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ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 28, 2019

You should call on (( +1-800-585-2494 )) Toll Free Asus and get help for Asus.

ASUS (wl500g)... | Answered on Sep 28, 2019

  • Google is your friend in such cases :>)
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  • ASUS Google... | Answered on Sep 20, 2019

    Hard reset asus z100
    1. Start by switching off your ASUS Zenfone 5 by using the Power key.
    2. Then press and hold the Volume Up + Power key at the same time for a few seconds.
    3. Release held keys when you see Android Logo on your screen.
    4. Afterwards press the Volume Down to select option "Recovery", and press Power button to confirm.
    5. Next, press the Volume Down to choose "wipe data/factory reset", and then push the Power button to confirm.
    6. Select "Yes--delete all user data". Use Volume Down button to scroll and Power key to select.
    7. In order to restart the phone select "reboot system now".
    8. Success! The hard reset is done!

    ASUS Cell Phones | Answered on Sep 18, 2019

    1. hold down the Power key for a short while to turn off your phone.
    2. Afterewards press and hold Volume Up + Power button simultaneously for a few seconds
    3. You can release held keys as soon as Asus logo appears on the screen.
    4. Then press Volume Down to select option "Recovery", and press Power button to confirm.
    5. When the Andorid logo appears on the screnn hold down the Power key
    6. While still holding this key press the Volume Up button once.
    7. Press Volume Down to choose "wipe data/factory reset", and then push the Power key to confirm.
    8. Select "Yes--delete all user data". Use Volume Down button to scroll and Power key to select.
    9. To restart the phone, select "reboot system now".
    10. Success! The hard reset is done!

    ASUS Cell Phones | Answered on Sep 18, 2019

    Enrique Javier... wants answers to this question
    nice hyjack the other post means nothing, not clear at all
    so you piggyback this lame post, why not start your own posts with your own facts,
    what PC, is it exactly
    and why do you need to disable something
    you do know that the OS does all that the keyboard has no brain in any laptop K51. ever.
    the keyboard is only a matrix of switches, the OS in the PC
    translates key switch closers to any thing thing it wants..
    in fact there are 50 keyboards for 50 countries.
    next time just tell what you don't like a windows short cut>
    you never told what short cut you don't like.
    it seems the keyboard is bad, that is what I think.
    and very common on laptops for sure THIS OLD.
    one simple way to prove that is remove the matrix keyboard from the laptops and connect any USB keyboard to the USB port and now the keyboard works perfectly, see? it does.
    proving cause or the cure.
    the cable too in side the laptop can fail, be loose or the jack the ribbon cable plugs in to is cracked, also common. (bad service)

    ASUS K51AC... | Answered on Sep 18, 2019

    wow such hard to undstand post.
    gee, it really is a this RIGHT? not ASUS at all.
    the CE0979 is not the model its the electric safety standards.
    ? Huawei Ce0979 Tablet
    tell what your computer is, first. type >? notepad or laptop or what, tell what it is first. or show photos of the backside
    or the service tag.

    and what Bluetooth you have headphones maker and model.

    many PC have no Bluetooth receiver at all for sure older and for sure some cheap notepads. have none.

    That CE mark means this:

    CE marking to European standards and directives for European market access.
    CE marking is a legal requirement for most products sold in Europe

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 18, 2019

    why not test the keyboard on other PC.
    why not use spare USB keyboard $8 cost new and test it.
    2 tests and now you now what is wrong.
    NO PC state
    NO OS stated.
    very little facts stated, just bad acting keyboard.

    OMB #1 its wireless keyboard with dead batteries, weak ones cause LOGIC chaos, for sure. just like dim flashlight, same.
    that be first no, on any wireless device kbd/mouse, batteries.

    easy no?
    easy peasy lemon squeezy

    ASUS... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    no model EEE stated, it has a model number,
    the screen is dead. if AC only fails.
    or AC pack is bad. a $15 part to buy.
    looks old to me, if older than 2010 all laptops have now bad, CCFL black lamps.

    use a flash light after power on, if you see data there now that is a bad back lamps dead. most are this old, 9 years old.

