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Two things you can do for a 24-year old machine:

1. Replace both motor brushes (Black large plastic Caps on each side
of the Moto Housing). Without these, the motor wouldn't even run.
2. Replace the Worm Gear (the cause of the Rough Loud noises)

Download a copy of the Repair Part List from for
your model KSM90.

Also don't forget to tighten all the screws inside the mixers and use
fresh Kitchenaid Grade Food Grease for all the gears.

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go to a technician and have the motor rewinded again. because your machine encountered a short circuit so the motor needs to have a new rewind. Hope the other parts are not affected.

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if the head wobbles on stand, flip mixer upside down, and tighten the pivot pin screw way deep down inside stand. you will need a long flat blade screwdriver. it's probably loose.

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your control plate is worn out. it will need replacement.

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be sure motor brushes are inserted in the holders correctly; as 1 side of carbon brush has a shaved corner; and must be inserted as such. you will need a flashlight to shine into holder to see the shape of holder. i've seen this many times.

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Hi, Did you push the beater in so that it clicks. If all is good there, gear box maybe at fault or jammed. Take it to a service center for repair. If you are machanicly inclined (DIY) Take it apart and see why its not turning. Good luck.

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I had your same issue with the speeds. I think you need to adjust the speed through the speed control panel.
Open the back spherical cover on the Kitchenaid KSM90, the area with one screw on the top. You should see the speed control panel, a black and gold square connected to wires. There should be three large silver screws - two on the top, left and right - and one on the bottom. If you turn the top two screws clock wise the machine slows down at lower speeds. When you adjust the bottom screw, the higher speeds are effected. This process is called "tuning" and you can find an online video how-to through sites like Youtube.
As for the squeaking, you maybe replace some of the grease inside of the machine. Food grade gear lube would do if you are up for the challenge, but kitchenaid also sells a grease for their stand mixers for a pricey $20. It isn't hard to put in new grease and clean out the old but requires a lot of disassembly.
~ I am not an expert but a hobbyist. This advice is only my opinion based on limited experience. ~

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I called KitchenAid about this issue with my mixer. The agent on the phone told me they are aware that it tends to happen to some mixers after they sit for some time. Basically, a "lifetime" of grease has been packed into the assembly and it is normal for it to release grease on occasion. I was told to run the mixer at 10 for at least 2 minutes to get it going and I should see a reduction in the oil leak. I had about a tablespoon worth of oil dripping down off the assembly. I was told that if over time it seemed to amount to about 1/4 cup then I should call to see about repairs due to a potentially bad seal. I was also told that the repair for that would most likely NOT cost the same as a new appliance.

This is the end seal of the motor, you can get parts from manufacturer. you will need a service manual, OR go to the manufacturers web site and contact them.

The oil leaks when the grease has broken down. One way to fix this is to take the mixer apart. Click on link to see how.

Clean the old grease out and google (KitchenAid mixer grease) and you'll find new grease on amazon for around $17.

Repack and it should be as good as new.

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In my case the lock was not engaging fully because the internal mechanism was bent too short. I'm not sure if this happened over time or if it is just a manufacturing defect. If your mixer still has some up-and-down play to it when the lock is engaged, then you might have the same problem as me

To fix it, search this site and others for instructions on how to remove the motor cover. I found this video useful:

With the cover removed you have access to the locking mechanism. In my case, the latch is connected to the locking lever via a bent S-hook. The hook was just slightly too short which kept the latch from engaging completely. If you remove the two screws holding the hook in place and that allows the lock to close completely, then you have the same problem as me. (You'll feel the difference immediately. When fully locked, there is practically no wobble in the mixer head.)

I lengthened the hook by placing it against a flat surface and hammering the bend out a bit.

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run under hot water over where the dough hook attatches to shaft. this should free it.

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your speed adjustment will have to be looked at. You can do this yourself but it is not easy, so it's easier to take it to a kitchenaid center where they can do it for you, but dont let them con you into getting a new mixer or anything until you know its broken or something is seriously wrong with it! hope this helps. Luke :)

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Hi PASTYJOHN, it's very easy to download both the Owners Manual and Parts List manual for your KA mixer. You can download a PDF version from the KA website at:

Click on Customer Care>Locate Manuals& Guides> then enter the visitor type "Consumer" and enter the 6 character model number, in this case KSM90P, where you can choose one of the three size files under Owners Manuals (20). Since there are three versions - 191.99 KB, 2730.37 KB or 3230.97 KB, I would download all three and save the one you feel is best for your needs. Similarly, I would also download a parts list manual, too. Since the Parts List manuals are exactly the same you can choose any one of the 16 available to download and save.

