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a repair shop NEAR you. If it is smoking and has overheated you HAVE a damaged engine. The more it is driven the worse it will be. Really you should probably get it towed to a shop. Most repair shops can work on it, all of them are going to make some $ off this, as probably minimally a blown head gasket, but likely rod or piston damage. Make sure the coolant is full before you try and drive it anywhere. treat it gently... maybe it will get to the shop under it's own steam if it is close. The only next step is engine seizure... and new engine time. (rebuilt dropped in might be $2000 if you're super lucky)

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I am not familiar with the model but the vehicle handbook usually contains instructions and diagrams on bulb replacement. If stuff has to be removed to change the bulb the book will usually tell you to take the car to your nearest dealer.

Many headlamp bulbs need a strong light, a mirror and a great deal of patience...

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You need the system scanned with a special tool to determine the fault.

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Odds are you have a connection problem. Stop & buy a tube of dielectric compound from an auto parts store. Apply it to the electrical connection at the lamp after you make sure there is no corrosion present.

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Ok supper Dave , let's get this stright , when you turn the key to start the vehicle , what happens ? The starter spins the engine or doesn't spin the engine ? This would be a no crank no start condition . if the engine does spin an doesn't start an run this is a crank no start condition . Now which is it ? The factory radio is hooked to the serial data communication network , did you or who ever installed the aftermarket radio use a interface module ? Are you familiar with the electronics on this vehicle ? BCM - body control module , low current inputs from the ignition switch which determine what mode to put the vehicle in ?

Case 4 Data Bus Issues

The body control system consists of the body control module (BCM), communications, and various input and outputs. Some inputs, outputs and messages require other modules to interact with the BCM. The BCM also has discrete input and output terminals to control the vehicle's body functions. The BCM is wired to the GMLAN high speed serial data buss and the GMLAN low speed serial data buss and acts as a gateway between them. If the BCM does not communicate the vehicle will not start due to the inability of the engine control module (ECM)/powertrain control module (PCM) and theft deterrent module (TDM) to communicate without the BCM providing the gateway function.

Power Mode Master
This vehicles body control module (BCM) functions as the power mode master (PMM). The ignition switch is a low current switch with multiple discrete ignition switch signals to the PMM for determination the power mode that will be sent over the serial data circuits to the other modules that need this information, and so the PMM will activate relays and other direct outputs of the PMM as needed. Refer to Power Mode Description and Operation for a complete description of power mode functions.

Sorry but I am a GM Tech . have been for over thirty years , Cadillac , Buick an Chevy .audio buds think it's something else. Your audio buds don't have a clue ? When change something you better well know what your messing with. .

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The interior light module is not timing out. The possibility of the interior lights staying on could run your battery down over night. Replace the interior light module.

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You may have a parasitic drain on the electical system , do you know what that is ? Watch this video !
Chevrolet Truck Battery Dies Overnight Part

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The immobiliser chip in the new key has to be matched to the ECU it cannot start without it.

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Check all grounds. Sounds like one has corroded. Also check all the positive connections for the same. Load test alternator.

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An Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch is just that, a 'pressure sensor', and yes they do have a leak history. It may sometimes leak from the threaded area that it is installed by, and in most cases can easily be fixed by tightening it a little (use caution to not strip the threads in the block or breaking it off, if that happens then you have even more problems). Otherwise a leak may be from the switch mechanism itself, if so then it is best change it right away and it is actually very easy to do so. Remember it is a a 'pressure sensor', so if it is leaking that means it can easily become a stronger leak, to include a total leak, meaning pumping oil out of the engine at the range of 40-60 PSI.

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Under the center console. Either up under the dash or between the seats. It has yellow plugs going to it.

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it is part of the fuel pump module and is typically not serviced unless the fuel pump fails.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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2007 GMC Yukon

For better result of your problem contact the reliable-store they have the best service manuals :))

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It built into the door latch. Inside the door.

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Is the battery fully charged? Try giving it a boost to see if it will start

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Is this a question or an answer to a question? If the latter, you must add it to the original post as as COMMENT.

And if you are talking about the car, the spelling is Bentley ?? I am British and care about this amazing marque. I used to drive a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

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Some dont hav one like a ram. Buy a haynesbook for upkeep. At pepboy etc. Egr valves r not always bad..wher it attachs on the xhaust may be. If u can blow thru it..carbon is minor. If vehicle stubbls wen slowin down or idle...its calld a hiddin vacuum leak

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According to service manual, you need to use a flat bladed tool to pry the lamp out of the bumper.

Hope I helped,

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