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Night light bulb if your talking about the light for the dispenser. Inside the unit is 40 watt appliance bulb.

Refrigerators | Answered 5 hours ago | 21 views

Try pulling the cover off in the back of the fridge and see if the fan is still operating when you push the light sensor switch in but hold it down for at least 10-20seconds to see if it starts.

LG Refrigerators | Answered 16 hours ago | 17 views

Never buy a Samsung refrigerator, they ALL has designs issues.

Samsung RS2630SH... | Answered Yesterday | 280 views

Order by part number on old icemaker

Kenmore... | Answered Yesterday | 29 views

According to your model number a bypass plug wont work. Refer to owners manual. I dont think they make a bypass plug for your model.

Frigidaire... | Answered Yesterday | 32 views

I'm not familiar with your model, but I suspect that if the shelf does not simply lift off like mine does, there may a clip or two that needs to be depressed to release.

Although not exactly what you were asking about, this YouTube video shows how to release the clips on a lower shelf in a Sampung. It may spark an idea as to how to proceed on your shelf.

Samsung... | Answered 2 days ago | 25 views

Actually there are two drip trays on your model refrigerator. As your experiencing problems when the unit automatically defects, I am assuming that it's the pan located below the refrigerator.

The plastic pan is not really secured, although there may still be a shipping clip or tape holding it in place if it's never been removed before. After removing the lower front air grill, the pan simply lifts out of it containment guides. (Its mean to to be easily removable to be taken out periodically and cleaned).

However that doesn't solve the problem of overflowing. There really shouldn't be that much melted condensate filling the pan. Without knowing more, I would suspect that there may be an air leakage allowing outside, moist air to leak into the refrigerator/freezer and form more ice than what's normally expected. I would look for a door gasket not sealing completely.

Refrigerators | Answered 2 days ago | 23 views

Samsung typically only releases certain error codes, reserving all others to service.

Try contacting Samsung services and they will walk you through the meaning of this code and if it needs a follow up vist by a service technician. Don't unplug the unit or try to clear the codes as the technician may need to run a history and see what other errors may have led up to this one.

Samsung... | Answered 2 days ago | 26 views

Possibly the door isn't shutting completely. Here's a YouTube video where another guy had a similar problem and how he solved it.

Frost... | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 24 views

I had the same problem. The cause is the digital display is not communicating with the motherboard. What had happened in my case is the plug connection between the door's digital display and the motherboard had become unplugged. The wire running from the motherboard runs below the fridge, and connects via plug located along the bottom of the fridge below the freezer door, connecting to the wire running from the display to the bottom of the freezer door. I just reconnected it and that reset the display. Glad for it too, I thought I needed a new $130 motherboard! Hope this helped!

GE Refrigerators | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 13,246 views

An EF code is indicative of an Evaporator Fan Circuit Failure. Can it be stopped by ice or frost? Absolutely. Press the freezer up button and the freezer down button simultaneously for 6-8 seconds and you will enter a test mode. Every time you press the fresh food button after entering the test you will advance to the next test. They are not in numerical order. Go to test 26 (The defrost circuit test) and it will show CL for closed or OP for open. If it shows OP you have a defrost issue. If CL there is no defrost problem. Next go to test 15 - keeping in mind they ( the tests are Not in numerical order). When you get to 15 press the main power on/off button. The 1st time you press it the display will show LO and the fan should be on low speed. The next time you press the power button it will show HI, and the fan should be on high. It is a twelve vdc fan motor wire colors red, yellow, brown, and blue. They originate at the j6a and j4a connectors. If the fan does not come on in the test the check will be made at the control. There should always be 12vdc between brown and red, and there should be 9 - 12 vdc between brown and yellow in the test. The blue wire is a tach wire and feeds info back to the lower control which is located behind the kick plate underneath the unit. EX factory service 22 years currently an instructor. If you are not equipped with the proper tools and or knowledge please call a competent technician. KEEP IT SIMPLE

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 874 views

Replace the icemaker. It it does nothing when pushing the test button it needs replaced

Samsung... | Answered on Jun 21, 2019 | 102 views

Call the manufacturer with the information and they will send you the correct parts.
Usually for free being it's brand new.
parts 888-837-1380 8-5 pst
Home Depot- Lone Star Charcoal Grill

Refrigerators | Answered on Jun 20, 2019 | 36 views

You can try CRC stainless steel cleaner
and if you have to following the pattern on the panel you can use a steel wool pad.
GE does have a refrigerator stainless steel cleaner kit available also.

Stainless... | Answered on Jun 20, 2019 | 31 views

Sounds like the drain pan or tube is frozen and clogged
You need to shut off the unit and empty the freezer section and check the bottom of the rear wall of the freezer for the drain pan.
use sink hot water to defrost and a turkey Baster to clean the hole and the hose.

AEG... | Answered on Jun 20, 2019 | 30 views

Would need the model number
Either screws in front or snap spring clips

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jun 20, 2019 | 25 views

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