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Error: The type of Printhead is incorrect, Install the correct printhead.

My printer has been working fine, today when I went to print I get the following error, "The Type of Printhead is Incorrect, Install the correct Printhead"
I have not replaced anything, it is the factory original printhead, roughly 6-8 months old. Reset does not help.

I have a Canon PIXMA MP830 printer with the same problem have reinstalled the printhead but no Luck with printing receive the same message. Thanks

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Ok i know this is kinda old, but i found a solution.

First to those people to state I found a solution from hp, cannon etc etc and not give out the direct link, or instructions, then whats the point fing posting????

This error happens when you install an oem cartridge onto your system. Or havent used it in a while, so the machine is somehow misfigured.

This solution is for canon mp800, simply switch off printer. HOLD stop/reset and press and HOLD on/off button. release stop/reset. Now press stop.reset twice. then release on/off button, press stop/reset 4 times, wait 20 seconds, press on/off button twice.

switch machine back on and the printer should find the cartridges.

This method maybe the same for your mp*** if not google RESET CANON PRINTER MP*** and you'll find the correct buttons to press.

here's a printer on reseting a bunch of canon printers

good luck.. and FU canon for adding you scamming chips into cartridges.

Posted on Jun 11, 2010


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Error code 6A00, alarm light flashing, no copy, print or fax function working

Canon was working fine. Suddenly got an alarm flashing light, nothing works, no copy, no print, no fax. Error code 6A00. TIA.

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I tried everything. I unplugged the machine and moved the printer cartridges to the far left and cleaned and pressed down the spring loaded sponge on the right, over and over again. I also moved the springloaded thing (w/white plastic) forward and backward. Another suggestion was to move the print cartridge holder back and forth sideways. None of these things helped. And there was nothing visibly out of place. I was stumped. Then I found a thread that suggested Windex!!! Even though the error seemed to correlate with a paper jam that had occurred, I was ready to try anything. I got paper towels and windex (I didn't have an eye dropper). I sprayed the paper and cleaned where the cartridges normally sit. Nothing. In desperation I sprayed each pad below the cartridge in the middle area and I sprayed the "sponge" thingy to the right. Really soaked it. Cycled the on/off about 3 times and IT WORKS! (Fingers are black but that's a minor issue compared to unhooking and transporting and waiting and paying for service...) When you cycle the Windex through it soaks up the sticky dried up ink and cleans things up. Don't use other cleaners--use Windex or water.

Posted on Feb 26, 2009


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canon pixma mp830 will not scan

My canon pixma mp830 will print fine, and it used to scan fine too.  However, this morning when I press the scan button, put my document in, etc. it just beeps.
When I try going into the MP Navigator software to start the scanning process from within the PC, it gives me an error saying "cannon communicate with scanner, check to see if it is unplugged or turned off"
I don't understand since my computer is communicating fine with the device during printing.
Any thoughts?  I'm on win vista business.
I've tried turning the scanner off/on and tried rebooting my PC, but it's not fixed.

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I am experiencing the same problem, from the equipment id does not scan

Posted on Jun 09, 2008


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error code 5010

When i attempt to make a copy the printer will make the copy. But when it has completed this i get an error code 5010 on the LCD. When i want to make another copy i have to turn the computer off and then turn it back on. When i do this the printer will make the copy. But again after it's done, i again get the error code 5010. And this keeps recurring.

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I got the error code 5010 today (scanner lock switch). I called Canon. The printer's electrical circuitry (brain) needs to be refreshed. This is similar to wireless routers and other devices. They directed me as follows: 1. power OFF the printer 2. Unplug the printer's power cord from the electrical source. 3. Wait AT LEAST 1 minute - no less than 1 minute. 4. After 1 minute, plug-in the printer to the electrical source. Turn on the printer - wait for it to warm up as usual and it should be ok. Mine worked perfectly after the above steps. - Hope this helps.

Posted on Jan 07, 2009


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CANON MP830 all in one is sayin" the type of printhead is incorrectn Install the correct Printhead."

