Question about Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet Printer

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Kodak 5300 won't print black.

The printer is only 3 months old. I use it a lot.

Half way through my 3rd black cartridge, the printer
stopped printing black (solid black like print and even
the background in photos), even though the level showed

I replaced the black cartridge with a new one, same thing.
I replaced the color cartridge, bt no change.
I ran through the printhead clean process. I tried to recalibrate.

Still no black...what next?
I was unable to reach Kodak thru their help center. No reply.

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  • Anonymous Mar 04, 2008

    I have had the printer for about three weeks and all of a sudden the printer stopped printing black from the computer. I have tried all the usual, cleaning, new cartridge etc but no joy. It is really frustrating.

  • BillRob Mar 11, 2008

    My printer suddenly stopped printing black even with a change of cartridge although it prints perfectly in colour.

    The printer is just a few months old.

    I have tried washing the head in warm water and wiping with a lint free cloth as suggested.

    Bill Robertson

  • Anonymous Mar 17, 2008

    Replaced my cartridge twice with new ink. Calibrated and did maintenance twice and the black ink is still not printing. Help I am new at this and don't know what else to do...

  • Anonymous Mar 21, 2008

    I am on my 3rd black cartidge and the printer will no longer print in black. I have cleaned the print heads and done everything suggested, but it still won't print.

  • money67 Mar 22, 2008

    Got the 5300 for x-mas now it won`t print black changed ink still nothing try cleaning heads nothing re calibate nothing what else any ideas? seen i`am not the only one out there with this problem.i have even cleaned the print head with alcohol and nothing still

  • scousebrummy Mar 24, 2008

    I bought my Kodak EasyShare 5300 at the end of January this year 2008, after using my fourth black cartridge I found that I could not print black text. I cleaned the print head using both the basic and deep clean facility, having found no change to the quality of print / lack of print. I have tried printing the demo sheet which comes out grey with a less than perfect colour picture - appears to be lacking black. I have removed the printer head and cleaned this with a lint free cloth owing to a lage build up of black ink on the head. I have tried using new inks both Black and colour - with no joy - wasting nealy half of my supply on print head cleaning. I have also tried re calibration which prints perfect. Having never experienced this problem in the past after years of Lexmark use I'm worried that the kodak printer is not as good as reported. Please, please help befor I loose faith in the product. Paul Liverpool.

  • Mojoe1 Apr 03, 2008

    I have also had the same issue. I am on black ink cartridge number 4 and have tried new cartridge and cleaning print heads, manually with alcohol as well as through control panel. Still NO black.

  • Anonymous Apr 05, 2008

    Black has faded away. Replaced cartridge but problem hasn't changed.

  • Anonymous Apr 07, 2008

    My printer stopped printing black. It is in new condition and I have tried to replace the cartridge with no success.

  • Anonymous Apr 11, 2008


  • Anonymous Apr 13, 2008

    Hi There 

    Same Problem no black printing changed ink even though it did'nt need it. did deep cleaning twice and calibration no difference. Printer only 8 months old
    have emailed kodak so will keep fingers crossed for speedy resolve.


  • alathome247 May 07, 2008

    I am having the exact same problem! It will not print the black ink! I have changed the ink cartridge several times! It still will not print anyting black in photo's or statements . I have did the cleanings the calibration everything. It is a great printer when working but what am I supposed to do now!

  • Anonymous May 09, 2008

    It happened to me too! Guess I'll call Kodak in the morning.

  • fmjsom May 09, 2008

    won't print black and color is not bright either. I have replaced the ink and cleaned the printheads

  • pittspat May 11, 2008

    Same problems, tried same solutions, wasted much time and money. Very Frustrated.

  • Lyndasargent May 18, 2008

    Same problem. Printer all of a sudden will not print dark colors, brown is white, shadows are white. I am quickly losing my patience.

  • Anonymous May 19, 2008

    Yep I had same problem and color prints were pinkish to blue. Kodak sent me new printhead and I replaced that and is working okay..Use your printer often so don't dry in in printhead.

  • Anonymous May 21, 2008

    I have replaced the black ink cartridge several times and its still not printing. The ink level indicator shows full. I need my printer to print correctly.

