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Yes. Look in the Fuse Panel inside the Truck. Use a Good Maglight or LED Flashlight and Hold it Behind the Fuses to see the Blown Ones. It is usually in an AUX Outlet. Also check thr Fuse Relay Box under the Hood for a Blown Fuse using the Same Method. See if there is a Relay for this also. If so, Replace it. Let me know if you need any more Help! Please Rate my Response, I need all the Help That I can Get!

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Jul 07, 2019 | 6,282 views

At www.reliable-store.com get complete guide on whether to repair or not, service it, and how to repair etc, along with wiring diagrams, electrical diagrams, torque specs, error codes, everything.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Mar 13, 2018 | 58 views

check wiring of speaker... get wiring diagram from www.reliable-store.com

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Considering all the things you've replaced, It's time to look for a possible bad light switch or bad connection to it.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Feb 09, 2018 | 44 views

Is there B+ voltage on the heavy gage wire on the back of the alternator ? Possible blown fusible link. Plus the two wires in the connector go to the PCM - engine computer . One is the turn on signal ,the other is charge indicator control . Having the vehicle checked for DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes should also be done .DTC P1637
The powertrain control module (PCM) uses the generator turn on signal circuit to control the generator. A high side driver within the PCM allows the PCM to turn the generator ON and OFF. When Generator operation is desired, the PCM sends a 10 volt signal to the voltage regulator via the generator turn on signal circuit. This causes the voltage regulator to begin controlling the generator field circuit. Once the Generator is enabled by the PCM, the voltage regulator controls generator output independently of the PCM. Under certain operating conditions, the PCM can turn Off the generator by turning Off the 10 volt signal on the generator turn on signal circuit. The PCM has fault detection circuitry which monitors the state of the generator turn on signal circuit. If the fault detection circuit senses a voltage other than what is expected, this DTC will set. The voltage regulator also contains fault detection circuitry. If the regulator detects a problem, the regulator will ground the generator turn on signal circuit, pulling the voltage low. This also causes the PCM to set the DTC.
Your best bet mite be to take it to a qualified repair shop.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Dec 28, 2017 | 107 views

Unscrew the bulb without removing the bulb housing if possible. Don't break any wiring!

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Dec 02, 2017 | 51 views

Ok you might need to open and close your key switch about ten times before trying to start it. Off position the on position, not start but on then off. Ten time.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Nov 26, 2017 | 60 views

That's default mode when a problem exists. By which mode does door function, cable, vacuum or electrical. Start there

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Nov 12, 2017 | 305 views

It sounds like a wheel bearing is going bad. They are easy to change. If you have a place to jack the vehicle up. Try spinning the front wheels. You should hear a scraping noise as the wheel turns.Also replace both sides at the same time,as the otherside is not far behind.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Oct 02, 2017 | 52 views

When the check engine light comes on a fault has occurred and a fault code or codes is recorded in the Powertrain control modules memory. What you need to do now is have the fault code or codes read and then perform diagnostics based on what the codes are.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Jun 23, 2017 | 410 views

The VERY FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO is hook up a manual oil pressure gage and check the pressure, chances are the sending unit is defective

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Jun 18, 2017 | 38 views

Could be the custer is the problem , do you know how the gauges get their info. Do you know what class 2 serial data communications are . The culster is shorting out the data network or possibly the VSS - vehicle speed sensor . or input speed sensor . These sensors are powered by the five volt reference circuit from the PCM . Sensor's go bad internally with heat , after warm up . an bring down the network . Testing the five volt ref. circuit ,is the way to diagnose .

The IPC displays the vehicle speed based on the vehicle speed signal from the PCM. The PCM converts the data from the vehicle speed sensor to a 4000 pulses/mile signal. The IPC uses the vehicle speed signal circuit from the PCM in order to calculate the vehicle speed. The speedometer defaults to 0 km/h (0 mph) if a malfunction in the vehicle speed signal circuit exists.

Engine Coolant Temperature Gage
The IPC displays the engine coolant temperature as determined by the PCM. The IPC receives a class 2 message from the PCM indicating the engine coolant temperature. The engine coolant temperature gage defaults to 75°C (160°F) or below when:
• The PCM detects a malfunction in the engine coolant temperature sensor circuit.
• The IPC detects a loss of class 2 communication with the PCM.

How to check the 5v reference circuit for short to ground Cadillac

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Mar 15, 2017 | 53 views

It probably needs a service by a competent garage.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Mar 11, 2017 | 110 views

5 quarts on an '02, also use the Dexron VI full synthetic

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Dec 11, 2016 | 111 views

Fluid and Filter Change
4L60-E/4L65-E - 5.0 Quarts
4L80-E/4L85-E - 7.7 Quarts

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Nov 13, 2016 | 41 views

Sounds like your heater core might have ruptured. Will need to remove complete dash board to replace this component.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Nov 13, 2016 | 30 views

do you have a diesel car? if not then check pistons and rings.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Jun 28, 2016 | 86 views

Sometimes replacing the faulty negative battery cable will help with issue as it did with mine.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Jun 28, 2016 | 53 views

Try replacing the negative battery cable ($60). It's a good start and may save you a bunch of money in needless repairs in the long run. My Yukon was doing this on top of other electrical issues. The faulty cable caused this issue and many other electrical related issues for me and is installed on many Yukons.

2002 GMC Yukon... | Answered on Jun 28, 2016 | 145 views

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