Good luck, I hope this helps. Howard, Burke, VA, USA
If this solution was helpful, please rate it, thanks! - hslincoln

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Hi dickgadsby,

Please try to move the lever slightly up or down while moving it forward to see if this will free the lever. If not and still lever can't be moved this means that you need to remove the top end assembly to check and replace parts. If you don't have the parts list manual you can download it from Kitchenaid's webiste. Pages 6 & 7 provides an exploded view for the disassembly and reassembly of your mixer. Check Illus Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, which are Pivot screw, Spring washer, Switch lever and stud, and Control plate spring. Once you have disassembled your machine inspect the pivot screw to see if it's loose. If loose, tighten. Inspect the rest of the assembly to determine if something else hasn't broken or gotten out of alignment. If something has broken, you can order replacement parts and install them yourself. You may order parts from or Go to this link for it provides instructions on how to disassemble your machine.

Hope it helps.

Thank yu for using FixYa.

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Hello, W/D here.

I feel your pain!

Here's a link to a site with parts lists and exploded diagrams. (The different diagrams are on the left side of the page. This should be enough to get you what you need. I used this same site to repair mine. I suggest that you make the diagrams full page and then print them, as they will be your "road map" to fix the mixer back to new. You can also take your own digital pictures as you work your way into the mixer so you will have a record of how things are supposed to look. I'd like to also recommend that you mark any wires and terminals that they are removed from with an indelible marker. This will make reassembly much easier also.

Best regards, --W/D--

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Where exactly is the oil leak coming from? Comment back to this post.

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Hi RFRICK753, There are no specific instructions to 'oil' your KA mixer. Your KA mixer's internal gears are factory packed with enough grease to last, with normal use, pretty much a lifetime. As grease will, over time, tend to break down, you may find the oil component of it seeping from openings beyond the gasket and "O"-ring down the agitator shaft. Gravity can be very insidious. But generally speaking if your mixer appears to be operating normally as it has in the past, you should not be overly concerned about 'oiling' it.

If, however, you feel it necessary to perform some TLC on your mixer, the good news is that the inspection and troubleshooting of the inside of your mixer is a DITY capability, particularly if your mixer is out of warranty. Just be sure to have the Parts List manual on hand. If you're lacking one, you can download a PDF version from the KA website at:

Click on Customer Care>Locate Manuals& Guides> then enter the visitor type "Consumer" and enter the 6 character model number, in this case KSM90P, and select any file under Parts List (16); say KSM90PSAC0.pdf (354.08 KB) for example (all 16 manuals are exactly the same, but it's still wise to check and see if it matches your mixer, though).

Although not providing step by step instructions, the Parts List manual provides an exploded view of the various component assemblies allowing you to see how the mixer all fits together. It is helpful for the disassembly, troubleshooting, and reassembly of your mixer.

You'll find it quite messy 'under the hood' in the transmission box, but you'll be able to ascertain whether you really need to re-grease or not. Also, while your mixer's apart is an opportunity to check for any other unseemly wear and tear on the gears, etc.

After getting your hands this dirty, you may want to order a transmission gasket, an "O"-ring, along with some food-grade grease. Here are five potential vendors in no particular order:;;;; and (for grease). Prices can vary widely between vendors, so do some comparison shopping.

Here are some links to several excellent websites that detail the disassembling/greasing and reassembly of a KA Mixer. The mixers displayed in the links may be different than your KA model, but the principles are the same.

Between these three websites and their excellent pictures and descriptions and your Parts List manual, you should now be able to peek under the hood and assess any maintenance needs for your mixer.

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the back cover is the housing that protects the speed adjustment! i THINK that this is the reason your mixer is going so slowly but im not sure, you will have to get it checked out by a kitchenaid repair centre seeing as the same thing happened to mine, they told me it was the speed adjustment.

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If you can still find them in stores they average $225.00. Used ones go for $135 - 200.00 depending on what accessories they have. The full accessory kit can still be purchased today for $129.00 at Home Depot.

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

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Pry the chrome drip ring off. You will find it is filled with oil. Clean it thoroughly, then tighten the screws which were uncovered when you removed the chrome "drip ring". It should stop leaking. If it leaks a little bit then the drip ring will catch the oil so it doesn't get into your dough or whatever you are mixing. It should last a few more years then you will probably have to repeat the procedure. They call it a drip ring for a reason, I guess kitchenaid knows they will leak sometime in the life of the machine so they put it on the mixer!!


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Hi and welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly.

The service manual is here:

Parts can be found here:

Pedestal repairs can be found on page 22 of the service manual in section 5.

Thanks for choosing FixYa.

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