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I speculate there isn't much wrong with the dvd drive if it plays a dvd and if you are certain there isn't anything wrong with your photo disc (it plays ok with other computers), a possibility is a problem with the media playing software...

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what password, there are 7 levels
not answering for all 7 me not can we see your screen (omg)

the question posed, is like asking, where did I lose my car keys.
only 7 times worse.
talking in a text box blind and not one photo of screen failing

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what is the OS? if windows go to control panel and select system and security to create a restore point, doing a factory reset will leave the computer without anything to restore to though

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this thing is old right? made 2006 so is 13 years old today.
and is xp or vista , bad news.
vista released January 30, 2007 so is not vista. I guess.?

so why not take any usb keyboard made and try that.
if that works then we know the relic internal is dead. or just software bunged up.
we can boot to Linux demo disk and see of the keys work
all techs do that, takes 5 min work.
and omg the keys work in Linux. so windows is BORKED!("corrupted".
no OS stated, at all if XP this is normal for XP it is a virus magnet.
do not run XP ever again if doing so now, OK?

what also can change is language settings set wrong.

and last.
gives what? that is shifted character.
shift 7
so if 7 works and all shift keys fail then shift is bad.
so use the right shift, does that work.?
try all keys and see what works and not.
if Linux fails ,then the keyboard is toast.. (ask how to boot free Linux demo mode "try me" at
one of the best ways to test ANY PC after Windoz
goes mad?
is to boot from Linux demo desk (harmless it is)
we make a USB stick or burn a DVD-r disk and boot it. then run Linux see how it runs for what ever the ill's may be. bad keyboard or HDD test top my list.
boot it and click "TRY ME"

one other way (weaker by far) is to use BIOS and test your keyboard, but sadly a full test is not possible there.

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Might have to replace your screen, or it might be an issue with your graphics card.

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The problem is either the Hard drive has failed and needs replacement or the hard drive is operational but it lost the OS. (Operating System). If the OS is gone, you need to re-install it again..

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Go to your Device Drivers and open the listing of devices. Select each line by line and hit UPDATE Drivers. If the drivers are current, it will just say so, if the drivers need to updated, the operating system will update to the new or current drivers for that device. Once that has been done, you should be connecting OK.

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it is 2 days old have it serviced or replaced.

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PC to that, you left out what you are doing.
and what in the world uses 1983 640x48 relic resolutions?
Dell M5030 but what OS is there windows what?
this dell is 8 year old right?
this dell came with windows 7 , dell tells me , new is it still w7
if not do tell what it is now?
im reading your manual no online , it has no HDMI port
so you must be using and adapter from the VGA port to some NONE DELL adaptor (VGA > HDMI)
unstated by you, so find who made that adapter
and get help from the maker, of that.

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Just do a "system restore" . If you don't know where it is, just do a search in your programs and files.

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you were right. There is a hidden partition for recovery purposes when your computer has OEM OS. You can see it by using partition tools such partition wizard home edition and you can download it for free. After you run this program you will see a recovery partition which is hidden from your sight. Hope this will answer your question.

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that is either a dead pixel or a failing horizontal filter. it is caused by hardware faults. nothing you can do to prevent it.

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well that is catastrophic failure. have the motherboard replaced.

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Go on ebay and buy a new inverter for less than $10. Go on youtube to see how to replace the dell inspiron 1526 lcd inverter or the dell inspiron 1526 lcd screen. I put the lcd screen on because sometimes the problem might be your screen. If things don't work after installing the new inverter board, then buy a new lcd screen off ebay. The inverter board and screen are easy to install. Just go on to find a video that walks you through it. The inverter sits at the bottom of the lcd screen. Some are screwed on, some are welded onto the screen, some are held by a small piece of tape. Even if you have to pry the old one off, just put the new on on held by a small piece of tape.
10results for Dell Inspiron 1526 inverter board

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Hi Dear,

Its easy to call Dell hot line and they can provide you code that can help you to manage this issue but they need t get invoice to be sure its belong to you .


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old post. PC is 16 years old today, (junk and not worth $10 used)
1: run it on line power only main battery out. now.
runs now,yhes, then the battery was shorted, get new one.
or run on AC only for ever.

2: RTC coin cell is dead, buy a new one and put it in.
no RTC COIN lasted 16 years, not a single one, impossible!!!
so get rid of this old coin cell., buy a new one, spend $2

3: Now the CPU fan works, and stays on, in some BIOS you can check a box say fan is always , on do so and now it only changes speed. if the fan is dead still then it may be bad. this old easy.

4: CPU overheat, I have never seen any CPU to heatsink
thermal compound last for 16 years, (mine does but not yours)
I use very top quality thermal grease (compound, no aging) ask.

5: The Power pack can be bad. (if PC dead with main battery out the pack can in fact be just bad.
6: is the screen 100% black at all times? no text ever?
most PC this old the CCLF back lamps are dead.
that is why most PC this old are worth nothing until year 2010 made. a fact. get a newer PC with LED back lamps.
ask for advice on this, have lots.

My posts can be all wrong ,after all I can not watch your screen
and do simple tests.

but the fan dead is very very serious matter.
I even strip off all modules in the Laptop, to prove there are no shorted modules in the PC. shorts cause power to shut of.

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You might be able to change brightness by holding the Fn key plus the brightness up/down key. Look for the two with the sun shape with the up down arrow.

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First, check to see there is no physical damage around the charging port, then if you have a AVO meter, check that the charging cord is actually putting out a current; then go to the BIOS and look inside. if you see
Adapter , Unknown device installed, that is your answer - it isn't a Dell charger. Now go to

If that message is not there

1. Ensure that the battery is securely in the laptop and that none of the pins on the computer or battery are dirty.
2. Consider that there was nothing wrong with the old battery but the circuit on the motherboard that controls the charging is faulty - there is usually one chip that is at fault in this case.
3. The new battery is completely discharged: does the battery show signs of life when used without the charging cable? If it does, this is not the problem

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partition magic should show the hard drives if not then it has more likely failed.

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