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It holds 30 oz.of R134. Temperature is relevant to refrigerant the warmer it gets the higher the pressure. If the air coming out of the ducts feels cold and "Crisp" you have enough. A/C service centers usually evacuate all the refrigerant and recharge with the specified amount. I hope this helps. Take care.

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Yes go to and look up your truck and then the parts to see them

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The service and repair manual with diagram will help you to fix the problem easily and you will get the manual from the given link Home Toolsnyou

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Ok Mona I think I understand a little bit better ok no accident got it I want you to go to your power distribution box under the hood and clean the cable connections and make sure they are very tight also the fuse blades do the battery terminals and make sure they are clean and tight use alcohol and mild steel wool or the back pad of a sponge DO NOT USE A WIRE BRUSH it will rip the lead terminals to shreds and cause the not to fit tight if after this persists you will have to unbolt the distribution box and check those individual wires for corrosion or broken connections all the positive + power distribution comes through that box and fuses this is where I think your problem is your pumps get energized through those fuses also the check engine light should always come on and then shut itself off if there's no trouble codes these dash lights are part of the computer self test of the sensors including the abs system //// and I understand that you have power to crank the engine when you turn the key but if there's corrosion on the power distribution box cable the electrical path is being broken because the voltage can not pass through to the components controlled by the box pay a lot of attention to this area including the bolt on tab that is the strip for the box look for a break in that strip the intermittent check engine dash light is sending me in this direction please be patient I know this is a pain but I'm not there and my 50+years as a taxi mechanic in nyc. and dealing with this problem is where your help is coming from so look at all power distribution components in the box and the box itself relays fuses wires ok good luck again Stephen and of course post back if needed ok

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if on and off consistently [short cycling ] the usual cause is low or short on freon others are low pressure sensor switch -or clutch failing but the usual problem is freon level

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The first thing I would do is a hard reset this should put most modules back to factory specs. The hard reset is done by disconnecting both battery cables and holding them together for a minute or more. Then see what acts up next. I hope this helps. Take care. If you have questions for me use testimonial and it will show up in my email.


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For a 4 year old vehicle, there is no option to change the vehicle. Go above the service centre direct to Ford. You will get an answer and hopefully a repair.

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Yes it could be the pip but before you do anything either charge the battery or jump it these are famous for no injector pulse if the available voltage drops below 10.5 while cranking. It's a Ford thing. I hope this helps. Take care.

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The hybrid battery doesn't come into play when starting the engine, this really sounds like the 12v battery has lost its ability to crank in other words it can't handle the starter load, this can also be caused by the 12v battery not being charged or cables that are loose, dirty or corroded. I would have the battery load tested, check the cables (both ends) and check the charging system. The lights that are on are controlled by the power train control module which is on the 12v side so you may also want to get the codes read to see if they lead you to the exact problem. I hope this helps. Take care. If you have any more questions for me just send a note or testimonial and it will show up in my email.

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It appears to be number 3 in the picture. It looks like you have to remove air intake. I don't have removal procedure.

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Ok this post is a little confusing (1)what happened to pop the inertia switch /was the truck in a accident (yes/no) if yes try taking it out and shaking to make it pop again then make sure you push it in all the way (the connection could be corroded in the plug or the inertia switch could've failed or wires are exposed causing a short check all the truck is 27 years old now check for broken wires ) next check for broken fuel pump wires especially if the first questions answer is no a short or broken wire will cause a break in the circuit and cause the pumps not to work /what does there is pressure no my fuel lines mean I guess no pressure at all which is still pointing in the broken wire/shorted to ground that caused the inertia switch to activate or the switch has failed post back again and word it carefully with what you have done write it down so you don't forget remember that I'm not there so your my information teller and if we are going to find the problem your descriptions must be exact

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Remove the inside door panel... the bolts/nuts/screws will be there..

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There's an electrical short in the ignition system/alarm system

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