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Try using a bottle brush and cleaning out the residue from coffee grinding. Coffee grinds build up because of the oils in the beans. I clean mine twice a week and it works great.

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Try cleaning the chute from the grinder to the basket. Coffee oils build up and plug the chute. I clean mine every 3 - 4 days and have had no problems.

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do you have it set on automatic or manual brew

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If anyone is looking for the Kenmore Coffee Water Filter model 69768 - Sears / Kmart re-branded the filter under the Cuisinart name making them near impossible to find under the Kenmore name. HERE is the link to order them under the Cuisinart name at SEARS (its the EXACT same filter and they come 2 to a pack)

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Google - Kenmore Elite - there's a selection of manual that can be requested

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Check Lowe's that is were I get mine!

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In the manual that came with the coffee maker, the beeping is the freshness alert. When coffee is finished brewing it beeps 5 times. Every 15 minutes it beeps to let you know your coffee is 15 minutes less fresh! I just purchased this coffee maker and was looking on here how to dis-assemble the beeper. Whomever came up with the "freshness beeper" on a coffee pot needs a new job! Usually when I make coffee the whole house is asleep, now the beeping is waking everyone up! Very frustrated with this coffee pot!

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Times change but I find that even after they don't carry something any more their parts store still carries most of the parts to repair things , try calling your local store for the parts store Number and give them a call if they don't have it usually they can and will order it and sometimes even send it to you! Good Luck

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All coffee-makers are provided with a thermal fuse located near the heating element and in series with the element itself.
This device is bullet-shaped with one lead connected to the case, the other insulated from it. If there was no protection of this kind, it could lead to a fire if the heating element fails to get turned off when reaching its design temperature and nearly impossible to buy as replacement parts.
These are not user replaceable and both the thermal fuse and the bimetal switch that controls the current for the heating element have become increasingly less reliable as they are made in China and since we have little alternative, we have to either keep track of our warranty or just throw it away when it fails.
The fuses can fail at any time and I have brought back three coffee-makers in a five day period, all with the same failure, before giving up and getting a refund.
Another type of failure, namely of the bimetal switch occurs over time and reveals itself by the ever-longer brew time that is unaffected by dissolving the lime in the system. The heat sensitive metal switch part becomes gradually less responsive causing the machine to just cough instead of pump as when new.  The last one I tossed had reached 40+ minutes per pot.

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i'm not familiar with this machine but i think most espresso/capuccino machines' brewhead screen (that's what i call the screen your concerned about) are held in place by a screw in the middle. with machine unplugged & cooled down, remove the screw and take out the screen. if the buildup is really bad, you can scrub as much off as possible w/ hot water & soap, then hold it up between your face and a light (see light thru the holes?) any stubborn holes can be cleared with a pen or needle; you may need to wiggle the needle/pen inside each hole to clear it fully; this is time consuming so you may elect to use a decalcifier (i use 1/2 water and 1/2 lemon juice concentrate-pulp-free, in a small container w/ brew-head screen overnight, then scrub real well & wash again next am). hope this helps!

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Google (cordonbleu)(12086)(manual) without paens OR contact Cordon Bleu directly to request it.

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Our machine was about two years old when this error appeared. "Add cleaning tablet" was stuck on the screen, and it would not recognize when I added one. I turned it off, and the tablet would drop into the grounds container. An easy fix I found, take a few paper towels and roll them up into a tube. Insert the paper towels down into the cleaning tablet opening (and hold on to it!) and twist it while moving it up and down. Shining a flashlight down in the opening and you will see all the coffee ground residue on the sides of the shoot. The paper towels will knock off all the old coffee grounds stuck down below. Added another cleaning tablet, and voila. Machine cleaned and good as new.

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Motor overload
Are the paddles jammed
Remove fluid and dislodge paddles if jammed

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It sounds like it has an internal sensor that prohibits it from powering up unless all electrical checks out. I would call the manufacturer and plan on sending it in for replacement or repair. Do not leave it plugged into the electrical outlet. It could be fire dangerous to do so. Hope this helps.

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Run "clr" through it

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