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Your coil may be getting damp or wet..try using a plastic bag over the coil..or use some spray that will keep the damness out..good luck..

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Try this locate your coil / magneto and disconnect the kill "shut off wire " and try to start if it starts your switch may be bad or wire broken..if still no spark using a rubber handled pliers ...Pull your plug wire and place a screwdriver or similar metal piece and in the plug wire now bring the screw driver close to the engine block or Frame if spark it is your plug..if not your coil needs replaced...not a hard job just use a business card to set clearance on your coil..good luck

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Your kill wire from the switch to the coil is bad,disconnected or connections dirty...or switch is bad...try disconnecting the kill wire on the coil and using a jumper ground the coil directly to the engine or frame it should shut down if it does it is the wire or switch do the same at the switch if it shuts down it is the switch..if not the wire has a break..good luck..

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Sounds like your carb needs the fuel/air mix adjusted..uses all the gas at high speed but has excess at low speeds...find your adjusting screw and at med throttle slowly screw it clockwise until the engine starts to sputter then back it out until it starts to sputter again then continue to do this until you reach ideal mix where it runs the best it can..then go slowly through the throttle up and down..when set..unjust your idle speed screw to your ideal idle speed..if this dies not fix ..carb will bed cleaned or rebuilt. Good luck.. Note always push or pull your throttle handle slowly to position avoids gas load up causing sputter and backfire.

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It most Likely is located under the engine mount just below the flywheel. Good luck

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Follow the wires from the solenoid its wires go from the battery to the starter, a small wire on it comes from the switch it would be the wire from the switch that is the furtherest on the switch "starting " blade on the switch..the heavy wire to the starter should be red the small wires black..good luck

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You should not need torque on those bolts..just need only a few lbs..enough to sets the gasket tightly...I use a small hand wrench and tighten hand tight holding the wrench at the head part of the handle..this will give you plenty of torque without fear of stripping the threads..if you want, re tighten after the engine warms up to operations temp..just a suggestion how I have done it successful many times..good luck..

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Are you saying the engine gets hot or the solenoid..if engine ? What oil are you using should be no lighter then SAE 30 for summer vehicles..Sounds more like your oil is breaking down and your Pistons and rings are getting tighter..the motor will start to work hard getting hotter from friction..if solenoid it should be replaced..Hope this helps..good luck

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First take the plug wire off the plug to the one not firing..start and then using a pair of pliers hold the plug wire away fro the plug insert a rubber handled screw driver in the plug wire and make screw driver contact with the plug end..there should be spark if the coil is good..if not that coil must be replaced...good luck

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Sounds like your carb float valve and/or needle is dirty causing the float inside the bowl to raise and lower instead of staying level when the gas is flowing into the bowl ..while at higher soeed gas is flowing and used up as needed but idle gas to the carb varies..and causing surge. Clean or rebuild is in order..good luck

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It is a simple but tricky job to explain here..I suggest you go into utube and ask that very same question starting with utube and then the question there are good sites that cover this..good luck..

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If you are saying your bowl on the carb has a small hole it YES it sure it has a float inside that controls the fuel the float moves up and down too much the engine will get gas and then not and starve "surging " you should have a leak with that hole and a new bowl needed...another thing could be a dirty carb valve or needle...they carb will need a good cleaning or an overhaul...I suggest purchase a rebuild kit not a hard job..just remember or mark down where the parts go..good luck

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You have a broken wire to the coil or bad connections where it is not making ground when the switch is in the off "kill" normally is the small black wire running from the off position on the switch to the front to the coil.check the connections one at a time.if ok then try to stop engine . Now disconnect one at a time the and test the coil end then the switch end or visa versa. using anything to jump or temporarily connect it to the coil or the switch just remember one end at a time...if nothing then disconnect both ends and check for continuity If none replace the wire if find the break and cut and splice.....good luck

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You may need to remove the engine top cover to get at it maybe not...It is attached at the top of your engine where the fly wheel and fan are spins the flywheel..if your engine is vertical it will be vertical if horizontal normally has only two mounting bolts and a small wire or two..just remember where the small ones go..pretty much a easy job make sure you disconnect the battery or you will get sparks at the starter...good luck

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I can walk you through it but too long for here so...Go into Utube and ask the very same question..STARTING WITH UTUBE THEN YOUR QUESTION..some very good sites there..good luck

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If you say it smoke at start up and gets worse...first check your oil in the crank case for gas sometimes the newer engines will get gas leaking into the crankcase when standing due to a faulty valve on the carb...if you do not the you have worn rings or bad valve stem seals or both..if you find me here I will walk you through the fix..good luck.

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If you say the valve stems were bent..first did you find out what bent them they just bend...and is the valve face seat damaged..if they were not...your engine is out of time or you did not set the valve stem lash when replacing them this allows the intake valves to be open slightly under the firing stroke firing back through the carb and should have around four thousands of an inch clearance when the springs are completely relaxed and and you should be able to wiggle the valve rocker tappits ...check that if they are correct your engine is out of time..good luck

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Does it do it every time? First try and turn your engine by hand counter clockwise and try to start..sometimes the engine stops on a compression stroke and Is Under too much pressure for the initial start,..happened to my cub cadet laast week...,,if it turns and still gets a click...test or charge your battery..if it is ok you either have a bad solenoid or starter...first find the solenoid and croosing the two big should spin the engine..if it spins it is your solenoid if not the starter is bad...not a hard job for either...both can be purchased at your local mower place...giid luck

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Try turning your engine by hand counter clockwise to see if it isn't under cylinder pressure..if it turns try to start...if still nothing and your battery is good you most likely have a bad connects the power from the battery to the starter..follow your heavy wire usually red from the positive side of your battery and from the will find it at their ends connected to two large has small wires attached...that is the solenoid.. a quick way to see if it is bad is to put the switch on the run position then take a screw driver and cross it on both post,, making a direct connection bypassing the coil,,,It should crank and start your engine..if it does you need a new coil...easy job depending where yours is located..normally just below the ignition switch..under the hood or dash board..good luck..

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3,000 PSI, 3.5 GPM

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