  • VRudolph May 25, 2008

    kodak 5300 will not print black ink... tried cleaning print heads, both from computer kodak printer start page, and from print cleaning option on the printer, did all print head cleanings, basic, deep, no resolution. Replaced ink cartridge, re-callibrated, replaced software. No resolution, emailed kodak support no response. Called support tech 1-800-# and re-did all print cleanings, tried printing diagnostic, no resolution, no black ink. Tech is mailing via DHL a new print head will email instructions for installation, did have to remove print head while talking with tech so if it arrives within 3 biz days or by May 29 or 30th, should still remember how to complete installation. Also said a new black ink cartridge and a new color ink will be sent. Am having issues updating software, as i have dial-up... said could not help, said that even though error message said cd was available for software update that they did not have it on cd, and that they could not down-load and send to me on CD even though they were sending new print head... am hoping new print head resolves issues, and lasts longer then a couple of months.. Have purchased many kodak products, 1st time with such sucky results...will give them a little longer to resolve kodak 5300 issues

  • Anonymous May 28, 2008

    My black print began to fade and then left spaces of white where there should be printing. my black ink level is nearly full and I have no problem with the color. Now all it prints is the color. The rest of the page is white. I have followed all the steps shown to correct the problem and it does nothing.

  • Robert Schwarztrauber Jun 11, 2008

    I keep seeing "Called" and "contact" Kodak in the solutions but I cannot
    find any phone numbers or fax numbers. I tried their "Online"
    help but no one ever responded. Could someone please post
    the contact phone number or support line to solve this problem?

  • Anonymous Jun 12, 2008

    printer won't print black

  • Anonymous Jun 12, 2008

    Exact same problems with the lack of black ink printing capabilities with the Kodak 5300 All-in-One printer. What a Pain

  • psarlls19 Jun 30, 2008

    Have put in a new colored ink cartridge, but printer keeps saying "Color ink cartridge needs replacing. Replace color ink cartridge." What do I do?

  • doxsey Jun 30, 2008



  • mhoesch Jul 01, 2008

    I have the same problem here. Seems to be a series problem. That's bad.

  • mhoesch Jul 01, 2008

    Yes, same problem here. First it got bad, then black was completely gone. Cleaning did not help at all.

  • txjulieb Jul 02, 2008

    This just happened to me today. I bought my printer after Christmas of last year, so it's 6 months old. I had half of a black cartridge left but I thought maybe that it had run out, so I replaced it with a brand new one. Still no black ink. This is terribly frustrating!!! I will not replace my new printer with another Kodak one again EVER!

  • g-ray88 Jul 04, 2008

    My Easyshare 5300 All In One printer will not print black.  It leaves black out of photos.  Black text shows up faintly grey or not at all.  The printer is about 8 months old and sees very light use.  Changing ink cartridges does not help.  Cleaning print head does not help.

  • CALVIN S Jul 07, 2008

    Same problem, very similar timetable.  Bought the 5300 printer early this year and use it relatively infrequently.  Even before the second ink cartridges were installed, black had already started to fade.  Second cartridges are in now (Kodak cartridges, purchased when I got the printer) and a dull gray outline around the black regions are the closest to blacks I ever see.  Sounds like I've got to contact Kodak too.

  • Keith metzner Jul 12, 2008

    kodak customer support #1-800-421-6699. Good luck!!!

  • Anonymous Aug 20, 2008

    black ink not printing photos are bad

  • Anonymous Aug 25, 2008

    I just want to thank all of you for your comments. I just called Kodak customer service, I followed your advice and they will send me a new print head and 2 blank ink cartiges. I recomend to call Kodak's customer service late on Sunday. they took good care of me. Thanks again!

  • Anonymous Aug 30, 2008

    color ink prints perfect but black doesn't print. changed the black ink out with a new one and still no print for black. tried cleaning print head and recalibrating etc. no luck. haven't had a year.

  • Anonymous Sep 01, 2008

    5300 Printhead Problems

    Had trouble with the 5300 streaking and loosing colors as it printed, too. After reading others problems I called the 800 number at Kodak. Very Helpful people. Their are sending a new printhead. I hoping that fixes the problem. We really like the printer, copier. Its easy to use.

    PS: DO NOT try cleaning the Printhead in anyway. I went from streaking to loosing almost all colors.

  • Anonymous Sep 18, 2008

    Same story here, I'm going to lool for a phone number to call...

    Thanks for the post!

