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If you don't have a good backup on external media, you will need to take the back of the monitor off and pull the hard drive. Then put the drive into a different computer or use an external drive case, a USB drive adapter or hard drive dock to copy the files off the drive. (You'll probably need a SATA port adapter or 2.5" drive case. The case will turn the internal drive into an external drive.) Many computer repair sites will have this equipment available and will do the entire job for a fee. (I've only done this with Windows computer systems as the recovery system.)

HP product support may have a service manual for your all-in-one. Google the model number. If you see a link to the HP specifications page, follow the link. Near the top of the page, look the the product home link. On that page, click on Manuals link on the left side of the page. For example, the service manual for the HP 19-2113w is available on the manuals page: https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-19-2100-all-in-one-desktop-pc-series/6879095/model/7096373/manuals . The direct link to this service manual is currently http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04716104 .

To access the inside of the HP 19-2113W, turn off the system and unplug all of the peripherals and power cord. Set the monitor face down on a soft cloth (to minimize scratches). Remove two screws from the bottom of the monitor. Then pry up the back of the monitor/computer across the bottom of the monitor. Lift the cover out of the way. Make sure that you use safe electrical procedures and ground yourself relative to the computer as you work. Remove the one screw of the left side of the hard drive cage that holds the drive in the system. Slide the cage to the left and lift it out. (If using a USB drive adapter, you may be able to attach the dongle without removing the drive from the cage.) For all other methods of reading the drive, you will need to remove the four screws (two on each side) that secure the drive to the cage. Then slide the drive out of the cage and retrieve the data using any computer.

Note: when you connect the drive to a computer, if you do not see a drive letter assigned or get a "disk must be initialized" message, the drive has lost critical information and can't be directly copied. In that case, you will need recovery software to see if any files can be retrieved. (Recuva, https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva , has a nice free version that can get you started. There are other programs as well. Some will not recovery anything until you upgrade from the free version.)

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells
(The computer and hard drive manufacturers do not routinely include data recovery with a warranty repair. If your all-in-one is under warranty, do not open the case.)

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the real name is x4000 mouse , and Product # A0X35AA#ABA (note fully stated !)

the manual at HP is under x4000 mouse


all HP gives you is this lame photo.
the best batteries are many ,cheap dry cells will fail soon.
30-month battery life (is based not on cheap batteries)
but top brand alkaline battery, not old or old stock or dry cells.
the best of all is.
nothing beats Lithim


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not enough info.
F10 normally saves settings and reboots. Do you get to and do that?
Explain when it "disappears"

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a couple of possibilities
HPs are notorious for loose display cables. Unfortunately, it is not something the avg person can fix. I have fixed ones even an "experienced" tech couldn't figure out. This fix is about a 15min job for someone in the know.
It can also be a bad display - then it probably isn't worth fixing
It can also be a bad backlight. If you shine a light onto the screen you will see video. If so it is still classified as a bad display. See above.

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It appears you are referring to a hp presario cq56.
The factory restore process is performed by -

1. Click "Start" and click "Programs." 2. Open the "HP System Recovery" program. 3. Press "OK" to reboot into recovery mode. 4. Select "Advanced" options and press "Enter" to select the option to perform a "Destructive" recovery. This will automatically reset your computer to factory condition. All you will need to do is reboot the computer when prompted to complete the process.

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you can change any thing you want but the mobo only fits your model. its not a desktop that has ATX motherboards that I can swap endlessly.
I own 3 , 9540s and all have video card 3 or more choices
a rare thing in laptops, (one reason I own them)
most laptops made are soldered down BGA GPU. ok?
first off HP does not sell these cars, ever, so ebay is the best place, or google and find them 3x more expensive../
see this search , took me 1second.

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Fixya is not HP and does not sell equipment or return merchandise. It is not a bank or credit card company. It is not a school or government organization.

Best regards.

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infected browsers do that.
try firefox. brower for see it works.
you must be using EDGE that it? or IE11? or Chrome.?
no browser you run now stated stated.

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It does not quite work like that. The hard drive from one will fit into the other, but that does not mean you can put it in and it will work. For it to work, the chipset usually has to be the same or very simular. Windows 10 is the most forgiving it seems, but if the drive you want to use has Windows 8 or 7 or before, it typically will not work.

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For one be sure to ALWAYS use a surge protector that has all three prongs attached for it to properly work and as well as the wall socket it plugs into or it will surge your device and/or damage it. It may have surged the display card or if the computer does not have a display card it might have surged the on board display built in the computer.. if you have another display card you can take it and install it then hook your monitor up to that and see if the screen comes on then... Hope that helped...

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Dear Denise I have worked on dv6 computer laptop the original programming probably, was a vista and or Xp
Windows and in that case you need to up grade
Programming or google it weather or not a dv 6
Ddr2 is compatible and or able to download
Windows 10 . Mite need to get atleast a DDR 3 or 4 machine or windows 10 won't work.
Sorry and good luck ask the manafactor.

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what are you attempting to do there.
end goal?
a sim card out of what?
per your users manual it states (this ?) you have WWAN card?

Using HP Mobile Broadband (select models only)

HP Mobile Broadband enables your computer to use wireless wide area networks (WWANs) to access

the Internet from more places and over larger areas than it can by using WLANs. Using HP Mobile

Broadband requires a network service provider (called a mobile network operator), which in most cases

is a mobile phone network operator. Coverage for HP Mobile Broadband is similar to mobile phone voice

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no PC stated

NO OS stated, is this virus magnet XP?

no meaning of UNDO, stated, no hints no clues
no PC good ,bad or ugly symptoms stated, (impossible to help)
1988 to 2013 are the years!
The PC has service tag.
with full; model number stated clearly on it.

Compaq SLT/286


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13 year old desktop.
both fans dead, PSU and CPU.
that is total power failure.
and is common with ESD events. (or stick in sleep mode or hibernate mode ( even chip latch up is possible)
to cure any desktop PC,
we do this.
remove the line AC CORD.
LET THE PC sit for say 1/2 hour. (we are discharging CAP.'s now)

if that fails, get new RTC coin cell battery,
yours if original is no good. and if bad, the BIOS goes nuts.
the life span is 7 years on the RTC battery, so you are getting near 2 times that, why use such and old battery in any PC, for sure that old.?????
then with new battery , go in to bios and click set bios defaults.
now the PC will boot to HDD.

MT version.


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