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There could be one of two things wrong (or both). You might need a new seal or you might just need the machine to be regressed. Also, never keep your mixer stored on its side as this will automatically allow the machine to leak grease.

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The speed on your KSM90 is controlled by three pieces: a Governor Assembly (35), a Control Plate Assembly (36), and a Phase Board Control (39/40 depending on the voltage of your machine). You just need to determine which one of those parts is bad and replace it. I have attached a schematic to this post so you can easily see where these parts are located within the machine. Once you locate the bad part you can either bring it to an authorized repair center (or you can bring it to them to fix it before you open it up) or you can purchase the items direct from us and we will be more than happy to send them to you.

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If you remove the meat grinder, does the mixer still work? It could be that the meat grinder is jammed.

You might have also blown a breaker. Have you tried plugging a lamp or something else into the outlet to make sure it's still working?

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Your mixer is leaking grease not oil. It is a simple fix. First you have to open the machine and regrease it. Once you have done that try replacing the gasket. Also, this particular mixer cannot be left on its side (some people store it sideways in a cabinet or under the sink) doing so will cause the machine to leak as well.

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should be screw at pivot point between base and head,loosen slightly,hold head in proper position,and retighten

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Look for a reputable dealer that repairs KitchenAid mixers. It is worth the little extra money to keep it going well. I had a much needed repair 15 years ago...... it was 8 years old then, and it is still in great shape and working superbly!!

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Try some oil... ...or liquid dish detergent on a wet rag and rub around that area..

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YES..... It's a KitchenAid... it's worth putting a little money into, and you want to guarantee that everything is in tip, top shape. I had mine fixed 15 years ago.... it was 8 years old then, it is still working great!! It is worth it and will last..... who knows? I'll probably pass this down to my daughter!

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You need a reputable repairman. My gears were stripped after trying to mix a very thick dough. It would only work on high speed. After it was repaired.... I still use it, all the speeds work, and that has been 15 years ago. My mixer was at least 8 years old at the time of the "stripping".

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Sounds like a problem we had years ago. We put too much pressure on the motor by mixing a very thick dough for cookies. It stripped the "gears" and couldn't be used on slow.... it would instantly go to the fastest speed. We had to take it to a reputable appliance store that does repairs on KitchenAid products. I'm still using mine and that has been 15 years ago. It still works great!!

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The brushes need to be seated onto the armature. Try going from off to high quickly and tapping the motor housing. Once the motor starts, let it run for 15 min plus to seat the brushes. Keep clear of or remove beaters whille trying to get the moror running. In brief, the brushesaren't making good contact with armature. Good Luck

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Hola EBANY780, veo tu pregunta es acerca de su licuadora, pero le fue anunciado en la mezcladores KitchenAid. Mi solución puede funcionar, pero posiblemente no.
Usted ha dicho, "Yo pongo [en] mi pincel" - Supongo cepillo de la licuadora de motor eléctrico(s), así que recomiendo que pruebe lo siguiente.
Sólo hay una manera de volver a instalar los pinceles y eso es lo que tanto el asiento correctamente en colector del inducido o no se va a cualquier jugo "al motor. Véase la ilustración de abajo:99839ea.jpg Si te has vuelto un cepillo de 90 grados demasiado, no encaja correctamente y tendrás el poder para el motor.
En esta ilustración se debe permitir volver a instalar los pinceles con confianza. Buena suerte, espero que esta ayuda. Howard, Burke, VA, EE.UU.
Si esta solución ha sido útil, por favor, tasa que, gracias!
- hslincoln

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I just took a look at my wife's... all you do is line up the pin and the slot in the attachment. Then push the attachment up over the pin and give it a twist... this will hold it on....just that easy!!


