrigerator and set the freezer and refrigerator temperature controls to off then plug it back it, this will put the refrigerator in forced defrost mode. Keep the doors closed and allow defrosting to last for about 20 minutes. Then unplug again and reset the temperature controls to mid-range or a little above, and plug it back in. If this does not reset the defrost cycle, you probably need service.

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Need exact whole model # for more info.
sound like a defrost problem .
Defrost Bi metal or defrost heater bad and the wurst main computer board. Ice builds up on back wall of freezer.
thaw back wall remove panel heater will be at bottom of coil Bi metal will be at top of coil small disc shape thing with 2 wires coming out
check both . bi metal must be tested cold at 30 degree opens at 35 degree if never closes then there is your problem

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I've had this problem before. I am not a refrigeration expert but when I called one in, he told me that the refrigerator was out of Freon.

He replaced the Freon and the unit started cooling again but it didn't last long. He came back and found a leak which he repaired. I didn't have any more problems with this unit and eventually traded it in for a new one several years later.

The repairs were not expensive but the service call was. Fortunately, he only charged one service call for both trips because the original repair didn't hold up and he only charged me for one Freon refill.

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Based on GE, it probably goes into the front dispenser area of the Ice drawer first, and "should" drop in. Try to line up the Auger drive section in the Ice drawer with the Drive fork of the motor. You may need to allow the drive to run while you carefully allow the Ice drawer to move into the right position to allow Drawer to move into rearmost position.

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some fans in ref are dc volts some are ac volts.
send whole model # for proper diagnostics.
either fan is bad or your not getting power to it.
main computer board or fan poss. broken wire

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It should be easy to replace. However, Condenser fans are "usually" very robust fans. It should come on with the compressor unless the environment is below freezing (but not likely a feature). I would double check all electrical connections to and from compressor and Condensor fan. the outside bottom fan near the compressor. If it continues you may jeopardize the compressor. It is not made to run without the condenser cooling fan.

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Need more details like full model # of ref.
sound like door left open for a while check light switch make sure door is sealing when closed and light turns off door may have droped and not contacting switch for light.

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its the evaporator try its mounted above the compressor

perhaps the freezer has quick defrosted and the try is too full

use a towel and soak all the water off

check the freezer balast fan is running ok and fast enough {good speed}
or the freezer can reach a state where it just melts a little of the ice monster


my adivce is the run your food in it down
then completely defrost it
and you need to clean all the pipes that go too the evaporator tray
and then dress them with salt

they are usually at the bottom of the V shaped channels both at the back of the fridge
and also behind the freezer rear wall
it usualy has a panel with a few screws or pop plastic pins
that allows you too get too the blast fan and the evapoator V shaped channel
that guides the water to the evaporator pipe

so it prob needs something done with the frost free unit
i think its just got too the point its gummed up

with ice and the fan isnt working efficently anymore

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That would not stop it from working unless it was cold enough to be keeping the unit from calling for the 'run' cycle, what temps around the product are you seeing ?

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might need new controller or controll board

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Dear William,

Here is a link for you at Library Hotpoint Freezer Instructions For Installation and Use ManualsOnline com

This appears to be a temperature sensor which has failed or is outside of tolerance. It will be seen in the manual and is attached directly to the coil. The bus it is connected to will have two wires running to it. In order to read the sensor . A digital multi -meter is necessary to read the DC voltage. The tolerances are in the repair manual.

Fare. Well.

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General Electric (GE) Profile refrigerators have a grille on the bottom of the front of the refrigerator. The grille allows air to be pulled from the kitchen into the lower compartment of the appliance by the condenser fan, which cools the refrigerator's compressor. At times this grille must be removed, such as when you are cleaning the compressor, emptying and cleaning the drain pan or adjusting the refrigerator's leveling legs to level the appliance. The grille is designed for easy removal: It is secured in place using only two screws
  • 1 Open the refrigerator doors to at least 90 degrees.
  • 2 Remove the two Phillips screws securing the grille to the cabinet. They are at the top portion of the front of the grille.
  • 3 Pull the grille away from the front of the cabinet to remove it.

  • Phillips screwdriver
    will be needed

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    The finished look ref need space in back 4 in. for proper air
    if front is blocked same problem with builders here never make room for fancy stuff to work right

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    Somehow, cleaning fluid has formed a short in the motor. The motor may work again after the fluid has dried out, but only if you didn't fry the controller circuit. If you can't get it to work after a day drying out, it would seem that a compressor motor replacement is in order. Contact your authorised repair service centre to book in a repair.

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