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Question about 2002 S-10

1 Answer shaft and when in 4 wheel drive the truck will pull fine with the front wheels with the only sound then made is a whin when put back into park. Also with the drive shaft dropped I am able to ...

Ad shaft 2 times already and truck starting to make noise when running around 55 on the rear but u can feeled in the gas pedal please explain 4x4 or rear wheel drive only ,what sort of noise ,do ...

Ad shaft it has wheel bearing support is 2 part drive shaft and the noise is after 55 like every second like scraping noise It can be a u joint,or the drive shaft bearing,some call it drive shaft ... shaft vibration and shop S10 Extreme has drive shaft vibration at highway speed and shop says it has to be replaced at $1400! Can it just be a U-joint or steady bearing? Could be a u-joint. ...

Question about 2002 S-10

1 Answer the shaft past this holding washer. Once you get past the washer the shaft would not pass through its guide sleeve in the metal housing (remember, "rusted" in place, seized). So tapped it out ...

Question about 1998 S-10 Pickup

2 Answers shaft when you removed it and this will cause a vibration.Before removing drive shaft you need to mark it so when you reinstall it you put it back in the same place.So where it attaches to the ...

Question about 2003 S-10

1 Answer

Drive Shaft of that vehicle and they should have it. The replacement process is a little tedious but can be done. Get the Haynes repair Manual on your vehicle, while your there at the Auto parts store

Question about 1997 S-10 Pickup

1 Answer

i have a chevy s10 pickup i put a new center bearing in the drive shaft and it still vibrate what is wrong U-joints are bad, drive shaft needs to be balanced

Question about 2003 S-10

1 Answer shaft has a built in dust cover and it dryes out and squeals. All you have to do is get some grease on the dust cover where it contacts the drive shaft. I pull the drive shaft so I am 110% sure ...

Question about 2003 S-10

1 Answer

drive shaft?) and starts grinding. It seems as though the clutch houseing is fine and the drive shaft is pushed out or that there is a spring that has gone out that keeps the gears and shafts engaged.

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