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They fit into one of the freeze plugs on the engine block. You drain the coolant from the tap on the radiator. You drill a hole in the freeze plug and pull it out. Then you install the block heater. Some have a toggle that grips from inside, some are pushed in the hole and tightened down with a bracket. Use silicone around it before you insert it. Fill with coolant and burp the air out. Put the radiator cap on and check for leaks.

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Looks like compatibility issues... guess u'll need to diagnose more.. have u referred to a help book? If u don't have it get one from google or find one from big-manuals com

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Looks like compatibility issues... guess u'll need to diagnose more.. have u referred to a help book? If u don't have it get one from google or find one from big-manuals com

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They quit using those and it is controlled by the ECM, there is a fuel pump relay now that usually fails BUT you listed an ambiguous year span across 10 model years so it is hard to say.

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IF you changed the battery before this happened then the IPM or BCM has lost its memory and you will have to take it to a dealer to have it reflashed. IT is not the ECM

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I have the same problem for two weeks, three times I ordered dragged checked my fuel pump replaced sensor passed over gas pump and the fuel filter fuel filter checked syringes All right already and high costs
Car turns off the light in the car there's watches on 'CHECK' 'but it seems gust mal engine fuel pressure monitoring -p1181
I am at a loss and 10 mechanics only take money from me and untreated malfunction
Please note I replaced all 4 months ago all VAT radiator engine

2004 Kia Sorento | Answered Yesterday | 690 views

The knock sensor is located behind and below the intake manifold. Let me know if there is anything else.

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First - take it to a professional!!
I'm assuming this Kia has "fixed itself".. - broken down..
There are so many things that could be wrong... 1. Engine 2. Transmission . 3. Differential(s) 4. Tires
My money is on one of the first two...

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It is 4in X 5 3/4in or 4in x 5in. Most all your double din stereo's are 4in wide by 6in long. The double din only means it is twice the size as a regular car stereo.

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I need a lot more information from you to help. There are a number of unknown potential reasons the battery and charging system are still not working. More than likely the new parts are ok but you can not assume that they are. Suspect everything. Do you have any test equipment to check the battery and charging system state? I need you to charge the battery back to 100 percent. We don't know if there is a short or parasitic draw so disconnect the battery before charging. After the battery is charged *BE CAREFUL*. Have safety glasses and water readily available if the battery explodes. You need to quickly wash the acid off your body. Note: Immediately wash your clothing or just throw them away. Battery acid will ruin clothing if the acid isn't diluted soon. I'm a master mechanic. In my life so far I have had two defective batteries explode in my face. Thank GOD I was wearing the safety glasses. Now load test battery. If not possible, hold off and temporarily connect the battery terminals. Connect the positive side first then momentarily connect the negative side. Was there a big blueish wight ark? If so, remove the terminal for a breif second and reconnect the ground again. Did it have the same big large ark or was it mild or tiny this time? If the spark was mild install both battery terminals and tighten. Start the car verify that the alternator is charging. What is it charging at at idle? At 1500 RPMS? What is it charging at with the heater on (At high speed) and high beams are on too. The alternator should support the system between 13.5 to 14.5 volts. Run your tests, write down your results and let me know if you are all set or need more help. Good luck.

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The RPM gauge is an electrical component that appears to be malfunctioning and has nothing to do with the car starting. the engine runs on fuel along with spark to the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. the RPM gauge only gives you the actual RPM of the engine when it is running but in your case the RPM gauge is not functioning which indicates the gauge is faulty.

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The Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor is located in the right side of the engine compartment at the rear of the valve cover, near the intake manifold. ... The Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor is mounted on the cylinder head, front, beneath timing belt cover.

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A camshaft is internal to an engine so I would suspect it might be in there. But it could be other places.I would suggest learning how to use search engines , then search for 2000 kia rondo engine parts. It will amaze you as what you can find.

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Hi buddy,
Would suggest ya to try some online manuals.. if u know a good website then go ahead or otherwise try
It's great for automobile repair and the people are also very helpful..
All the best:)

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youd be better off to wedge the door open slightly and hook the lock lever with a heavy wire

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The service and repair manual with diagram will provide you all the help to fix the problem easily and you will get the manual from the given link

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P0011 is a very common trouble code. It affects vehicles with variable valve timing (VVT). ... This means that it has the same definition for the Kia Soul as it does on any other vehicle. VVT changes the frequency and distribution of gases entering and exiting the combustion chamber.Dec 9, 2018

Kia Soul P0011: OBDII Code Diagnosis ' Drivetrain Resource > p0011-kia-soul

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Welcome to


Thank you for using

Regards, Lee Davidian

2003 Kia Spectra | Answered on Dec 02, 2019 | 2,514 views

Did you check under the hood or on the engine should be the picture.

Kia Cars &... | Answered on Dec 02, 2019 | 19 views

Why would you ask that.Whats problem with your vehicle

Kia Cars &... | Answered on Dec 01, 2019 | 23 views

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