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There is a spring, item #4, which hooks on to the bottom of the control plate, item # 25, and pulls it back when you move the lever to off. Remove the rear cover and see if that spring is still connected to the control plate and to the lever arm, Item # 3. Here is the diagram:

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First make sure that the mixer is plugged into a working outlet. Were there any symptoms the last time you used your mixer? Check the cord on the mixer for damage. If the cord shows any wear replace it immediately.

At any point in time have you removed the brushes or adjust the speed control plate? After checking the cord, remove the brushes from the mixer, check to see if they are pitted, if they are replace the brushes. Please pay extra attention when putting the brushes back in the mixer, there is a dog-eared side of the brush, match this up to the brush holder to make sure the brush is inserted correctly.

If the brushes are not the problem check the speed control plate. If you remove the end cover from the mixer you can gain direct access to the speed control plate. There are 3 screws on this plate, the top two are used to adjust the speed of the mixer, the bottom one spaces the on/off switch contact. Try adjust the bottom screw to see if the mixer will turn on, it is possible the on/off switch was out of place.

Try these first, if none of this works let me know and we can continue trouble shooting.

Here is a link to the cord for your mixer:
Here is a link to the brushes:
Here is a link to the speed control plate:
And here is a link to the service manual for your mixer, it has more troubleshooting ideas on the last few pages:

Thank you,

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please i need help kitchen aid mixer i have no power

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Not near enough info to solve this one. What happened last time you used it, have you checked the wall outlet (yes I know but still check it) next it could be your power cord for the mixer, next it could be the speed control board and adjusting screws have vibrated out of position. or several more deeper problems. be glad to help but we need more info.

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the problem may be that the machine has grease in the gear set that is sperating. this usually happens when the mixer is not used for long periods of time or The mixer has been heated up and has seperated the grease. Not to worry you can find grease fromkitchen aid parts stores for the right grease. The disassembly procedure is a little tougher though. go on you tube and look up The videos they have on kitchenaid mixers cover alot of the problems these mixers have. If you have the time you can save a ton of money by regreasing the mixer yourself.

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It sounds like your mixer has a bad ground connection. Sorry electrical is not my forte, but something in the mixer wiring is the problem, not the wall outlet..

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Do you have a manual? You can download one from Kitchen Aid, small appliances. There should be a schematic and how to that will help.

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I called KitchenAid about this issue with my mixer. The agent on the phone told me they are aware that it tends to happen to some mixers after they sit for some time. Basically, a "lifetime" of grease has been packed into the assembly and it is normal for it to release grease on occasion. I was told to run the mixer at 10 for at least 2 minutes to get it going and I should see a reduction in the oil leak. I had about a tablespoon worth of oil dripping down off the assembly. I was told that if over time it seemed to amount to about 1/4 cup then I should call to see about repairs due to a potentially bad seal. I was also told that the repair for that would most likely NOT cost the same as a new appliance.

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See what the Manual Says is my advice. Good Luck

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Take it to a local repair shop and they should be able to fix it in no time.

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Hi Myrna. You may have overloaded the mixer. Don't try to use it, as you may do further damage. If you're hearing the motor turn, then it's OK. There is internal damage in the transmission area. Call Kitchenaid to find the nearest "authorised" repair place. Kitchenaid no longer has a parts catalog for the KSM 90, so parts may be hard to find. Call the "authorised place and ask if they have parts for your unit. Ask them if they can get parts for your model. If they say no to either question, call other small appliance repair places locally and ask the same questions. There may be spare parts around. The fact that Kitchenaid no longer has a parts catalog means that they consider it obsolete.

If you find that It cannot be repaired. I suggest you look at other brands to replace it, as Kitchenaid is now owned by Whirlpool Corp. and the quality of the Kitchenaid line is not what it once was when they were built by Hobart.

Goto and review the different mixer's pros and cons. Good luck! ricardok45

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you probrobly have a gear inside missing some teeth, so the slower you go the more you can hear the grinding, i would un plug it and take the housing off and check the gearbox, maybe the intermediate gear is going bad.

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If you have already fixed the problem then great and I'm sorry that i didn't see it sooner. If you have not then do this first. BTW if you are under warranty this WILL NOT VOID the warranty.

