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Thanks Mike for the only straight up answer & not an ignorant comment as others have. Appreciated!

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My new Whirlpool does not have wheel locks but will sell you some for over $16. Don’t buy them make them. A heavy gauge wire and a pair of pliers.
A long time ago there was a perfect answer. To lock caster/wheels on about anything, they made a "U" shape heavy gauge wire. I have looked everywhere on the internet and can not find one today so am preparing to MAKE one.
First you bend the WIRE into a "U" to fit AROUND the bottom of the wheel. Then you bend the ENDS UP about a 15-30 degree angle. This will help keep the "U" in place around the caster and off the floor.The bottom of the "U" is where you "grab" it to INSERT and REMOVE the "U". If you make the "U" to fit the wheel, it can not go forward or backward but to release the caster,/wheel, simply pull the "U" out.

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Defrost timer, defrost thermostat or most likely defrost heater is bad. Turn off refrigerator overnight to defrost this should be done immediately as your refrig. Fan is going to burn up if not already. There are many sites on Internet that tells how to find problem and repair such as repairclinic.com .

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Unplug, leave off overnight plug back in wait for an hour or so and maybe it will give you trouble codes.

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Check your door switch. This is the only thing left it could be.

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The failed part on my unit was 2252189, the electric control board. This board is located on the left side of the refrigerator in the back next to the compressor. Its inside a plastic box on the side. That number has changed to a number WHIW10135090 and cost $84 from www.apdepot.com

A previous post listed a part number 2303805 as being the problem. That part number was the replacement number for the control board that is located in the control box inside the refrigerator. That part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. It has been replaced by part 2255233 which is the entire control box. cost for that part is $161.00 from AP Depot. I purchased this part first and it was found to NOT be the problem.

I would suggest that anyone who has this problem start with the less expensive part 2252189 and them see if you need to spend more.

My unit worked fine with exception the the refigerator side interior lights and the digital display. Compressor and temperatures were fine. Just an FYI on my problem specifics.

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Normally unit technical sheet is hidden for technician reference inside the front bottom kick plate or just under it. Please put it back after using it to the right place. Next guy working on your fridge need to refer that.

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From about an hour of searching your refrigerator I found that the problem is in the control board mounted on the back of refrigerator. Visit this link below and enter model number GS6SHEXNL into the search model and parts search feature. When you get to your refrigerator on left of screen is different prints, chose #11 and you will #18 in picture. Click on link below and following links to support this problem. Model GS6SHEXNL Part Number W10135090



If you need more help, just let me know, Thanks, Sea Breeze

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Do you need the electronic control board for the GS6HEXNL00? That is part number: W10135090 . Sears Parts Direct has the board in stock: http://www.searspartsdirect.com/part-number/w10135090/0046/106.html . This is part 18 on the diagram here: http://www.partselect.com/Models/GS6SHEXNL00/Sections/UNIT-PARTS/?ModelID=808745&ModelNum=GS6SHEXNL00&mfgModelNum=&ManufactureID=3&Selected=2D0VFYGP&Position=12&mfg=Whirlpool&Type=Refrigerator&Mark=12 . Parts Select lists this part as on order but it can be added to your cart.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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funny you asked this question i just had this same problem this week at a customers home. you need the electronic control board located in the compressor compartment behind the refrig. it is mounted in the white box on the left hand rear corner. the whirlpool part number is 2304095 and it is around 175.00 i'm not sure who a local part supplier around you would be if all else fails you could get thru sears..

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A non-operational refrigerator is usually caused by a faulty start/overload relay that is attached to the compressor. The unit will have to be pulled away from the wall to be worked on. Before pulling the unit out protect any wood floor with cardboard so you don't ruin the floor. Remove the cover at on the back at the bottom to remove the plastic housing covering the relay and replace the relays. A bad relay will have a rattling sound when it is shaken.

The relays are used to protect the compressor from overheating. Dust and especially pet hair is almost always the cause of overheating. Refrigerator brushes should be used to clean the condenser from the bottom front. Do not be forceful when cleaning because the condenser connections can be loosened to cause leaks in the sealed system.

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bad compressor relay? bad house electrical outlet no power? and hopefully not a bad control board unit, can be chekced out with a multi meter for continiuty, there may also be some sort of fuse or thermostat that shorted in ur fridge, will need a schematic to check it or call ur dealer

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"Prepare for the worst" This is a problem i'm currently dealing with at the moment, ice maker thaw'd and refroze the ice as a block, binding the crusher turbine till it quit working. then water dispenser started spitting till it quit working, but anyway i disconnected the ice maker and water dispenser power hookup, because when i tried to use it it was drawing off the power of the fridge. now i'm to the point where fridge clicks like the relay is going out. in the back of the freezer below the ice maker tray i removed the clip or screw to where when it clicks i can hand spin the cooling fan on the click, and fridge starts up and runs, but don't remove this panel because having it on helps the air push into fridge compartment and keeps cooling elements from turning to a block of ice, " so long story short " its either your cooling fan or relay on chip board that starts cooling fan, i'm no expert but this is where i'm at hope it helps.

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It's either a bad control board in the back, bad display board or lack of communication between the two. Check all of the electrical connections on the main board and at the hinge area above the door. Then next I'd check the connections at the display board. I'd unplug the refrigerator before you do the checking to prevent any possibility of electric shock to you or arc to the board.

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The first thing to do is check that the condenser coils are free of dust. They must have a clear flow of air.

Is the fans inside running okay? They circulate the cold air.

It may be short of gas, and for that you need an engineer.

With your type of fridge freezer, the cold air for the fridge comes from a vent in the freezer compartment. I had a similar problem and the cause was a faulty defrost timer. The evaporator which is as the back of the freezer was a solid lump of ice. There was no air flow, so no cold air going to the fridge. The timer was replaced, the ice was melted with a heat gun, and the problem was fixed.


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