  • Anonymous Oct 19, 2008

    Me too, Frustrated with printing quality in color bad, and won't print back at all.

  • mecrewzin Oct 19, 2008

    my 5300 has the same thing going on it wont print black it will print color. tried pretty much everything i could do, but to no avail wont print from black cartridge very frustrated now any help will be appreaciated

  • Anonymous Oct 21, 2008

    Same problem a few months ago. Kodak sent a new print head, happening again.

  • Deannadeo Oct 23, 2008

    I have the same problem. I keep on replacing the black cartridges.

    I will try calling the Kodak number tonight. Someone I work with

    had the same problem and Kodak replaced the print head and

    sent her new cartridges.


    Buffalo, NY

  • Anonymous Nov 04, 2008

    I have the same problem. My black ink ran out. I changed it like I had the previous (not more than) 4 cartridges. The first page was perfect. After the first page of print, the print got very lite and then went to nothing. I just figured I had purchased a bad cartridge. So, I put in another. Well, it did the same thing. I again figured the cartridge was bad so I purchased another double pack and the same thing has happened. So, I as well know that the printer is the problem. I was about ready to get rid of this printer when I found this site. I am tired of having this problem and someone at Kodak should do something. Now. Thank you, PS

  • Jeffintexas Nov 08, 2008

    I have the same problem. After about 3 black catridges, no more black!!!!

  • Anonymous Nov 10, 2008

    I had the same problem also. Called the number 18004216699. Couldn't find my reciept and they helped me with troubleshooting when nothing worked he told me they are sending me a new printhead at no charge and new ink. Told me it will be here in 1-3 days. Not sure if it will work but i'm positive and they were so nice and rearly do you see buinesses helping people out without solid warranty with the printer! Very good call... If your having the same problems I'd call that number!! :)

  • Linda Bazil
    Linda Bazil Nov 11, 2008

    My printer stopped printing black also, even after installing a new ink cartridge. I called, the CSR was very helpful, but could not fix the problem over the phone. He is sending a new printhead and ink cartridges. This is the second time this has happened to my printer in less than a year of ownership, which I told the CSR. I was worried that there was a serious problem with this line of printers, and I was going to have to keep getting new printheads. He assured me that the new printhead would be an updated version and should be fine. I love my printer, but I am not going to be happy if I have to call Kodak every 5 months.

  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2008

    I have the same problem as others posted. Will not print black ink. I have

    recalibrated, cleaned the printhead, changed the ink cartridge even though I had plenty of ink. Still it won't print.

    I DON'T WANT JUST TO BE POSTED AS ANOTHER CUSTOMER. I WANT SOME ACTION PLEASE! This was a gift from my children and I love it when it works.

    Also, why don't you have a tel number to contact you?


    Iona Dunlop 241 No vine #504W Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

  • xrayrmark Dec 01, 2008

    I bought this printer in July. I have tried replacing the black ink 3X but it still won't print. I loved the printer up until this point. My daughter uses it for her freshmen school assignments. She has been very upset because she is unable to print her homework assignments for school. I will try calling the 800 number tomorrow and see if a replacement printer head could be sent to clear up this problem. I loved the affordability of the ink cartridges. I hope Kodak will rectify this problem.

  • nhfroglover Dec 03, 2008

    Same thing, have tried calibrating printer, cleaning print heads, replacing cartridges...very disapointed!!

  • gregmille27 Dec 04, 2008

    I have a problem similar but the black lines and text is not solid and are light and smearing. I have tried cleaning and even bought 2 new print cartrights seeing if they where bad

  • Vipero Dec 19, 2008

    I also had this problem. Now the printer is printing all of the colors super dull & faded looking. Even with new ink and photo paper, with the settings on "Best".

  • hei1983 Jan 14, 2009

    I just called the 1800 number and they gonna send me a replacement printhead in 3 to 5 business day and according to their words, everything will be fine. WIll keep you guys updated once i got the replacement printhead.

  • POKINO97 Jan 19, 2009


  • Anonymous Jan 22, 2009

    I purchased my printer in May 2008 for my new business. The first cartridge that came with the printer worked fine. I replaced it when it ran out, hardly used it and it quite printing black. Thought that was weird , that maybe it ran out, so soon! Replaced the black cartridge, nothing, replaced the color cartridge, nothing. I can only manage to print in color, some color that is. I did the deep clean on the printheads several times, calibrated and all. Finally got a hold of Kodak and did what they told me to do..same things that I already had done. They finally said on the phone that the printhead was bad and that they would send me a new one. I hope that this solves the problem, because I can't have this problem for a $250.00 printer. I only replaced my $100 printer cause I was tired of paying $60 for an ink cartridge.

