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I'm in need of Ray Ban PS8 W2175 right temple as well.
Could anyone help, please?
(Or the whole frame, just to use the lens in good condition)


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send then in to get them repaired.

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I believe that you can send these right back to RayBan and they will fix or replace these. Don't send them in without checking first but it is worth checking into.

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look at the box your Ray-Bans came in. There should be a recycling logo, as well as a semi-permanent sticker on the box, including the serial number, manufacturer and distributor details, lens and frame type, and the model number of your specific style of sunglasses. If this sticker is missing, the sunglasses in the box are probably not genuine.

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Normally an Hair dryer would bo the job. Just hold the lens with a soft cloth and force a bit the arm while warming it a bit with the air dryer. Hope it will work. good luck

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please help me!!!!!i cant find a spare part for the hinge on the bridge of my wayfarer folding...what can i do???

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bought Traileye XP......already has code entered so total waste of money!!!!

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try these sites for parts

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Finally cracked mine today. Hold the left and right arrow buttons simultaneously for about 30 seconds and a new screen will pop up. It will ask for a 5 digit code instead of the four digit one. Type in 54559 (I guessed and used the Predator Trailcam postal / zip code lol)....worked for me.

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I am having the same exact problem and I can't figure it out! Have you?

Ray-Ban Predator... | 83 views | 0 helpful votes

These are the markings to check for.

Older Models made by Baush and Loma.

-Ray Ban B&L Made in the USA across the top part of the upper bridge.

-Size Markings on the paddles. (Only if they were not changed out, and are not the wrap around ear frames)

-Ray Ban white logo on the Right eye Lens. (Left if you are looking at the glasses) this should not come off easily like, with a cleaning cloth.

-B&L etched in the lenses, many knockoffs will have it painted.

-B&L engraved in the nose guards

Further information needed

Newer Ray Ban's made by Luxottica

-All newer Ray Ban's sold in the U.S.A will be made in Italy.

-Ray Ban Made in Italy under the top bridge

-Made in Ray Ban made in Italy CE on the inside right leg.

-Correct size and model info on the left inside leg.

-R&B etched in the lenses.

-Ray-Ban painted white on the Right Lens (Again won't come off easily)


Applies to both

-Should not have a mix of the above features....common mistake (Example made in USA across the bridge and made in Italy on the leg.)

-If painted, it should be enamel and should not come off easily.

-Hinges should have a distinct shape, not oval, and should not have any "burn" marks on the metal from being fused.

-The paperwork..sometimes called care book. (not the registration card) should be crisp with a professional work. Common fakes are printed with regular or shiny paper, haphazardly folded, sometimes colors will be bleeding, and or the English is full of typos.

-Mispelled words on the protective case if it has one. This should also match with the glasses. Luxottica with Italy made and Baush and Loma with U.S.A.

-Box is beat up or has Asian characters.

-Hinges should move smoothly but should not be loose. (Older/Used may require tightening.)

-Plastic lenses. An easy way to test this is to direct the car A.C. air at the lenses. Glass lenses will cool rather easily will feel cooler to the touch than plastic.

-Have them checked at a local sunglasses place, UV can be tested too. Many cheap priced sunglasses misrepresent the amount of UV that is blocked. Ray Ban's have a good reputation of Blocking that 99-100%

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You can get replacement lenses on the link below.


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it must be really hot out there :) ok try these brands other than ray ban these asre best in market

Carrera sunglasses

If you are satisfied with my answer please vote three thumbs up.Thank you

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