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Check for power to the light switch. If no power, trace wiring from fuse panel to switch. If there is power, then it could be your switch that is bad.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Nov 11, 2016

old post.
the dimmer was turned down, dash dimmer
or if parking lamps are out too, the park fuse blown
aka. TAIL fuse.

on newer cars, dont ask, 10x more complex. but CAN DO.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

old post.
what engine
or distributor
cant guess any of that. ever.
photo of engine or vin, answer all that.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

old post, and one of them hard , asking for whole book.
PRIZM , 2nd year, its toyota corolla for sure.
lost the operators guide? chapter 7 covers all that.
buy one ?
as in grease? (points?) or all dino oil lub points.
you need a count, sorry I never do counts..
lubrication is and huge wild field (as in)
we even oil hinges... on all cars.... so.>> why not just read the book yourself, I cant paste in chapter 7 here, sorry.
engine oil is not grease, nor axle lube or transmission
why not ask by category.

suspension (none)
or drive line. sure...
engine and trans yes, and axles yes
the operators guide tells all this.
axle bearings , sure, some bearing can be greased,
some cant, depends on what's there. (sealed bearings happen)
hinges, sure. ,cables yes,
transaxle fluid (lube) sure.
why not ask this in a more clear and simple way
what lubrication points are unique to this car,
answer, none.

read any service guide on any car, and bingo, same.
same for same. FWD car for FWD car.
same... 40million strong. now.

page 7-7 has many lub points, shift linkages
park cable guides
underbody contact points it says.
there are 40million corollas made
all have owners manuasl, Id bet most all of them read the same.
i have 95 manual. here, and see NOTHING unique.
SOP standard operating procedures and service.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

old post day, Geo underdogs.
is engine running, seem yes, pretend yes...
high and low beams dim (means weak not low or high beams)
dim bulbs. all elements, left and right sides?
well first is battery voltage
use a $10 walfart DMM meter., (set to volts)
13.3. to 15vdc is the voltage running, on a hot engine rpm is 700+
RPM not 400. so, if all that is good, the ALTERNATOR IS doing its job, yes, the regulator is inside the alternators and changes voltage , by SENSING batteries needs, and sensing driver added loads, (accessories)
so if battery voltage is good, the what is it,
well that is easy head lamp failure
got DRL do you have the infamous, and pesky DRL daylight running lamps as the law requirements in CANADA,
next time say DRL or canada, ok?

if all lamps are dim on the HL,
the the ground to them are bad.
there are 4 bulbs , 2 high 2 low, all for dim is bad ground there.
the Headlamp relay sends 12vdc to all 4bulbs, and most read 12v or more.
the lamps are grounded by the HL combo switch on THIS car
the ground must be good to this switch 0v, HL onl.
or the ground is bad. a white/black wire called G200
if 12vdc is weak (low) to HL then the relay or wire to it are bad.
if the ground is not 0v, (no more than 0.5vdc) then the ground is bad. if the ground is good, then the HL switch is bad and if bad gets hot and smell... (melting plastic in side)
there is the full answer, sans DRL> (a longer story that)

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

old post
GEO PRIZM (with a Z)
4AFE engine
7AFE ?
what job, cam tells me zero
cam cog bolt (belt pulley)
cam caps, ( do not guess or be sorry !!!!)
or valve lifter rocker nuts?
log in to mitchells or tell the job so we can answer 10x more easy.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Oct 23, 2016

open hood
look up
under hood, see that sticker
there, shows gap and timing and other data.
no engine stated.
this is 1.6L i think.

4AFE, 1.6L DOHC EFI , injected. Iron block, starting in 1990 model.
this ?

4AFE, spark gap 0.031

this car is Toyota Corolla. (cept stickers)

first google hit of 1000


for sure, all engines, on any prizm are here. all 3.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on May 31, 2016

There is a printed circuit board attached to the wiper motor that goes bad. They produce this part aftermarket and it can be purchased at your local part store.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jun 12, 2015

car is modified, that will be costly
ask a mechanic to put car back to stock.
and fix it.
cost, we dont know, costs, for labor world wide,
no country stated or town.
cost very in every city earth.
why ask that?
and dont even know what parts are missing, wrong parts or bad.
nor damage.
ask a live mech that, not web bunny's

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Feb 24, 2015

Either the splined knob where the main arm connects to the motor is stripped or the arm has become disconnected...Only a small nut holds the main arm to the motor..If it becomes loose just a fraction it will strip the splined knob where arm connects to motor...

