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its just 1 plug, and one stud.
someone cut the wires off that connector?
the 4AFE toy engine.
alldata.com has it. go there or to the real forums in above links.


1989 Geo Prizm | Answered on Sep 30, 2014 | 55 views

can be grave, some electronics blow up , backwards.
so, find an object that is dead. my guess, is the EFI is dead. huh?
so do you have 12vdc to all ECU power pins, or not , keyon.
if not you blew a fuse or fuse link. trace the path of lost power....
many ECU's have a diode inside protecting them from reversals.
not all do. 89 is like the dark ages in ECU. (first gen)

1989 Geo Prizm | Answered on Apr 29, 2013 | 159 views

haved your battery tested under a load , you probably have some of the cells going bad inside. you need a new battery if your alternator checked out...

1989 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jun 27, 2011 | 188 views

Repace the ECU.

1989 Geo Prizm | Answered on Jul 24, 2009 | 38 views

Fix your car right away, by clicking the link
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Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 14, 2017 | 65 views

Test the fuel an ignition systems to find out what's missing when it won't start . Pull a coil an see if it sparks while cranking the engine . If it does ,hook up a fuel pressure gauge an test fuel pressure . I would think an ignition system problem . Crank sensor maybe . But that's just a guess , testing should be done . Video's on youtube showing how to test , need some special tool's . Hooking up a scan tool would be best ,but they can be costly .
047 Engine Hard to Start or No Start Scan Data for Ignition
Your best bet mite be to take to a qualified repair shop.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 01, 2017 | 90 views

Okay anonymous,
Lost coolant ... after 20 years of service
is not terribly uncommon...
My first step would be to check the OIL
and MAKE SURE there is NO WATER in the oil.
Wonderful if merely topping it up would be the complete fix... but I'm suspecting a bit more
in depth examination would be appropriate...
Yes... it is possible topping it up AGAIN
and warming it up might be the CURE...

I am going to suggest you beg, borrow or buy a COLD PRESSURE TESTER...
and CAREFULLY follow the operating instructions.
Because these pressurize the COLD engine... and
the LEAKS become immediately apparent...
Unless of course it HOLDS PRESSURE...
(in which case you can comment me back...
(I'll print out this page and EAT MY WORDS)).
Check out the pressure tester here:
Amazon com Stant 12270 30 Pound Cooling System AndPressure Cap Tester...

Hope this helps...

Carnac the Magnificent

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Aug 13, 2017 | 151 views

Sounds like the cat or muffler is plugged. If there is an 02 senor ahead of the cat or muffler take it out and see if the car will start, it will run rough but if it starts one of them is plugged and it most likely is the catalytic converter in the exhaust system.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Apr 19, 2017 | 37 views

old post and just answered,
4afE, same as toyota 4AFE.
as posted other same identical post.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 23, 2016 | 86 views

old posts day... old car , old engine. corolla in sheep skins/
Toy 4aFE engine. that is.
just head bolt torque, no cam caps or other parts on head.
not the squence, you have that, all this and all else is in the mitchells DIY online, why not just log in and read.
the proper question is:
can the be reused, are the TTY, bolts.
is it torque or is it ANGLE
this is the correct question today on all heads. and more.. read it.
not 4A GE ok>? just the FE, i will not do 3 engines. for you or anyone.

On 1988-92 vehicles, tighten the bolts in 3 stages, in the proper sequence. On the final pass, tighten the bolts to 44 ft. lbs. (60 Nm).
ill do the newer engine after all engine swaps are common
what I do is check engine serial number to be sure what is there for , LOOK then leap. stuff happens

On the 1993-97 vehicles, coat the head bolts with engine oil and tighten them in several passes, in the sequence shown, to 22 ft. lbs. (29 Nm). Mark the front of each bolt with a dab of paint and then retighten the bolts a further 90° turn. The paint dabs should now all be at a 90° angle to the front of the head. Retighten the bolts one more time a further 90° turn. The paint dabs should now all be pointing toward the rear of the head.

