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AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Sep 11, 2019

Have you taken to have a full vehicle scan of all the electronic control modules done ? The HVAC - heating ventilation & A/C control module is a computer that will set code's , Not for the check engine light . Guessing will never fix your problem , Hooking up a factory or someother professional scan tool in the hands of a professional technician will . One like the one in this video .
You have no idea of the complexity of the electronic's on your vehicle . The temp sensor you replaced is an input to the PCM - engine computer , the PCM shares the info from the sensor to the IPC - instrument cluster over a serial data network . What fan stay's running ? Do you mean the heater / A/C blower motor ? Not the radiator fans . Your vehicle has a blower motor controller an this have been know to go bad an the blower motor keeps running .

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Aug 22, 2019

I take help from online websites that have this service. like helping in repair some like reliable-store have instant help.. others are a bit slow which I don't prefer... rest is up to u.. U can also get free manuals

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Aug 17, 2019

They shouldn't be. If the alarm went off it wouldnt have a "blown fuse". That would cut the power to the alarm. You may have low refrigerant keeping the AC from running and a blown fuse for the cigarette lighter.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Aug 16, 2019

Some vehicles have a by-pass kit available to buy. Go to your local parts house and see what they have for your vehicle. You can also look online.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Aug 16, 2019

Brian, boy Derrick was a kit of help, there is a website but I don't remember the name.
Dahh! Notice how long he made that to say Nothing? That's is how this website classifies Us on how many questions we answer and how long our answers are.
So I don't sound like him. I've always just had the knob turned all the way to the left or right, unhooked it and took it off. Put the new one on and they worked fine. I don't believe the blend doors will turn on their own, I've never had that problem. Hope this helps you.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Aug 08, 2019

ac low pressue is always in the larger of the two houses coming from the compressor. simply follow the bigger hose from the compressor to the firewall. the low service port has to be somewhere in between.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 31, 2019

the mode selector is often vacuum controlled. a simple leaky vacuum line can stop proper vent operation. the plastic hoses become brittle so small cracks can appear. can be tough to find.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 31, 2019

the evaporator is the ac cooling part that is in the dash.if it starts to leak the only solution is to replace the evaporator. this requires dash removal. adding any sealer will ultimately cause problems with compressor valves and expansion/orfice tubes. [ don't do it...]

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 31, 2019

I got this free Pdf manual from reliable-store for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the 20 times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 30, 2019

There is a site talked about in this thread. You may find a diagram in one of the sites.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 29, 2019

Need some more info from you , no A/C clutch relay now it won't start ?????? Was the relay always missing ? That wouldn't cause a start anyway . Do yourself a favor an have it towed to a qualified repair shop ,sorry but doesn't sound like you know a whole lot about auto repair .

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 27, 2019

Should be in the fuse box under the dash to the left of the column. The A/C relay should be under the hood to on the passenger side of the firewall.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 26, 2019

Good idea to bench test, whatever it is.
Low volts? What is the high volts?
Belt driven or electric compressor, what you choose to start up needs to make, break, and carry the load in amperes. Thermostat, relays, contactors, solenoids, inverter, transformers, coolant sensors.
It's sometimes chosen, more practical, to use a control circuit (low voltage), and a power circuit(high voltage), for controls and for power hungry consumer loads.

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 26, 2019

Your ac compressor clutch is disabled due to a problem in the system (often due to a refrigerant leak).

AC Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jul 25, 2019

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