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Feb 20, 2015

is this a new install.
if yes, buy the adapter harness, all auto stores sell this.
makes connections easy and has ,"instructions"
the red wire to the new head is red, and most go to the correct
harness wire, for radio power, on the geo that is RADIO fuse.
that goes to ignition on , connection. so fuse must be hot.
and key on. and radio grounded (black) to play
your car is a toyota corolla in snake skins. (badged)

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jan 28, 2015

most cars this era have 2 and 3 boxes.
the car came new with an operators guide. sure lost back in 91
so get one? yes, you can. ebay sells them used,


brake lamps 101
we cant guess what part of the path is bad, no one can , we use a volt meter, that costs $10 at walmart. to answer.
1 test. and bam, you know, guessing is not fun, or cheap.
use tools.
battery>fuse> brake lamp switch on tranny >>>> tail brake lamps.x2
that is the electrical path , simple huh?
4 things, and wires/connectors.

step 1
fuse 6
seen here


1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Sep 13, 2014

it all fell out?
only a real FSM covers this.
try alldata.com and get luckly

car is a Toy, Corolla , in GM snake skins.
in fact.
so, help on toyotanation dot com,. works.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Sep 01, 2014

Go to your local parts store and but a new lighter install kit, you will then have all the parts you need. Maybe even Walmart will have 1. The kits are 5-10 dollars.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Sep 01, 2014

First check power at the head light with a test light then check globes ,check combo switch for bad connection or wear.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Aug 27, 2014

toyota corolla. it is.
but that depend on what engine option
the cooling systems totally vary by engine.
also with or with out air conditioning......???? it too can turn on this fan!
look it up on alldata.com
buy the FSM book
post engine, size. better the real engine name off the hood sticker
works BEST.
the 7a was offered in 1992 first. my guess is the fuse is a guess. right? of the 4 possible.?
bad FAN (hot wire it to test it) bad wires, bad 194F switch.
a FAN relay, a fan on the black red wire. relay to fan.
or a stuck open 194F engine coolant temp switch, a voltmeter finds this in 5min work. but depends on if A/C or not.

fuse, there is 30amp fuse link, marked fan
there is

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Aug 18, 2014

PRIZM = toy corolla.
and is in front of the fuel tank. EFI system, USA .
you didnt look there first. or just want to be told.?

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Relieve the pressure in the fuel line as follows:
    1. Fit a wrench of the exact size onto the upper line connection and fit a second wrench on the flats of the filter. This counter holding arrangement will prevent the filter and lines from turning during removal.
    2. Wrap the upper filter area in layers of rags to absorb spray and spillage.
    3. Slowly loosen the bolt holding the line to the filter. When the pressure is equalized, remove the bolt and the line. Plug the line immediately.
  3. Again using two wrenches, disconnect the lower line to the filter. Be prepared to deal with fuel spillage. Be very careful not to crimp or bend the fuel line. Plug the line immediately.
  4. Remove the filter from its holder.
it assumes you can find it.
any one can if you just look in front of tank or follow the 2 fuel lines
1 line lands on the filter. all it takes is just looking.

see photo 8

is here

the exact location changes in 89-91 generations
or by engine options.. not stated.
the FSM covers this, why guess?


here are the steps for all cars, with external filters
1: depressurized the system using FSM steps. (or get a bath in fuel)(
2: find the filter, im sure you can do that following the main fuel line from the injector rail to the filter. (its a loop system)
supply line and return, the supply line is filtered on all cars made.
3: remove the 2 banjo bolts. using 2 wrenches, not 1.
4: remove filter. taking of the cars tire/wheel makes this more easy.

reverse above to get it back.
the filter has direction do not put it in backwards.

1991 Geo Prizm | Answered on Aug 11, 2014

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