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Hi LONGLEY632. It sounds like you’re in the need of your mixer’s parts list. It provides ‘reasonable’ exploded views of the various components of your mixer. Enough so that you can disassemble, identify parts and reassemble your mixer.
You can download a PDF version from the KA website at:
Click on Customer Care>Locate Manuals & Guides> then enter the visitor type “Consumer” and the 6 character model number, in your case use KSM90P, in the Model Number box. Select one the files listed for your model that appears under Parts List (16): KSM90PSWH0.pdf (354.08 KB) and save that file to your PC. Check to verify this matches your mixer model.
Good luck! I hope this helps. Howard, Burke, VA
If this solution has been helpful to you, please rate it, thanks! -hslincoln

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Hi, KIMAMABELL, While working on your mixer be sure to have the Parts List manual on hand. If you're lacking one, you can download a PDF version from the KA website at:
Click on Customer Care>Locate Manuals & Guides> Enter the 6 character model number, in your case, KSM90P, and select one of the files listed under Parts List (check to see it this matches your mixer model).
Turn to pages 6 & 7, titled “Motor And Control Parts”, which provides an exploded view for the disassembly and reassembly of your mixer’s electrical components, along with all the parts. Locate Illus No 32, Brush holder that includes #18, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 31 which is the brush holder and brush & Spring assembly respectively.
The brushes need to be installed so that they both seat correctly on the armature's commutator and it’s possible when you reinstalled them, one or both brushes were turned incorrectly.
The illustration below shows the correct orientation of the brushes and should allow you to reinstall them with confidence.


Here are some links to several excellent websites that detail the disassembling/reassembly of a KA Mixer for your future referennce.
Between these three websites and their excellent pictures and descriptions and your Parts List manual, you should now be able to completely disassemble and reassemble your mixer.
Good luck! I hope this helps. Howard, Burke, VA
If this solution has been helpful to you, please rate it, thanks! - hslincoln

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You don't need to seat the brushes. Remove the brush caps and pull the brushes out by their springs, being VERY careful to note the position of them since they only go back in one way. Measure the free length of the spring before pulling it out. It is critical that you write down the length sticking out with very slight pressure on it so that it is seated against the armature when you measure.

Clean the curved surface of the carbon brushes with a sharp knife being careful not to scratch the curved surface. If you have them installed wrong they will not go all the way in and will not contact the armature and it will not run. Measure the length, as done above, of the spring to make sure it is in correctly!! If it is not in correctly the spring will stick out 1/4 inch longer than it should.

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It's not oil, it's grease. Here is a very detailed article on how to add grease to the mixer:

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See pg. 13 of the owners manual for bowl height adjustment procedure:

clockwise to lower the head and counterclockwise to raise the head for more clearance for the beaters.

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It is most likely a stripped gear. Here is a link to the parts manual which contains the listing of the gears and shows you how to split the gear case.

Remove the chrome ring with a screwdriver by prying it off carefully. This exposes 5 screws, however they can't be accessed on all models. Remove the pin (17) that goes through the planetary housing and the drive shaft, and carefully drive the planetary housing from the shaft to expose the screws. Then remove the 5 remaining screws and split the case to expose the gears. The worn gears will be obvious.

Also check the bearings. Replace all affected parts. Remove all grease since metalic pieces will have contaminated it from any worn out gears. The grease is a special food grade grease which you can purchase along with the gears and bearings.

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it sounds like the planetary has gotten loose and dropped down. Check out this parts list so you can see how it is put together.

Try pushing up on the shaft which holds the mixing attachments. It should not move more than 1/32 inch - if it does then something inside the gearhead is worn and you will have to take it apart. If the whole planetary moves up and down then something deeper in the gearbox is worn.

To take it apart lay it on its side and carefully pry the chrome ring off. Now drive out the pin that goes thru the planetary and the shaft. Now pull the whole planetary off its shaft. Remove the six screws underneath plus the other screws you can see from the bottom of the gearbox - there are 4 more. Now carefully pull the top half of the gearbox from the bottom half, which will expose the gears. Examine for worn parts and replace the necessary ones.

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