  • Anonymous Jan 23, 2009

    Same problem.

  • rtem Jan 27, 2009

    I also have a 5300 which stopped printing black. Calibration and printhead cleaning (even the "deep" cleaning through the printer) did not help. Still no black. Called Kodak. (1-800-421-6699) Was on hold maybe 60 seconds. A very pleasant young lady helped me. After a few trouble-shooting rituals it was determined that a new printhead was needed. 

    They are more then willing to send the new printhead, however this must be a very common problem with this series because the printhead is on BACKORDER and now WHO KNOWS when I'll get it. I was trying to finish a project with my daughter that is due tomorrow. 

    Now my overworked husband will have to try to print the images at his office! 

    Will definitely tak the previous advice given in this thread and print something every week to try to keep the gall-dern thing from clogging. With the economy the way it is, who has money to run out and buy a new printer at the last minute. Don't think I can recommend Kodak printers...

    Customer service was great, but product does not seem to be. 

  • Anonymous Feb 13, 2009

    I have a kodak 5300 for about a year and I am on my fourth printhead. I guess that is ok as Kodak keeps replacing them and I do not have to purchase them. That is why the ink is so cheap. On other printers Lexmar & Hp for example when you purchase ink cartridriges you are also purchasing a new printhead each time. If it comes to the point Kodak charges me for the printhead, which they would send me three or four at a time, I will go back to some other printer. When it works the photos are great and I print a lot of photos as I do scrapbooking and family history plus I have to beautiful grandsons, so my printer is used a lot and I still have the problem. Kodak needs to rethink and redo these printerheads. Maybe they need to be made from a better material.

  • Anonymous Feb 18, 2009

    i hate my printer its junk dont get one if you want to get anything done!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Feb 22, 2009

    I called Kodak today and got the free replacement printhead took about 5 minutes . no problems said right off printhead was bad

  • Anonymous Mar 07, 2009

    I am on my third print head too....... Works great when it is working......Kodak service is AWESOME too bad the product wasn't equal to the service

  • Anonymous Mar 13, 2009

    2nd time for me that the black stopped printing. AND during tax time! This really sucks. I know it's the printhead. Guess after reading here maybe I should get something different!

  • cowgirllemar Mar 27, 2009

    Black wrote print after a few months of use.

  • icecream78 Mar 30, 2009

    Replaced ink cartridges and the black ink will not print. The color is real faded and I just replaced it. Trying to print photos out and the color is so faded. I only had this printer for a year. What is the solution to not printing?

  • Anonymous Apr 11, 2009



  • Anonymous Apr 12, 2009

    I had trouble printing so I tried replacing the cartridges. It did not fix the problem even after deep cleaning the printer head and recalibrating. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem!

  • Anonymous Apr 19, 2009

    Add me to the growing list of Kodak 5300 printer owners with no black ink output. Thanks to this website, I immediately found an 800 number to call and get the problem resolved. The tech support guy told me that Kodak has upgraded their print head and that it should solve the problem. I asked for a complimentary ink cartridge but he said they no longer provide one. Hopefully there will not be any more issues! We were otherwise very happy with the printer.

  • Anonymous May 03, 2009

    Exactly the same After 3 months of usage - pink - everything was pink - I took it to the shop and was told to clean the printhead. they helped and i cleaned it some more, it was loaded with ink. But still this machine will not work. I also tried the centre to no avail. no i hafe cleaned the printhead and nothing. it won't even print a calibration page now. Can anyone help please

  • duckwarior May 10, 2009

    Same thing

  • Anonymous May 17, 2009

    Had problems with this printer since day one. Ready to junk it.

    Same issue - black stops printing.

    Colors are pink all the time.

    Service was good but I don't feel that I should have to call them to correct this obvious defect.

    They need to fix it once and for all - at no charge to everyone.

  • Anonymous May 22, 2009

    No black print... looks like Kodak has a lemon on their hands... but it also looks like they know it too. I went online and the relacement is supposed to be here in a few days. We'll see.