Solution 1; There is a silver ring around the front of the mixer that you attach your beater or whip to. Take a nonmetalic hammer and a screw driver, place the screwdriver on the top edge of the ring and tap LIGHTLY on the screwdriver. The ring will fall off after a couple taps. DO NOT hit it hard, you can scratch the finish all the way down to the raw Zinc frame and you can knock the ring out of round. The ring is only held on by pressure so if you knock the ring out of round it will not stay on anymore. Onward and upward...turn the mixer upside down (On a Towel or you will scratch the finish) and you will see five screws that are now exposed tighten them down again. They won't turn much so don't worry it only requires about a 16th. of a turn. What you have just done is to tighten up the two parts of the mixer and apply pressure to the gasket / seal that hold the gear head grease in. While you have the mixer in this position (you have probably figured it out by now that someone else is holding the mixer upright while your working on it) you will find 4 more screws that attach to the mixer toward the rear. Give them a little tighten turn also. Now take the silver ring and place it back where you took it off from and tap it back into place. This ring is held in place by pressure only. If you find that the ring is not going on not to worry. You can give it a good whack as long as you hit straight down. If you knock it sideways you can knock the ring out of round and then it will never stay up again. So be careful with the hammer. If you look closely at the inside of the ring you will see what may be called "Stretch Marks" from where the ring was originally move it past those marks and tap it on. going back to the original stretch marks does not always work and the ring falls of so choose a new position for putting the ring back on.

Solution 2 THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. If you proceed with this step and your mixer is under warranty you will void the remaining time on your warranty and you will be doing a basic tear down of your mixer. So first you need to order two parts, a gasket and some food safe grease. do a search for kitchenaid grease and kitchenaid gasket and you will find both at several sites including Amazon, so check pricing and shipping as both vary widely between sites. The next thing to do is go to and download a parts list for your mixer by clicking on the support tab and then click on download manuals and user guides. This will give you a working diagram of your mixer so that you can follow along with your work. The next thing to do is go out on the internet and search for a video that is out there that will walk you through it step by step. Change grease in kitchenaid mixer will take you there. To do a write up step by step would take a long time and a lot of space. It is basically eleven separate steps of dissassembly to get to the gear case grease then you have to clean out the old and re-pack with new grease and put it all back together. during the process you can knock your mixer out of "Speed" and then you have to re- tune the mixer speed. again, not hard but another step to do and there is a video on the internet for that too. You can check with Kitchenaid Customer Service and they will put you on to the nearest Factory authorized sevice center, If you are close you can drop it off if it is far away you will have to ship. the mixer weighs 25-30 pounds and will cost $25-30 dollars to ship. they will get return shipping. the cost of the re-pack also varies by state and location. In Orlando Florida it costs $110.00 to have it done plus shipping. In Miami if you haggle you can get it for $90.00 and if you don't have to ship at all it will be less. the job is not hard but it will require your time (2 Hours for the novice) and lots of patience and a work area that you don't mind getting dirty. DO NOT do this on your wife's kitchen table she WILL shoot you when the grease gets all over the place. good luck.

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Pry the chrome drip ring off. You will find it is filled with oil. Clean it thoroughly, then tighten the screws which were uncovered when you removed the chrome "drip ring". It should stop leaking. If it leaks a little bit then the drip ring will catch the oil so it doesn't get into your dough or whatever you are mixing. It should last a few more years then you will probably have to repeat the procedure. They call it a drip ring for a reason, I guess kitchenaid knows they will leak sometime in the life of the machine so they put it on the mixer!!


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What's the full name of the mixer

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In my case the lock was not engaging fully because the internal mechanism was bent too short. I'm not sure if this happened over time or if it is just a manufacturing defect. If your mixer still has some up-and-down play to it when the lock is engaged, then you might have the same problem as me

To fix it, search this site and others for instructions on how to remove the motor cover. I found this video useful:

With the cover removed you have access to the locking mechanism. In my case, the latch is connected to the locking lever via a bent S-hook. The hook was just slightly too short which kept the latch from engaging completely. If you remove the two screws holding the hook in place and that allows the lock to close completely, then you have the same problem as me. (You'll feel the difference immediately. When fully locked, there is practically no wobble in the mixer head.)

I lengthened the hook by placing it against a flat surface and hammering the bend out a bit.

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by replacing it with a new one. Not trying to be sarcastic. Your machine is done.

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Reg, are you looking for these parts? We have a full schematic on our website which might be of some help here. If we don't have it readily available on our website send us an email and we can get it for you.

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