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Is this a 2.8L vin W? I saw a service bulletin that said, do not replace maf sensor for maf sensor code. You install a new mem-cal. The new memcal doesn't use the maf signal, but does use the mat. If the update had been done on your vehicle, there should be a decal under the hood to notify you about the update. They did this because of problems with the maf sensor, at the time.
Just to add, problems at higher rpms, check for a blockage of some kind, air--fuel--exhaust. Use a gage and check proper fuel pressure.

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Yes the pump could be the problem .blown head gaskets are also a possability

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under the dash on the driver side u should see the fuse block were all the fuses are there will be a round silver looking thing ,it will be about as big as a quarter this will be your flasher relay

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Fig. 31: Chevrolet 2.8L VIN X 2BC - 1985-86 Federal models (click for zoom)


Fig. 32: Chevrolet 2.8L VIN X 2BC - 1985-86 Taxi Federal models


Fig. 33: Chevrolet 2.8L VIN X 2BC - 1985-86 Taxi Canada models


Fig. 34: Chevrolet 2.8L VIN X 2BC - 1985-86 Taxi California models


Fig. 35: Chevrolet 2.8L VIN W TBI - 1985-86 Canada models

Hope this help (remember rated this).

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To reset the PCM to render a more performance program has to be done by an expert. There is nothing substantial you can accomplish with having the means to reflash the PCM. There are many places that do this but I need to know if this is a Celebrity or a Camaro.

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looking for a n acuater(heater valve0

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If it is V6 ive seen a lot of these have a bad crankshaft position sensor causing that
same issue.

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Well, first of all, the odds are the tilt section can be tightened back up without replacing anything. There are 3 bolts that get loose over time.
Second, if you really do need another column, any A body GM car built between 85 and 90 will work. That includes Pontiac 6000, Buick Century, and Olds Cutlass Cierra. The only real difference is the steering wheel which you would not have to change.

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fuel starvation or blocked jets in carb or injectors on injection
fuel filters

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Here it is just match up the wires to the coil positions.

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My name is Ben and I'm your guru, i.e., mentor, an influential teacher or popular expert: a management guru. - origin from Sanskrit, 'weighty, grave', for today.

Unfortunately you have not provide me with engine size, year, number of cylinders, etc. But don't despair because Chevrolet does provide a general or generic solution. Contained therein you might find your solution.

Set forth below are the eleven (11) steps required to remove a GM product cylinder head:

Remove or disconnect
  1. Intake manifold
  2. Exhaust manifold
  3. Rocker arm cover
  4. Electronic ignition and spark plug wires
  5. Alternator bracket
  6. One A.C compressor bracket bolt
  7. Power steering pump
  8. Belt tensioner assembly
  9. Fuel pipe heat shield
  10. Rocker arm assemblies and push rods
  11. Cylinder head bolts and cylinder head
All the best,


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Sounds like something getting warm/hot as engine warms up. Could be the MAP sensor, Coil/Coil pack, Ignition Switch(not the key cylinder), or possibly the Oxygen Sensor.

Next time it does this, pull a plug wire out of the coil pack and hold it close to the tower, and have someone crank the engine to see if your still getting a spark.
Could also be a loose connector on the throttle body injection, or a broken wire.

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Any dash light you get on any vehicle, is a
System Malfunction

Your car is an OBD1 System

That is any vehicle from 1980 thru 1995
OBD2 from 1996 thru 2012

You will have to find a shop that has been around
long enough ,to still have scan tool software & adapters,
going back that far,so they can diagnose it

Guessing ,just to give you an answer won't help you

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Yes, those have a built in regulator. Not difficult to replace but often normal parts stores don't carry them and usually over-price them. If you have several used alternators lying around most times you can find one with the parts you need. Otherwise, usually faster just to buy a rebuilt.

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Hello: 1st, pumping the accelerator on a fuel injected GM car does NOT do any good. In fact if you put the accelerator to the floor you put the system in the lean mode ie, reduce fuel. You will need a fuel pressure gage and there should be a schrader valve on the fuel lines/fuel rail where you can connect the fuel pressure gage. The fuel pressure should be about 10 psi if you have throttle body injection. Is your car a 4 cylinder? If its a 4 cylinder you may not have a schrader valve to connect the pressure gage. You will need a high dollar kit to tap into the fuel line. Have someone attempt to start the car and you remove the air cleaner an see if the injector is spraying fuel.

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nope u can get the computer and plug it and go try rockauto.com thyre really good

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you can try taking all the injectors out and soak them in a injector cleaner over night. Also you can hook them up to a battery while soaking, to activate them. Then put them back in, this may save having to buy new ones.
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  • There is a bolt and spacer on the lower side of the engine mount housing that needs to be removed and the belt will the go right on. If you are pulling the serpentine wrench one way to no avail try pulling it the other way.

Regards, Tony

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The transmission dip stick is on the left side of the engine toward the rear and has a red snap clip on it . Transmissions are always red and engine oil is always yellow so you don't put the wrong oil in the wrong place . However you didn't say what make or model but it will have a red dip stick pull out handle and every chevy i have ever seen for a 96 is in this area . Look around for it because its there and red

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