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I can SO relate to everones fustrations. I had had my printer for only a few months when I went to print out my wedding invites the POS printer RUINED almost half of them! I called Kodak several times and at the time their customer service calls were being answered "over-seas" and I am not racist (heck, I'm half hispanic myself!) but I could not understand most of what they were saying nor could they really understand me. So after back-and-forth conversations, they sent me a new print head which I received less than 3 weeks before my wedding...needless to say most of my guest did not recieve the invites until right before the wedding and weren't able to attend. Want to talk about PISSED. But unfortunately it doesn't end there. So my youngest son turned one year old right before the holidays and we decided to have his birthday party January 17th. My husband has been laid off for 2 months, so instead of buying expensive invites, we decide to print them with our "convient" kodak printer (ha!). Same FREAKIN THING!!!! (except i knew what was going on, so i didn't waste $50 worth of invites and 4+ cartiages of ink cleaning and calibrating). So I call Kodak and someone who I can understand answers the phone (thank you God! I really mean it, Thank you!) and I warn the poor girl that none of my anger is directed at her but I am anger beyond I could feel my face burning and was ready to bunt kick the printer! She said that they would send another print head...and I asked for a supervisor. I spoke with a guy who was really nice and helpful as he could be.
SO FINALLY I GET TO THE SOLUTION PART (its the best solution your probably gonna get with it anyway>>)
So he says that the reason why kodak printers printer better the quality photos (which they really do when they actually work!) is because they use a thinker ink that is pigmented more for photo quality. Because of that the print heads can get clogged more easily if not used "just right". Like most printers and most people I leave my printer on regularly. I turn it off, just not every time I use it. He said that all the little sounds that it makes is regular maintainence on the printer and the print head. So it should be turned off regularly. He also said that these printers are designed to do heavy duty photo printing. So if they sit unused for a period of time, that will also clog the print head and cause it to defect, not always imediately. So he told to print something at least once a week. It doesn't have to be a photo. It could be a demo sheet, or just some random thing. He said to use the print head cleaner setting every other month to prevent back up. And last but not least...they are sending me yet ANOTHER print head. I intend on following what they instructed, but if this happens again, they will replace my printer. They said they can't replace the printer until the 3rd "issue". They don't automatically give free ink with the head anymore, but if you talk to a supervisor and tell them how angery you are (that it screw up your wedding and now your son's 1st birthday party) they might give ya some free ink. Nice guesture, better than nothing. So I'm suppose to get my print head in the next week, mean time make my sons invites WAY late and making my life more difficult. For those of you who couldn't get ahold anyone, here is the number that I called:
You will spend sometime on hold, so make sure your phone is fully charged. I called at 8pm this last time and the wait wasn't too bad, so that might help someone. So call, get a new head, call again, get a new head, call again and THEN get new printer. THats the best solution I got. Hope it helps!

Posted on Jan 05, 2009

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Removing the Printhead. First,take out the black and color cartridges(tanks). You see bullseye with finger sticker. Above the bullseye sticker, there's a rectangular pushbutton. Push the button until the Printhead is dislodged. To install printhead, press sticker until you hear clicking noise.

Posted on Sep 18, 2008

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Remove both ink cartridges, then remove the printhead. Unplug printer and wait 15-20 seconds. Plug and turn on. Install printhead and ink cartridges after the message. It should then calibrate. This solved my problem of not being able to print black text. I have had nothing but problems however with 2 different models of Kodak all in one printers. Both need new printheads after a couple months of use. I go through ink like crazy with the Kodak staff's suggestions of finding out what the problem is... it's always that I need a new printhead.

Posted on May 21, 2009

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I work for kodak. Do not ever wipe the printhead clean. You only ever want to do the cleaning through Home Center or through the printer it's self. If it doesn't work it may be a printhead issue in which case you would call in. We do have to troubleshooting steps with you first before we can decide to send a printhead or not, but it is worth calling in for so we can help you.


Posted on May 02, 2008

  • faerie2007 Aug 23, 2008

    I just read through some of what you guys said. I know I've posted on here before but I figured I would add a little more information for you guys. This for the people who say that they just bought a new ink cartridge and than it wouldn't work. If you leave the ink cartridge out for at least over an hour before you replace it you've basically dried out the printhead. What I would do if you need to replace it is leave the old cartridge in until you install the new one. That way you shouldn't have any issues. If you do make sure to give kodak a call.