    ASUS Eee PC 4G... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    did this PC come as total build up PC from ASUS
    or just a mobo, DIY PC????? or V-series sold at bare bones??????
    why do this , if PC runs for year with present bios why risk bricking a good PC, (sure FUD fear endless)
    that mobo is old. they do not update old mobo back to 1995
    only the most new are supported like that.
    there are like 10,000 models now from them.
    imagine cost of doing that many updates. ? yah bankruptcy.
    Im a ASUS long time users, from 1995 to now,
    know them well.
    The facts are like this,
    first there are P5 mobo and huge numbers of sub models of just P5 prefix. end HW version # too
    the fact is you must read the box to get all the facts but is lost, SKU.
    so we then read the MOBO silk screen to see what is this mobo
    exactly if you get it wrong you brick the PC and is so easy to do.

    there new web site stinks they make it very hard to see all class motherboards and once, P5
    unlike the old site that was wonderful..
    and they ended the forum too, a horrid IDEA that.

    it came with
    at best core2 pentium
    here is the problem it is your model is wrong.

    this is there crummy javascript running, that is hyper active and very hard to uses. but I captured it just for you.
    it is 5 PCs sold then, in case from them. V and T series.


    the last one (wild guess on model) runs bios 2008 (and forever )
    Version 0401 2008/03/24651.3 KBytes 0401 BIOS
    Fix CPU Vcore isn't correct with E4400 Series CPU

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    down load what you skipped what.
    your photos.?
    or some kind of application software related to photos. etc??????

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    old pc.? 6 years old 2012 made.
    not too old but most PCs from that era to now make this 1000x hard to do.... new laws. did that.
    the only cure is to ask for help.
    there is no other way. (besides guessing lost pw)
    BIOS, lost PW.
    Asus, no longer runs great forum. there. (only gamers)
    so they deleted there great forum. is all there is.
    this is all they have now (lame)

    then the issues of fingerprint reader. too.
    if that is enabled, it is even more hard to fix.

    you need to call them , and ask. see contacts under support.

    this is also now a topic bound by new laws. USA and EU.
    backdoor Passwords are not legal now.
    old PCs had jumper inside to reset this and are NOW GONE.

    (BIOS history) old to new PCs. simple
    1: pull coin cell out, (all batteries and power pack) now reset.
    2: find mobo jumper clrPW, jumper it and bam reset.
    3: then PW stored in EEPROM device, NO JOY there. very hard.
    4: now TPM and UEFI laws for PCs, and NO JOY. win8 up. 2013 up.

    That is the history of PW resets, each era go harder.
    and just before windows 8 was release SUPER HARD super SECURE PC now. best is not use the PW at all, ok.
    if you have BIOS admin PW you can reset any BIOS USER PW.
    if the hDD password is set, your data is DOOMEd.

    we can talk PW all day long, but just don't use
    BIOS PW at all, unless work for CIA/DOD or NSA.

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    talk to Asus yet ,
    it is there design, ask them.

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    why, tell why first. context matters, for sure.
    but you can remove the coin cell on any PC made (some tiny notepads excepted, have none see why below)

    that resets all PCs made, and will not erase passwords.
    ever heard of
    there huge web site, support??
    the real name is
    ASUS VivoBook X540LA
    asus has no service manual; only user man. and has no such topic in the users manual
    as a rule (thin notebooks)
    if the huge battery on that just snaps off the bottom in 5 seconds
    yours don't.
    it's no longer there, that means it is now deep inside and thin.
    and that means most PCs like that , have no coin cell.
    that means you must unplug the inside flat black battery
    push power for 10 seconds (button) release then wait say 1/2 hour the put the battery back in.
    now the NVRAM CMOS is reset.

    does that answers your question?
    here is your big battery, remove this , per above.
    and if BIOS NVRAM CMOS resets then good.
    if NOT there is a coin cell hidden deep in side, fact is.

    540-1v11prkoqtrvvozsyhes0xol-5-0.jpg the joy of thin notebooks 101

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    ive no idea what OS is running there and is OS question.
    why not connect mouse, be 10x more easy that way.(click and drag)
    i typed tp140 at got nothing.
    even 140 gets me zero
    what is this PC.
    no vivobook has that number 140

    but connect a mouse and drag the files.
    or post your service tag for this laptop? or what ever it is, unstated by you. all we know is it is a COMPUTER.

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019


    you replace them both, there is no magic reconditions on batteries like this. one is the big battery and other is the coin cell.
    youtube has the 1005ha dismantle if you want to watch.

    ASUS Eee PC... | Answered on Sep 16, 2019

    ask them, most PCs it is an option now.
    F8V (and sub numbers) tell you what features they have.

    is this a pre -sales question (no), unstated. and matters.
    or buying used PCs. ? (I BET YES)

    try reading here first.

    that designed it, built it and sell it, and support it.
    ask them is best. (vast models and sub models exit) !!!
    even different by COUNTRY we are USA are yOU>?
    the build PC for a country, (laws vary)

    im reading now for you and PC is 1 decade old.(English only)
    and touch WORD is not in the books.

    ASUS Computers &... | Answered on Sep 15, 2019

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