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take top front cover off see if motor is spinning when turned on? hum can come when motor is running or transmision jammed or motor has issue like capsitor bad or start switch inside motor bad.

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Yes, the Transmission Gearing should be packed with grease which is available from Hobart as detailed in the Manual at the following link, although I suspect any high quality food grade transmission grease would do the job.


I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the manual from the link but if you have any problems then just ask for further assistance.

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You would need to get an electric schematic usually one is in the side cover plate.Just a note if you bypass this safety and you call say hobart service out to fix it they will not work on it if the safety has been bypassed they would have to fix the safety before they work on it.did the wire break off of the switch itself or get pulled from the inside somewere.

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The problem you are describing if I follow right I take the grease hole plugs out take the two spanner nuts off the man shaft and the driven shaft stick gear puller jaws into grease hole and put the gear puller onthe center saft and gently raise the top case.

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The problem is in your lift handle cams, you need to take the pedistal apart and clean and grease all the cams. I take them apart and wire brush them and use white lithium grease to keep them from freezing up.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Apr 22, 2011 | 540 views

www.hobartservice.com Click on locate an office and enter your zip. The office will be glad to install one for you. I do not believe they will sell you one. They have to install it. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Just get a Hobart #12 grinder. Your local Hobart office will sell you one.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Feb 04, 2011 | 215 views

You may be correct about a loose spring. Check this:

Carefully lay the mixer on its back side to access the bottom of the mixer. Remove the cover screen covering the opening in the bottom of the mixer. Using an extension and appropriate socket, be sure the nut of the bowl lift rod is snug, slightly compressing the spring of the bowl lift rod.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Feb 03, 2011 | 241 views

Hi, I am Steve, lets get you some help.
There is not a switch on the machine to make the safety guard work it is an interlock device so the guard pushes something out of the way so the machine can operate.
If the machine will start without the guard fitted then the lock that the guard pushes into is blocked so it is not springing back into place and disconnecting the motor.
Because of the type of equipment is is and the fact that it is in Commercial use you really need a qualified technician to look at the device and repair it.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Jan 28, 2011 | 68 views

I'd say you're most likely overloading the mixer. This mixer, and others similar in size, are frequently overloaded by people making pizza dough. If you are making dough, keep in mind the A-200's capacity is 9 lb. of 40% A.R. pizza dough, mixed for 5 minutes maximum. If you need to mix longer, the batch must be cut down even smaller, but I don't even know if you're mixing dough.

Try running the mixer unloaded (i.e. nothing in the bowl) for ten minutes or more and see if it gets hot. If it still gets hot, the motor's start circuit (varies depending upon age of the A-200; Hobart used numerous motors in the A-200 over the years, incorporating different starting circuits) most likely has problems. If it doesn't get hot when operating unloaded, then you're probably overheating the mixer by overloading it.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Apr 22, 2011 | 816 views

First of all, I want to say that it is common for people to overload the A200 mixer when mixing dough. The owner's manual gives an extensive chart for various substances typical of what people may mix. Depending on the consistency of the dough, the maximum batch size varies, but as an example: 9 lbs. max with 40% absorption ratio thin pizza dough, 1st gear only, 5 minutes maximum mix time. I remember this particular batch size/specification because as a technician who works on these mixers frequently, I had a customer attempting to mix 20+ lbs. of that 40% pizza dough for much more than 5 minutes and didn't understand why the mixer would stall and why his mixer was so hot he could nearly cook eggs on it's transmission case. So, a word of caution (9 lbs. at 40% A.R. is approx. 7 lbs. flour, plus the water) about overloading these. If used to mix reasonable batches, they are excellent mixers and will last a lifetime (I regularly service 40-50 year old A200 model mixers that run very well).

If you don't hear any grinding when it's stalled (which would indicated stripped gears, damaged keys, etc. in the transmission) I would say you are overloading it. Many people want to say the motor is weak when the mixer stalls, but unless the motor has been repeatedly and severely overheated to the point of shorting some of the motor's windings, that's not the case. I suggest finding the recommended capacity chart from Hobart and abiding by it and you'll love your new mixer for years.

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yes you can do it yourself ,strip the motor out then take it to specialist motor rewinder who can rewind the motor for you ,like a lot of this type of machinery the older the better as the old motors are rewindable and as they are so heavaly wound they last for ever anyway .And the benifit of being able to be repaired

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Usually when such components are loosened the best way to find out how they should be replaced is by trying it out. But being that you don't want to run it until you are sure how it should be. The planetary bottom shaft nut is supposed to hold the planetary bottom in place therefore the nut should be as tight as the unit allows it and since it has a securing nut in the A-corn that should also be as tight as the unit allows without putting strain on any part. After screwing it that way run it and if there is any strain you know which to tighten more or loosen.
Hope this solution has been helpful?

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$200 is nothing if you're pressing for time. The gearbox is complicate if you do try to fix it yourself

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There are two screws holding an access cover on the top front half of the mixer. These screws are normally plainly visible - has it been repainted heavily enough to hide the screws?

If you can't see the screws, all I can say is they are there, under the paint. Maybe shine a flashlight accross the top front half at an angle and look for a hint of a slotted screw head in the paint.
I'm not sure what the access cover is made of nor am I certain if the screws are stainless steel, but if the cover is aluminum and the screws aren't stainless steel, then a magnet should be able to locate the screws for you.
The screws a usually a domed-flathead screw, so some very close inspection of the paint surface may show a slight "bump" where the srews are.

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I don't know the answer but I know someone who does. I will send him a link to this question in case he is able to help.

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The centrifugal switch is/was the speed regulator - yes, the power for the engine was supposed to go thru it; yes, the motor can work without it but it will always run at full speed, and over it when unloaded, causing a serious overstress and and much greater wear.
No, this is not the cause for you overheating capacitor : the capacitor is there to provide power at the correct phase shift to an extra coil inside the engine - that coil starts the engine and determines the direction of the rotation. The capacitor overheats because that coil is shorted. Unfortunately this is unfixable - that engine is dead.

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No not at all., To create an additional lateral stress on a bearing that was strong enough to cause extra wear, you would have to accelerate or decelerate the movement with a rocket or at least a very fast car.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Sep 22, 2010 | 220 views

A 200 it dosnt run it make hong noise.

Hobart A200... | Answered on Sep 03, 2010 | 365 views

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