  • joy music Apr 28, 2011

    I for one would never wipe a print head,that just common sense ,But I am like a lot of others this is a problem with the kodak 5300 printers,I paid $200.00 for mine that when the ink was so cheap now it $29.00+ so I'm considering getting my Compaq back out.,this is just to much.


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I emailed tech support with the same problem and they diagnosed it as a blocked printhead in the same day and are sending new printhead. Whatever you do, don't try to fix it yourself.

Posted on Jan 18, 2009

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I have had the problem of black ink not printing correctly for several months and gone through several new cartridges trying to fix it. Today, through these posted items I realised its the printhead not the cartridges. I contacted and went to the online contact board. I asked if I was speaking to someone from the UK (as I'd wasted time talking to a US contact first) He told me he was a UK contact and proceeded to aske me what he needed to know to help me. Printer no. which can be found under the opening where cartridges are changed and then where I bought the printer, because he couldn't find my details through that he asked my name, address and telephone no. He also asked for the number which is on the bottom of the printer. With all this info he could tell me that I was a month out of guarantee time which fortunately for me was 18mths. Because I'd had the problem for several months and only just out of warranty he kindly ordered a replacement printhead which I should get in within 10days. So if you are having problems with your printer do persevere until you reach the right Kodak person to talk to, preferably in the same country you purchased your printer. Best Wishes to all

Posted on May 10, 2010

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Kodak inkjet ink is alcohol-soluble, not water soluble. Try using a pad of rubbing alcohol, blot (do not rub) the printhead to attempt to clear it. If it is not printing ANY black, try reseating the printhead a couple times, the printhead release latch is behind and above the black ink cartridge. If that fails, you may be dealing with a printhead failure and will need to call service.

Posted on Mar 14, 2008

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Kodak touts the lower cost of ink based on the nozzles being in the printhead, With conventional inkjet printers, the nozzles are part of the ink cartridge or, in the case of some HP's, a seperate item available OFF THE SHELF, Since Kodak will not sell these, we can't keep one on the shelf for a rainy day. That is what peeves us off: That our printer is OUT OF SERVICE waiting for the package from KODAK. That fact means this printer is NOT ACCEPTABLE and is the worst printer I've ever owned. Being a software author, I am out of work while this is down. Simply making these printheads available at my local Staples or BestBuy would solve this. Print heads die in HP's and there is no one throwing their hands up over it (other than when I had one and the budget printout was due in 10 minutes and the print head died). It can change the down time from 4 DAYS to 4 hours or less.

Posted on Mar 02, 2010

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I had same problem, not printing black. I just spoke to Eleanor at Kodak support. She had me do several things:

  1. Print a demo page
  2. Remove the ink cartridges
  3. Remove the printhead
  4. Read off the printhead serial number
  5. Reinstall printhead and ink cartridges
  6. Message that new printhead was detected and needed to be calibrated.
  7. Calibration sheet was absent of any black ink
  8. Continued with the calibration by scanning calibration sheet
  9. Run a "Clean Printhead" using Deep Clean
  10. Print a Demo page and it was worse that the first one
After all was done sheet told me that see was sending me a "printhead kit" that included a new printhead, a color and black cartridge and a prepaid return label for me to return the same items.
Though you would rather not have to go through this kind of thing, Kodak did make the process to take care of it rather painless. At least I trust that this will take care of the problem. This occurred on June 29th 2008.

Posted on Jun 30, 2008

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Thank you one 8hundred! my printer has been playing up and not printing black ink, i got kodak to send me a new printhead but they didn send any instrutions on how to get the old one out or install the new one, so thanx for the tip!
ps- anyone who has this problem, kodak replaced the part for free and sent me new inks free of charge!

Posted on Mar 23, 2008

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I have the same problem...but I was also able to contact Kodak by email. They sent me a new print head and ink for free and from there I thought..PROBLEM SOLVED. At that time, my printer was 7 months old. About 8 months later, same issue, same result. Another print head sent out and problem solved. Now, as of last month, same issue is going on now. I have to find the email that I had used to contact them again but now I'm to the point where it's just a hassle to keep. So I advise everyone to just chunk it up as a loss and get a better printer. The cheap price for the ink is what drew me to Kodak but the aggravation that it comes with...not worth it.

