Questions & Answers for: Plymouth Grand Voyager stalls when hot


Question about 1998 Grand Voyager

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When your driving down the road at 55 mph it will slow down like its got no power. The speed will reduce from 55 to 25 and it feels like it is going to stall out. In the meantime,I have my foot on the


Question about 1996 Grand Voyager

1 Answer

My plymouth voyager stall cold or hot. My Plymouth voyager stall cold or hot changed the emc, fuel pump, coil pack. Starts right up some time or will take up to 30 min. Once was running find stopped ...

Ad Seems to run okay at highway speeds but starts to cut out here and there when travelling at slower speeds, stalls once and a while when slowed right down at an intersection. Problem is ...

Question about 1996 Grand Voyager

3 Answers

stalls to "vapor lock" . Raise the hood and let hot air dissipate for about 10 minutes. Then take a gallon of water and pour on the fuel rail on both side of this engine, it is a V6. Make sure you are

...HOT AFTER 100 MILES THE ENGINE STALLS, IF I LEAVE THE REST RESTART IT BUT 30 MINUTES 15 MINUTES LATER HE HOLD AGAIN Not clear on the issue.   If the engine is stopping when hot, you will ...

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