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To check the PCV valve, temporarily remove it. If there is a lot of pressure and air flow coming through the hose it attaches to, compression that is suppose to remain above the piston is getting into the crank case. This may be due to a cracked or worn piston rings or rings, a cracked head or engine block, or a hole or crack at the top of a piston. If there isn't much pressure or flow at the hose attached to the PCV valve, the valve is likely stuck shut. If you hold it next to your ear and shake it longitudinally, you should hear the valve clicking back and fourth. This indicates it's likely fine. If you do a compression check of each cylinder and find 2 cylinders that are next to each other both low on compression, a blown head gasket is a likely cause. All engines will have some amount of air flow through the PCV valve.

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I presume this is a CRANK but no start issue. You will need the wiring diagram for the vehicle. Then trace it back. It will probably go back through some connectors to a fuse box and then to an engine control module (ECM). You want to know if you are getting a signal from the ECM. If you are, then the problem is somewhere along the way. CHeck the fuse first. You will need some kind of scope for diagnosis. Check out Youtube for either ScannerDanner or SMA (South Main Auto) for examples.

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First off, most of these "cleansing" supplements are either diuretics and/or laxatives. The weight loss isn't going to be fat, it will be from loss of body water content. As for "cleansing", they all talk about "toxins" but actually don't specify what "toxins", because they have no idea. Your body is quite capable of "cleansing" itself, via the liver, kidneys and bowels. If these aren't working, that's a legit medical problem. If constipation is a problem, the first order of business is usually to add sufficient fiber to the diet, e.g. bran, metamucil (psyllium) etc.

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First, check the plug end test/reset. Plug in the cord to an outlet and press the TEST button. You may, or may not hear a 'click'. Press the RESET button, and it should hold itself in the down position. If that happens, then things are ok there. If not, the overload protection is not working and would need to be replaced.

Second, did you use a pump flush/lube? When the pump is used, it creates a lot of heat. When that happens, water carries away the lubrication, moving parts can gall, the seals dry, and the motor can't overcome the drag at start. This could 'pop' the GFI on the electrical plug on your machine. Letting the machine sit allows the heat buildup to evaporate the water in the pump, and scale forms, especially if you use almost any kind of soap or detergent. Don't use soap/detergent with any of the high pressure nozzles, always use the low pressure attachment. Flush the pump, then use the high pressure attachment.

One more thing, check the pressure hoses going to the pressure switch, and the switch itself. When you release the trigger on your handle grip, the motor shuts off with the pressure buildup. If it will not open again, the diaphragm switch could be stuck.

I hope this helps you, and much luck to you.


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No. If its not an OEM replacement (which often fail) Remove and put OEM part on. It also requires a special bleed technique. Unless you are an advanced DIYer you will need dealer level expertise.

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There's a pressure sensitive switch connected under the seat cushion under the passenger seat attached to the foam. If you are having trouble with the light never going off when a passenger is in the seat, the switch is not making contact. If you want the light off permanently, pull the 2 wire connector, and short the terminals together.

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since we dont sell we didnt

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The activation key or COA is on the label that is either attached to the PC or with your purchased software.

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I varied the sequence with the command buttons until the option came up english or japanese where I punched in English.

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