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Great question. I will continue to come back when i get the answer.
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Thanks Admin

Celebrities | Answered 2 hours ago

we do no not know what PC you have at all make and model.
but a Desktop most times 99% came with no wifi? (real disktops not AIO, are a different beast) AIO = all in one .
so what is connected?, wifi or Ethernet, are you at home or at STARBUCKS? (or the like)
where are you first (standing)
and are wifi are you near your wifi router or modem.
why is phone mentioned, I guess you meant.
1: wifi is dead at home,
2: the decktop wifi added after new PC is dead. on wifi
3: the cell phone is dead on wifi but 3G works.

so you router needs to be reset or you forgot your credentials to it.

Internet... | Answered 2 hours ago

How to set your clock stereo on 1992 Dodge Dakota

?Turn the vehicle on then push the SEL button. It should flash back and forth between the time and the radio station you are set to. Set it to the time position.
?Now push the SET button. On my original stereo a P comes up. ( I think the P means p.m. but I have not been able to figure out how to change that setting) Next try the SEL button. It should flash to the hour. Use the TUNE knob to scroll to the desired hour.
?Push the SEL button and you should be able to set the desired minutes the same way.
?Push the SEL button again and the clock on your vehicle stereo should be set.

1992 Dodge... | Answered 2 hours ago

machine trouble sevice call [c2558] wat a problam in konica minolta bizhub 164 printer

Konica Minolta... | Answered 2 hours ago

IS taking ( sure the lamp lies, sure)

or is NOT

sure the battery is no good, that first thing to fail any portable PC or Cell phone, not hit/dropped or drowned. (battery is bad, sure is)
just replace that if the power pack seems ok not mangled cord or connector ends.

Internet... | Answered 2 hours ago


Got a book to your vehicle? Sounds like a sensor or switch either on the engine or transmission. In your book look at any switch or sensor associated with the 1706 code. Usually, when a code is thrown the code is meant to narrow down possible problems. Sometimes in the code reader book there will be some given parts associated with a specific code. However, to me--this sounds like a transmission shift module or throttle rpm communication problem.

I hope this helps.

Daihatsu Terios... | Answered 2 hours ago

possibly the only way will be bluetooth or email them

Doro Cell Phones | Answered 2 hours ago

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