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most of the times it is because of build up between lift handle and pedestle case use wd-40 and even some heat from a torch to help loosen up stuck handle. also wd-40 the ways on the mixer ped. where the bowl yoke is

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where i can find hobart se302 motor carbon brushes and brush size

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If the motor runs and when under a load the planetary stops its not the motor.You either have a sheared key or broken gear in the transmission.

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Jeff your almost there....it must be the shifter into third....it must not slide fully into third....check for wear marks on the worm gear....and try running it without the protective cover on to see how it changes from 1st, into 2nd, then third...that mechanisim if not engaging totally in third.

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I don't know how long you've owned this mixer, but these motors do wear down over time. They don't last nearly as long as the ones made decades ago, the plain basic workhorse mixers with no frills.

Have you tried mixing smaller amounts to see if that works better? Unfortunately with the high cost of servicing, you may find that repair will exceed more than half the value of the unit... leaving the purchase of a new one as your most economical choice.

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Your fibre gear has gone

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Do not heat up you have to strip the gear box but not all take the top gears off but look what you are doing its got to go back the same way or it won't work you have to take the worm gear off and then you can take it out from the back but if you can't do it get in touch with **** at x bakery in Haywood and ill sort it for you hope this helps it is a big job sorry

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You will probably want to remove the two silver looking inspection caps. Just carefully pry them up and remove. Then you will be able to get a finger hold on the transmission cover. It has one or two locating or dowel pins that keep it in place. What I normally do is take a soft mallet and tap on the cover while gently lifting one end, then do the same to the other side until you have it loose enough to lift off. I know this because I just spent the last 4 months working on my A200 mixer. I'm not sure exactly what the model AE 200 is, though. I hope this was helpful.

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The wiring diagram can be found here:

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Check with your local Hobart office.
www.hobartservice.com Click on "Locate an Office" and enter your Zip.

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After viewing and listening to your video, my first guess would be bad bearing(s). The sound varies with the speed of the agitator, so the noise is at the speed of the transmission shaft or planetary area. These mixers use very common standard bearings. As such, they are available very reasonably from sources OTHER than Hobart. You will need to take the transmission apart in order to find and solve the problem. Study the parts manual in detail. It seems complicated, but once you understand it, it is logical. I highly recommend that you get a really good understanding of how it works and goes together before you start taking it apart though.

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This is common there is a key on the shifter shaft and when you removed it the key came out and is floating in the grease in the tranny ready to destory the gears. That are no longer available at Hobart. if you want the shifter /switch plate off, remove the pin in shifter and the handle thats all. Hobart has a special puller I have two of them but you can use a H type puller to get to the pull threaded holes Mixer should be upside down on head to repair trans.

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Go to this site it is the parts list for the A200 and the A200T


Then go here for parts and parts number confirmation

Hope this helps if so let us know.

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It is most likely the safety for the mixer bowl cage. A metal tab on the cage makes contact with this piece so the motor can start.

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Remove top cover by loosening the two screws, one will come all the way out and the other will be used to pull the cover up. Next, remove the nuts off of the 2 smaller shafts on the left side and the cover and nut off of the large center shaft. Then remove the 4 allen head screws holding the plate down.(black in color i believe) This should give you access to the transmission, remove all grease and refill with food safe grease which you can purchase online from food supply stores or on ebay, amazon, etc. May not be a bad idea to go ahead and replace the o rings, and repack the bearings while you are in there.

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I had the same problem too. There should be maybe 1/4" of loose vertical play of the dough hook (or similar attachment) on the agitator shaft. The hook locks in place rotationally on the shaft until it is pushed up. Before you try to turn the dough hook backwards in an attempt to remove it, push it upwards and hold it up, then rotate.

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Hi, your mixer was manufactured in 1947. Hobart does not make public their service manuals. It sounds like the diving key is not engaging first gear with the spinning shaft. This is the ticking sound you hear/feel. This could be because of a broken spring in the mechanism that moves this key in and out, or the key itself has become so worn that it will no longer engage the first gear. The unit needs to be opened up to remove all old grease and oil, including the planetary. The condition of the grease in your description of the planetary, is a good indicator of the condition of the grease in the trans. Your unit probably needs an overhaul due to it's advanced age and grease state. Unplug the unit. You can gently remove the two circular metal dust covers underneath the top cover. With a good flashlight you can view the overall quality of the grease and the level of it. In an ideal world the grease should fill the entire cavity and no oil should be visible. Replacement grease should be Shell Darina EP-2 or Chevron ALC EP-2. You'll need 4-14 OZ. tubes of either type to do the job. The Spec. # for your unit is 3943 Look for drawing # PL-985 Once the cover is off the trans., it's relatively easy to get to the diving key once you remove first gear (the large round gear on top). Remove what you need in sequence, and replace in sequence. If you have a digital camera, take lots of dissasembly pics. When you are done, test in all gears by turning the motor cooling fins with your fingers in the normal direction of the motor rotation. Do not plug the unit back in until you've tested all speeds manually. Good luck! ricardok45

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I have an Hobart mixer se401 oil is leaking what part do I need?

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First of all, thank you very much Ken for choosing FIXYA today for your online technical support needs.

Here is a direct link to the ONLINE USER'S MANUAL for that model:


To view the Owner's Manual with Operating Instructions just use your mouse to click on the link, which is the underlined and blue highlighted section of text just above.

This will open a new web browser page automatically for you and allow you to view the information at the website indicated and the contents of the Owner's Manual.

You may need ADOBE READER installed on your computer to read PDF documents, although many computers already have this type of utility pre-installed.

You can download this free at WWW.ADOBE.COM if necessary. Click on the DOWNLOAD ADOBE READER button on right side of the ADOBE home page when you get there, then follow the onscreen instructions to install the software on your computer.

I truly hope that was helpful to you.

Good luck and take care.


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