Posted on Apr 18, 2009

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I too have the same problem. I called 1-800-421-6699 and they promptly sent me a new printhead and told me if it continued to have problems ( this is my second one) they would have to replace the printer. The customer service was great. Glad I purchased a Kodak printer they really do give hassel free service.

Posted on Mar 03, 2009

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I just had the same problem...except it was more then just no black. That was the case with most of the photos. But if I tried alternate ways of printing, I would get black but the colors were all wrong, or looked very cartoony instead of a photograph quality. I also set it to print in black and white, and then it printed that was only when i tried to print in color that things got screwy.

I was on my second ink cartridge too.

I also experienced that this problem was only if I tried to print anything from the computer. If I printed stuff straight from the printer without using the computer, things were fine.

When I called tech support, I mentioned this board and what everybody else said. The robot girl that answered didn't care and wanted to test it all again...which was fine...but when she had me print a few test sheets from the printer and I told her it looked good...she was ready to sign off and say it wasn't Kodak's problem. I had to stop her and tell her what people said here, and that it was a problem with the printer talking to the computer.

She had me do one more test and asked the size of the files I was printing then said she would send a new print head. I should have it in 2 - 3 days.

Thanks for the advise and help above...this helped me during the call.

Posted on Jul 11, 2008

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Get rid of your Kodak Printer I just did. Printer head went bad for the second time in as many months and they refused to send a new one free of charge, when it is obvious thay have a big problem with these printer heads. I fo one an done with KODAK PRODUCTS

Posted on Feb 07, 2011

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I got his useful in order to solve the printer printing problem...try this in case if your printer is not printing black

Posted on Aug 27, 2010

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If the printer is out of warranty Kodak tech support said, it will cost $25for a new print head, $40 for new head plus black/color cartridges, or they give some deal on new printers.

Well, I stayed on the phone with them and explained it seems like a scam to advertise the inexpensive operational costs of the printers if it will cost me another $25 every couple of ink cartridges. I would be better served to buy a different brand printer. I told them I really like the Kodak brand printers(I do really!). But I would not likely be buying another on again.

Magically, he contacted his supervisor and they decided to send me a new print head. Yay, win for me.

So if you are having this issue, try it.

Posted on Jun 14, 2010

  • teepee826 Jul 14, 2010

    Just did the same exact thing and am getting a free one now.


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Just got off the phone with Kodak. New printer head and ink is on the way. Great service!

Posted on Mar 02, 2010

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I have also had this problem. Kodak have not admitted it is a great problem, but they have agreed to send me a knew print head after twice phoning the help line. This seems to be the only way round it.

Posted on Jan 06, 2009

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I had the same problem, I have owned my 5300 for six months and it stopped printing black. I've never really been very happy with the quality of the colour ink either. Eventually, after changing the cartridges (again!!) and recallibrating (to no avail) I rang Kodak and demanded that they fix it or refund. They sent me a new printhead and two cartridges. After changing the printhead it worked again.
I personally think that it's unacceptable for a product to need the printhead changing after such a short period of what is only average use and I am going to demand a refund if it happens again.
It's certainly the last kodak printer I will ever buy. Back to good old HP I think.
RE the service numbers - I'm not sure if you are in the UK, I suspect not. I think I found a list of numbers for all countries by searching the web - maybe it was on their website.

Posted on Nov 08, 2008

Thanks to all of you for your input. Kodak replaced the prinhead and it fixed my problem. Printer would not print black when print was sent from the computer. Thank you all and thank you Kodak.

A happy Kodak user

Posted on Jun 16, 2008

I called Kodak today and got the free replacement printhead and free ink today.Call took about ten minutes. No hassles either. Thanks SDtester for the info.

Posted on Apr 08, 2008

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Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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SOURCE: printer does not make black

Remove the black and color ink cartridges.
Right above where the black ink cartridge was, in the top left hand corner of the printhead, push up towards the ceiling and you should be able to push a button that releases the printhead.
Place the printhead right back into the printer and push straight back on the back wall.
You should hear a loud snap.
Replace the ink cartridges which should snap as well.
Close the printer.
After about a minute or so the printer will ask you to do a calibration.
Insert a paper and press start.
Scan the calibration sheet.
After that, in the menu, do a printhead clean.
Do one basic and one deep.
Print a demo sheet to see if anything has changed.
If the picture looks better, continue to do cleans.
In the event that it does not, the printhead will need to be replaced and since the printer is still under warranty, Kodak specialists will try to overnight you a printhead.
The whole process is short and free.
The number for Kodak AiO Support is 1 800 421 6699.