log in to mitchells and read all 67 steps. some are KEY.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 23, 2016 | 27 views

no year PRizm (coralla)
no engine stated,
nor transmission type. (auto or STICK)?????
nor why in the world looking, just tiny clue or for fun?

the engines an have up to 2 speed sensor.s Cam ./crank
the transmissions A/T have 1 2 or 3.
the speedo sensors is also a speed sensor. usually the rear transmission sensor but not always.
my car, btw, has M/T trans, with zero trans sensors. (new car)
it steals road speed from ABS, a brilliant trick,

the sensors are all tachometers, all are,
the all measure turns rates and can also do edge timing .
some are Faraday coils only (mag) or are HALL senors.
both can be cleaned and made to work far better.

a speed sensor measures the speed of a shaft
the car is full of shafts.
even ABS has 4 more; and do the same deal.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 23, 2016 | 29 views

old post , no year car, 1989 to 2002
there are 3 engines, 2 up to 1998. all made by toyota
overheating is it,
forget all else. FIND reason for overheating, coolant lost top list.
if loosing coolant that is #1 above all else. find cause.
overheating KILLS all ENgines. if not cured fast.
warps heads
is it pinging? that too kills engines.
your engine should never overheat unless it has cooling problems or.

unless the head is warped now, it will overheat, due to coolant loss
is it loosing coolant every hour or day?

id do a compression test first.
look for coolant in these spots
1: pavement below car.
2: passenger foot wells. (heat core leaks)
3: low radiator at neck cold show no coolant seen there.
4: in the a/t transmission, turns AFT to chocolate milk.
5: water in the engine oil pan, and or the reverse.
oil in the radiator, or side tank.
do all you can to not overheat any engine, and keep the repair bill like 1/3 or less. of BOOM

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 23, 2016 | 36 views

old post. (my specialty is electrics, ECU and bad running engines)
PRIZM is a toyota corolla , makes books and a parts 100 x easier to get and help, for sure, Totota has vast cars on the road.

Q1: ever get a full tune up this decade. even just spark plugs.
ever put a new cam belt on it at 60k miles, (repeats)\
if not it will ship, and there will be now power, from the engine much.
I use my timing light its a 5min job, oh look timings way off
cam slipped, all in 5minuts work, nothing is more easy.
the power loss is misfire, can be felt. if not that can be low fueling rates call clean bogging and does not catch up.
It seems yours dont catch up. so can be bogging,
and low fuel pressure, but i check spark first and new spark plugs
if car is never serviced, yah, spark plugs and cam belt tops the list of owner ignoring deals.
are the spark tips white or black, takes my 5min to yank one plug
omg the gaps, I can use my hat to gap it, old as the hills plugs.
or are black (running rich as a pig)
or soaked in oil
or soaked in green antifreeze, looking in 5min or all 4 in say 15min. wow the #1 all time way to see whats up

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 23, 2016 | 53 views

old post day
1: its on the end of one of 2 largest hoses the one that gets hot first is it.
2; the top hose on rad goes to it.
3: there are 3 engines. you never said which one.
so... no photos from you, none from me. to answer.
nor a VIN code.
for sure its not the 1998 1zz engine, its the toy 4afe or 7afe.
40 million corolla now , not rare, not a secret

thar she be..

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Oct 22, 2016 | 26 views

In most jurisdictions to do that would be *******. That is why there is no means to do that provided by the manufacturer.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Sep 05, 2016 | 63 views

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Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on May 23, 2016 | 51 views

check engine mounts

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Jan 08, 2016 | 257 views

Fluid drains out in 1 block!! Where is it going, or more to the point coming from?
Is it coming from the front of the trans near the engine? If so its a seal where the drive connect to the torque converter.
If its way back from the engine/box join then you need to get a mech to take a look but it won't be the filter unless there's damage. Get a good home mech or local garage to run it on a lft.

Geo Prizm Cars &... | Answered on Nov 08, 2015 | 116 views

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