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There are several ways to solve this problem. I will present one of the ways. Let x be Jimmy's age - I always pick the lower age because most people find multiplication easier than division and fractions. Let 2x be his sister's age (twice as old as Jimmy) Let x + 5 be his big brother's age. Sum of the three ages is Jimmy's age + sister's age + big brother's age. (x) + (2x) + (x+5) - put them in brackets to show each person's age, but you don't need to. Finally, we get 4x+ 5 = 29. Subtract 5 from each side to isolate the 4x. 4x + 5 - 5 = 29 - 5 4x = 24 Divide both sides by 4 to get x by itself. 4x/4 = 24/4 x = 6. Now, I read the question over and see if I interpreted it correctly. Jimmy's sister is twice as old as he is. His big brother is 5years older than he is. The sum of their three ages is 29. How old is Jimmy's brother?
Jimmy is 6. His sister is 12. His big brother is 11. Adding them up I get 29. However, it asks for Jimmy's brother's age, not Jimmy's. Jimmy's brothers age is 11. Good luck, Paul

Homework | Answered on Jun 14, 2019

What kind of papers exactly? You should try out LaTeX: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaTeX

Homework | Answered on Jun 10, 2019

wrong website. this website is for repair questions . thats if you can read

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To go or move further back from a previous position.
So in saying a man has a receding hairline, it means that his hair is getting further away from his forehead towards his scalp. He is going bald.

Homework | Answered on Jun 04, 2019

I don't know if you want to solve by elimination or substitution, so I will choose the easiest;) If you want the other repost and I will do it another way.

2x - y = 4
5x - y = 13

Looking at the equations, the easiest way to solve is by elimination because the y's line up already.

Since the signs on the y's are the same we will subtract the second line from the first line.

2x - y = 4
-(5x -y = 13)
-3x = 0 = -9 (2x -5x =-3x, -y--y=0, 4-13=-9)

To get x by itself, divide both sides by -3

-3x = -9
---- ----
-3 -3

x = 3 (negative divided by negative is positive)

To calculate y, put x=3 into either equation. I will put it in the first one.

2 (3) - y = 4
6 - y = 4
y+ 6 - y = 4 + y (I want y positive, so I add y to both sides)
6 = 4 + y
-4 + 6 = 4 + y -4 (I want y by itself, so I subtract 4 from both sides)
2 = y

So my POI (point of intersection) is (3,2)

Normally, a lot of people end there, but I always like to check my answers to prove that I didn't make any silly mistakes.

To do this, I do a left side right side comparison using the equation that I didn't use to solve for the second variable.

Left Side Right Side
5x - y 13
5(3) - 2 13
15 - 2 13
13 = 13

I just proved that I did it all correctly. It the left side didn't equal the right side, I would go back and find my error and recheck it with my left side right side check.

Good luck,



Homework | Answered on May 26, 2019

In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as "true." Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow.

Data is a collection of facts and it is very important to keep it save and intact so that future scientists can understand what elders did and how they should proceed.

Homework | Answered on May 22, 2019

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"Human dignity is inviolable. Respect and protect it - the duty of the entire state power. " This is the clear mandate of Article 1 of the Basic Law, in which Germany recognizes "inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, peace and justice on earth." Germany takes this responsibility seriously also within its external relations. The protection and strengthening of human rights play a special role in foreign policy and international contexts, since often systematic violations of human rights are the first step, but if you are interested in these kinds of questions, you can safely ask them https://studydaddy.com/ and get a splendid answer leading to conflicts and crises. Together with partners in the EU and in cooperation with the United Nations, Germany stands around the world for the protection and further development of human rights standards.

Homework | Answered on May 09, 2019

The first discusses the behavior of soldiers, the same topic as the original text. It restates the original information. The second indicates how ideas or information areintroduced and developed. It describes the presentation.


Homework | Answered on May 07, 2019

1.2 million venda speakers in South Africa, 2nd smallest language group. It is mainly spoken by the Venda people in the northern part of South Africa's Limpopo Province, as well as by some Lemba people in Zimbabwe.

Homework | Answered on Apr 25, 2019

Average mean you have to plus the given numbers and then divide them the total no that you are added. Firstly you have to add 11+13+17+23 = 64 then you have to divide it 64/4 = 16. Average of these numbers is 16.

Homework | Answered on Apr 20, 2019

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There does seem to be a homework help section in Fixya although the forum is in general devoted to fixing devices. It is probably best to post in the Homework section as some seem to choose heckling rather than assisting. As to your question, common to most survival stories is an attempt to use resources on hand rather than magical interventions to solve the problems.

Homework | Answered on Apr 07, 2019

Following are some tips for the teachers to mark assessments
1. Bookish language shouldn't be the criteria
while the teachers are marking the student's assessment, he should not go to the book. Instead, the main point should be there in the information written. the point can be explained by the students in their own language.
2. Length should not be the measure
Lengthy answers don't always mean that they are appropriate and to the point. Short and crisp answers should be considered more relevant. Proper assessment must be given to such answers.
3. Marking should firstly be done using a pencil
It is not important that the teachers are so skilled and expert that they straight away apply the grades using pens. Pencils should be used at first,so that, if in any case they are to be amended, it can be done easily.
4.Thorough reading of the material
The teachers should read the answers thoroughly so that they do not have any doubt in their marking. simply by looking at the heading the marks should not be allotted.
5.Mentoring the Scholars
The students should be properly guided before the exams about the expectations and the criteria on the basis of which the assessment of the students shall be made.

Such tips can be a helpful for the teachers, so that the efficiency of the students can be judged in an effective manner.

Homework | Answered on Apr 04, 2019

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