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Not familiar with this particular model, offer suggestions, 1. the large can nut on top is loose allowing the faucet to swing around missing the internal stops, 2 the internal stops are broken off.

Moen Plumbing | Answered 2 hours ago

The first thing that comes to mind is the shut-off valve under the sink (on the hot water side) may not be open all the way.

The second is that there may be dirt/debris in left in the hot side.

The third concern may be that the hot water may be restricted before it gets to the faucet. (Blockage, corrosion, kinks, etc.)

Plumbing | Answered 2 hours ago

The cartridges, yes, sounds like they are nearing their end. As they do shut off, I see no problem in letting them go for awhile; but eventually they will reach a point where they will drip (not shut off completely). Personally I prefer OEM cartridges, not aftermarket.

Plumbing | Answered 8 hours ago

Ohhhh ya. Fun, fun, fun. But, there is a way. Watch this video from Joseph and Robert on the "easy way' to remove a stuck water pump impeller.
How To Remove Stubborn Impellers

Flotec Plumbing | Answered 8 hours ago

If the AC POWER LED is flashing, it indicates "excessive battery drain". According to the manual, the fix is to "stop the pump" and "allow the battery to charge." If BOTH the AC power LED AND the CHARGING MODE are flashing, it indicates that the unit failed pre-qualification test #1. The fix is to replace the battery. That would be my guess as well, the battery needs replacing. BTW, I wasn't able to find a manual for the A-5500, but I did find a manual for the A-5200. Different controller, but same LED indicators scheme and probably same under the skin. Here:

Plumbing | Answered 9 hours ago

Honestly I don't think so. If I remember the pump housing is ultrasonically sealed to prevent water entry and is not designed to permit opening for repair. But there is another way. If you can't replace the cord, cut off the bad section, leaving as much as you can that's still good; and wire it together with another waterproof extension cord through a water proof fountain repair cable kit. (Don't forget to use a water-resistant cable assembly or water will eventually migrate into the insulation, shorting the cable.) Here's one example. By all means, this pond circuit MUST be protected by a GFCI. Water, electricity and a human body don't mix well.

Little Giant... | Answered 9 hours ago

Possibly foot valve stuck open. As it leaks down, pressure switch calls for pump. Foot valve leaking will cause loss of prime.

Plumbing | Answered 10 hours ago

"Ifthesesolutionsarenotabletoresolvetheissue,pleasecontactourDeltaTech2O ConciergeTeamat1-844-923-5368


Delta Plumbing | Answered on Jun 09, 2019

I found this site and thought it might help you with your problem;

Plumbing | Answered on Jun 09, 2019

That isn't fun that the joystick came off for your sink. If this were to happen to me, I would want to get it put back on as soon as possible. Maybe instead of getting a tool though, it would be better to hire a plumber to come to fix it.

Hamat 3-3369PC... | Answered on Jun 06, 2019

  • Solid Blue - Normal operation, "Touch" mode is activated.
  • Flashing Blue - Normal operation, the hands-free mode is activated.
  • Solid Red - Warning mode - Replace batteries as soon as possible. While the water is running Solid Red LED is illuminated. When the water is off, the Red LED flashes once every 5 seconds. The faucet operates normally, solenoid valve is open.
  • Rapid Flash Red - Alert Mode - Battery Failure Imminent. The Red LED flashes once a second. The first time the faucet is used, the Red LED will turn ON, the solenoid valve will be opened and remain open. The manual valve must be used until the batteries are replaced.
  • Solid Red - Lockdown Mode - Replace Batteries. Extremely Low Batteries - The RED LED is ON, and water will not flow. The solenoid valve is closed and faucet will not operate until batteries are replaced.
  • Long Flash Red (2 seconds on / 2 seconds off) - Board error, replace electronics kit, RP53230 See manual bypass of electronics section of Installation instructions.

Delta Plumbing | Answered on Jun 05, 2019

You need to install the screw that came with item, it goes under the handle thru the extension and into cartridge. Refer to 3.

Delta Plumbing | Answered on Jun 05, 2019

your pressure switch must be bad

Plumbing | Answered on Jun 03, 2019

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