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Try this, turn on the frother andtouch the steam wand if it is hot then the end nozzle is blocked, use a paperclip to clear. If it is not hot then open top panel to make sure thermostats are not tripped.

Rancilio Silvia... | Answered on Jul 13, 2019

Your pressure steam is more 1.8bar. Either pressustat defective or the safety valve

Rancilio Coffee... | Answered on Dec 22, 2018

First, I'm not a Rancilio tech but I have worked on similar models.
*** All service should be performed by a qualified technician. The following is for information only ***
* Usually one gets less water out of the portafilter rather than more (or faster). Check the amount of water on an empty shot. It should be between 1-1/2 oz to 3 oz (depending on your shot size) If this is a manual on/off shot then disreguard.
* Fast pour is directly related to the pressure setting (usually 9 bar), Coffee amount, Grind size, and Tamp (or compression). You can check most of it by following the many examples given on you tube. Water pressure is a bit harder as you will need a pressure guage portafilter.
* If your still having problems with fast shots then have your service vendor check and adjust the bar if needed.
Aloha, ukeboy57
P.S. Check if your using the right portafilter, There are many types used for different purposes; Pod, Capsule, Single, Double, Tripple, Drip coffee (Americano), Back pressure adjustable, ect.

Rancilio Coffee... | Answered on Apr 26, 2018

"leaks noisily from what appears to be the contact between the grouphead and portafilter"
* Leaks from top of portafilter and group head are caused by poor sealing at head gasket.
* wipe top lip of portafilter before inserting into group.
* check if group is clear of coffee grounds, paper bits, tissue, dry crud. Use a head cleaning brush (tooth brush works) and wipe group clean (do not use screwdriver to scrape!)
* Make sure when inserting portafilter it is seated properly. (check your manual for procedure) Note the position of the portafilter handle if it's in the right position AFTER you tighten it. Is it far to the left? or stuck and barely hangs on to group?
* Barely hanging on to group? Check if pod is too big. Note; you can't double shot or use 2 pods in a single pod basket! Make two separate shots for a double.
* Handle tightens but slips off group or still leaks when pulling shot? Worn out or missing gasket. Gaskets are made of rubber and can crack, drop out, or pit. You will need to have the gasket replaced. Check with vendor or MFR for service/parts.
* Make sure you have the correct portafilter. Many look the same and may even fit but when making fine adjustments or critical shots they don't work right. Check manual or vendor for confirmation.
* Make sure you have the correct basket. The portafilters may have different baskets or cups that can be inserted. Many have special uses that can affect the pull of a shot. Fewer holes causes slower flow and longer brew time. Many holes gives a weaker shot but smoother less bitter taste. There is a blank basket that has no holes which is used for backflushing and cleaning of the group. Check your manual or vendor for which basket you should be using. Odds are that you have a standard basket ment for ground coffee and not pods. (you can remove the coffee from the pod but it will be messy.) Ask for the optional 'POD' basket insert.
* Finally if everything checks out and your still having leaks then your machine needs service as the group head or valve needs replacement. Call your vendor or MFR direct.
Aloha! ukeboy57 (youtube)

P.S. Looking back at my service with pod conversions, I've found that most if not all pro-machines don't really like the pod adapters. Sure it will work but shots are weak and poor. Pods really like a very tight fit with a very small portafilter basket(chamber) I mean like the size of a soup spoon! They like very slow and very hot water pumped with a vibration type pump to extract all the essence from the paper filtered coffee. Illy is an excellent coffee pod with a very rich aroma and good creme. The best for them (pods) are the dedicated pod machines (won't do ground coffee, only pods). If you must use a pro semi-automatic machine then I would suggest adding a port constrictor to the portafilter output. There may be a third party supplier that has a compatible adapter for your brand. I've come across some of these very extreme tools for the elites coffee affectionato. It restricts the flow at the output thus causing the hot water to brew longer and at a higher pressure to force the hot water and steam into each coffee grain. (think pressure cooker) Some of the better ones are adjustable. But note that these will need daily or cleaning after each use as these restrictors have very tiny holes which clog unless flushed after each use. Good luck 9on your pursuit of the perfect cup!)

Rancilio Silvia... | Answered on Jan 17, 2018

Hi. I had the same problem. Called my trusty local repair guy who said spray a little canned air around the front switch (without taking anything apart). I carefully cleaned around the switch, since this problem is caused by dirty connections behind the switch, then I blew a few blasts into the cracks. Presto! The machine works. Repair guy said sometimes the switch goes bad, too, and needs replacing.

Rancilio... | Answered on Jul 08, 2017

Safety thermostat for rancilio silvia is on the boiler and has a red button on top.Press this button down and you should be ok.
Other thermostats cannot be reset - just replaced.

If the boiler temperature exceeds 165 degrees Celsius, this thermostat will trip, cutting power off from the element. This is done to try to prevent element damage due to overheating.

Rancilio Silvia... | Answered on May 13, 2017

Hi There,
Your coffee group is blocked, with lime or coffee oils.

Try descaling 1st Pulycaf coffee machine descaler . You will find descaler and cleaner in this rancilio silvia kit. Rancilio Silvia gasket kit . Descaling should be done every 3 months or so.

If the descaler does not work - you may have to remove the solenoid valve and descale that - not an easy fix. Takes 20 min.

Rancilio Silvia... | Answered on May 13, 2017

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