Posted on Aug 26, 2008

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SOURCE: Kodak Easyshare 5300--Where do you buy printheads?

Please call 1.800.421.6699 and select option 01 for prints missing black or color ink. Kodak will send you a replacement printhead kit for free. I hope this helps.

Posted on Jan 28, 2009

Josue Pongco
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SOURCE: Kodak 5300 shows

Try this one
Take out the inks and printhead
Leave the cartridge door open, then unplug the power cord from the back of the printer while the access door is open
Close the cartridge door once the cord is unplugged
Reconnect the powercord, turn on the printer, then your printer will look for your printhead "Printhead missing or not installed correctly..."
Then put everything back. make sure it will snap in to place. Then print a calibration page, then scan it. This is just over writing the error message.
Thanks Josh - Kodak Tech Support

Posted on Sep 23, 2009

Testimonial: "I will give it a shot when I get home..Thanks.."

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Kodak 5300 printing only left half of page after good first page

Try Using An HP Color Inkjet Printer With Only 2 Cartridges,
One Color One Black That Works! If You Don't Have One Buy One New or Used It Does not Matter HP Is The Best!

the one you have Is Defective Anyway And Needs To Be Replaced!

Jan 13, 2015 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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Kodak 5300 All In One Printer. Black ink quit printing.

Hi there.
It could be the chip in the cartridge... faulty for printing?
Settings in the printing process?

Nov 10, 2009 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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Not printing black


1. Make sure that you have removed the plastic cover from the cartridge nozzle .
2. check if your black ink cartridge is full - put the nuzzle on the tip of you finger if it leaves ink drop then it is full and should print ok , if it didn't leave ink on your finger then it is dry and you should buy new cartridge .

hope it helps

Jul 20, 2009 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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Replaced printer's black and cartridge and get

Go to
As you go through that guide for your image quality issue, it will walk you through cleaning (which you did) and possible replacement of the printhead.

Jul 11, 2009 | Kodak 5300 All-in-One InkJet Printer

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15 mo. old Kodak 5300 has stopped printing printed matter

I had to buy a new printer head for this Kodak 5300 all-in-one printer.

Apr 01, 2009 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5500 All-In-One InkJet...

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Kodak printer 5500 will not print in black

I had the same problem and wasted money on 2 new cartridges before finding the answer on several blogs. Call Kodak Tech Support. In this case they are very good. Tell them the problem, they walk you through some steps and then give up. They will then send you out a new print head (a cheap and disposable device). I thought about buying another one for the next time things go bad but I can't find a source. They send it in 3-5 days, free. I think Kodak is embarrassed about their bad system (printheads should not go bad so fast!)

Feb 16, 2009 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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Kodak 5300 Series not a year old

try to do this first, try first to upgrade the firmware of your printer, by clicking help in your kodak AIO Home Center, then under General Links, click on maintenance, then under maintenance, click on firmware upgrade.

after the upgrade is complete, try to remove and then reseat both the ink cartridges. then calibrate your printer. and then clean the printhead deep clean. then print a demo page to see if there is any improvement in your printout.

but if your still experiencing the same problem
you can call to Technical Support of kodak 1-800-421-6699 7am to 12am ET

hope this will help

Sep 21, 2008 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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Very light printing

Call Kodak and tell them you're problems. I was in same boat with new cartridges and still problems. My printer was only 9 month old and printed over 600 pages. I received my new printhead along with brand new cartridges and sample of 4x6 photo paper. However, having problems removing the printhead. New printhead came within 1 business day of calling Kodak!

Sep 10, 2008 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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Kodak 5300 not printing colors

Kodak told me to take the printhead off and reseat it several times, which I did. I then deep cleaned it, calibrated it, and replaced the color cartridge. It didn't solve the problem. Kodak will replace the printhead for free, and after I return the defective one, will send me a free color and black cartridge. Very nice service. I've been very happy with the 5300.

Mar 09, 2008 | Kodak EASYSHARE 5300 All-In-One InkJet...

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