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the Vss is located on the transmission it picks up vehicle speed from the drive shaft ,and since this minivan is front wheel drive yep it's crammed in a tight spot but just can barely be seen from top it's just infront of steering wheel shaft on drivers side of car it;s made from a black plastic and looks to be held in with two small bolts , but does have a wire harness connection at a right angle . if your gonna take that out yourself i;ll caution you to unhook battery from car first this sensor goes right into your main cpu and any occasional grounds of this may dammage cpu and as tight as this looks to be to get out id say your gonna have it hitting ground few times

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No spark is the key. look for a loose wire first, then if that does not work test the power source for the coil to see if it is energized. the coil must be supplied with 12 v in order to charge for the spark.

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do you have the keys in it? if not there is a sensor that connects to the key cylinder i had that problem i fixed it and so far it worked it only dings now only when the key is in it.

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there must be a shorted line

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check for the belt is self udjusting

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Do you mean the size of the engine? Or the stamped number on the block.

The engine size is on an identification plate usually at the rad support.
The number on the block is hidden, normally you can't see it unless you dismantle quite a bit of the surrounding parts.

If there is more information you need, you can take your VIN number off the dash and call a dealer with it. They can supply you with almost all the information about your vehicle from that number.

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Replace turn combo
sw in the colum

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is the switch in the always on position ? did they stay on for 30 seconds or so after locking /unlocking vehicle prior to this ? so i'd check the the light switch function, if ok then there may be a timer relay for the light that has failed , most likely located in fusebox lower dash drivers side or behind the kick panel drivers side keep me posted if you wish


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Hope you can read this

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Misfires are caused by one of 3 things-gas, spark, or compression-one of those is the problem. For gas, check the fuel pressure and see if it is at the right pressure for your car. Low fuel pressure will cause misfires. If pressure is good, it could still be an injector problem, like a clogged injector. If low pressure, suspect the fuel pump or the fuel filter.
For an ignition spark problem, check your spark plugs. Pull them out and inspect them for broken or cracked plugs, check the spark plug gap, check for oil fouled plugs. You may be able to isolate the misfire to a cylinder or two by the plugs condition. A misfiring plug or cylinder should show more black, sooty deposits than the other plugs. A normal firing plug will have a tan or brown colored insulator on the end with very little deposits. If the plugs are okay, clean them a bit if needed, and check for spark on the spark plug wire ends with engine cranking. Buy an inexpensive spark tester, or hold each spark plug wire metal end terminal 1/4 inch from a ground on the engine block, while cranking the engine. Wear a heavy glove to avoid getting shocked. Check that every cylinder is getting a strong blue spark to eliminate ignition as a problem. A weak, yellow or orange spark is an ignition problem, possibly a bad coil, or other ignition part.

If spark and gas is good, you may need to check engine compression. Any cylinder that has significantly lower compression than the other cylinders will cause a misfire, and set a misfire code. You should check for any trouble codes in the engine computer. A code reader or scanner would have to be connected to the diagnostic connector under the dash. What is "significantly lower" compression? About 15-20% less compression. Say you checked and had 150 psi compression in most cylinders. If one had 20% lower compression ( 150 X 20%= 30 psi, 150 -30 =120 psi, or same as saying 150 X 80%= 120 psi.), a condition like that can cause a misfire. I hope I have made sense here. Good luck, and post back what you find, or if any questions.

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Usually Located by the master cylinder by the power brake booster, on the firewall, drivers side.

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Mr. MOMODU, as you said looks like the brakes master cylinder is faulty. is blocking the front wheels.Renew the brakes Master cylinder and bled the system and would be okay.

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could be warped rotors.

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looking for the engine serial number on toyota corolla verso

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There haven't been modulator valves in transmissions since they started putting computers in cars but it was a good guess. It could be one of three things that I can think of. 1) It may be a loose wire on one of the computer sensors in or on the transmission, 2) one of these could be a loose or defective, 3) And I hope I'm wrong on this one. There may be a bad internal seal which won't allow the internal pump to build enough pressure to keep it in gear. If this the problem, get rid of it before it gets worse, get it fixed before you drive it much more or drive it as little as possible as every time it shifts in and out it damages the internal clutch packs and low gear band. This happened to my 2001 Windstar. At the point that I traded it in, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears would shift alright but it wouldn't stay in 4th, (overdrive). It would shift in and out of 4th at random. Good luck. Jeff M.

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I have never heard of a metric crescent because a crescent wrench is adjustable wrench!

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Are you speaking of the dimmer control on the dash?

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high mileage-time for a transmission or properly reinstall a newly installed transmission filter

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About the only thing you can do is see whether the lightbulb is burned out. You would have to get the panel off or be able to get behind it to remove the bulb. Once removed you should be able to test it with an Ohmmeter. If the overdrive seems to operate normally it can be the simplest solution.

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Windstar vans don't use a timing belt.
The speed sensor in the transmission could cause the speedo not to work, but the slipping problems may be clutches or solenoids.
Have you checked the engine computer for trouble codes ?

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