My printer1.gif has been working fine, today when I went to print4.gif I get the following error, "The Type of Printhead is Incorrect, Install the correct Printhead"
I have not replaced anything, it is the factory original printhead, roughly 6-8 months old. Reset does not help.

Please help, what do I do?!

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Hi follow the instructions as above...
ie Remove inks and print head...

But instead...
Whilst Canon print head is out...

Use cotton wool and alcohol and clean electrical contacts on back of print head and where they make contact inside printer.

Then install print head and inks and test.

If it does not work you may need to replace print head.
Hope it helps!
Good Luck!


Posted on May 10, 2008


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Insufficient memory in Scanner

My scanner will not scan. I get a message that says "there is insufficient memory". How do I clear the memory?

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if you can't go through the menu and DELETE page in memory (like we couldn't :)
if you turn it off and then pull the plug, it will delete whatever's in memory
morelater the show doctor

Posted on Nov 10, 2008


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Print head

I have had my Canon PIXMA MP830 for a few months and it was working fine .... I am now receiving a message that my type of print head is incorrect, I was in the middle of a job and I received this error I have reinstalled the print head

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I encounter exact same problem. What I did was took out the print head and clean the print head with Qtips with alcohol. To locate and remove print head, follow the instruction at Canon's PIXMA MP830 website and choose the tab "Support & Service" type "rseating the Print Head"
You'll be seeing

Basically, printer head is inner carton where ink cartridges sit.
Above link shows pricicely how to remove the ink cartridge.

Above link's instruction says, Caution: do not touch print head nozzles<1>

But, I just went ahead and clean the print head nozzles with rubbing alcohol soaked Qtips.
After completely cleaned and dried, I reinstalled print head, reinstalled ink cartridges,
closed all the cover. It went back working perfectly.

Posted on Jan 30, 2009


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error code 6500

On screen instructions say to turn the unit off and then back on. This does nothing. Please advise.

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The 6500 error code is a logic board error code. The PCI Bus error is detected by the ASCI. Sounds like it needs new logic board.

Posted on Nov 11, 2008


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..not printing. Gettin a 5c10 error code.

same as subject box.

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There's a couple things you can try:

First, make sure there is no paper jam anywhere in the machine.. look inside, rear, where the paper tray (output) is, etc to see if you find any shreds or torn paper that may have gotten stuck and you didn't see.

Double check that your ink tanks are seated right too

As far as the noise goes (and possibly related to the error code) be sure that your scanner is UNLOCKED...
With the machine turned OFF:
Open the document cover, look on the tray where the glass is -- and then look to the LEFT side of the glass and you will see pictures of an opened lock and a closed lock and a little switch...
Make sure the switch is next to the UNLOCKED position.
WAIT 5 seconds or so and then turn the unit back on.

If you STILL have the error code, try these two types of resets:

To clear the memory:

  1. On the operator panel, press and hold the <ON/OFF> button for one second. (The display will go blank.)

  2. Wait approximately ten seconds and then press the <ON/OFF> button again.

  3. Wait until the device has completed its cycling process before submitting another job request.
To do a stop/reset:

To clear error messages displayed on the LCD or if the printer is not functioning as expected, it may be necessary to simultaneously press Stop/Reset and ON/OFF buttons.
  1. With the printer powered on, PRESS AND HOLD DOWN the <Stop/Reset> button then press the ON/OFF button.

  2. Once the printer is powered off, hold down <Stop/Reset> and then press <ON/OFF>.
If none of the above clears it up, you may have to have the machine serviced.. check to see if you are still under warranty.

Good Luck!
Maggie B

Posted on Feb 23, 2008


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cannon pixma mp500 code error 6500

cannon pixma mp500 code error 6500

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The error code of 6500 is a PCI bus error and this is a Service Error Code. Typically this is an internal error of one of the ASIC chips on the logic board and can only be repaired by replacing the logic board at the Canon Service Center.

Sorry fro the bad news!

Posted on Nov 16, 2009

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