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Empty the freezer. Unplug the fridge. Take all the shelves and drawer out of the freezer. Remove the lightbulb cover and bulb. Take out the screws that hold the panel on the back of the freezer wall. Slide the panel up slightly to clear the thermistor housing (a small 'bump' on the bottom left side) and remove the panel pulling from the left side forward. The defrost heater is on the bottom of the coils held on by two screws, and the thermostat is clipped on to the top coil and has pink and blue (sometimes orange) wires going to it. Don't worry if the wire colors on the new one are not the same. Unclip the thermostat and cut the wires, leaving yourself enough wire to strip them back and connect them with the new ones. Use crimp connectors or wire nuts (for wet applications) and then clip the thermostat back on. To replace the defrost heater, remove the two screws and disconnect the wires. The new defroster might have both wires on one side, rather than one on each side. That's okay, just move the wire on the left over to the right along side the other wire, and connect. Put everything back together, and plug back in.

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With GE this is a common problem. There is a control board located on the back of the machine that operates everything to do wih the machine. If you pull the machine out from the wall, you'll notice an aluminum plate with 1/4 inch screws around it (not the one that runs across the bottom of the machine.) Its usually on the right side if you are standing behind the refrigerator. If you remove the plate, you'll be able to see the board and more than likely, but not always, see a burnt spot in the board. You part number for this is WR55X10942 and will run you about 161.28 from apdepot but you may be able to find it cheaper else where.

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no it is not possible because while assembling the fridge all the parts are assembled saperately

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Water valve is most like gone. GSS SERVICE MANUAL

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Thi over filling ice maker is cause but the ice maker water valve laking water by when it is supposed to be closed. The only remedy for this is to change the water valve. The water valve is item 800 this link:

close up view:

The high pitched wine from the evaporator fan can either be the fan bearing or ice build up. If your not noticing the freezer temps warm up I would suspect the fan bearings. If you notice things like soft ice cream then you may have an automatic defrost problem. To isolate the possibilty of an automatic defrosting problem and post procedure fan test perform the following manual defrosting steps:

1. Unit unplugged
2. Remove freezer contents
3. Place a fan blowing into the freezer compartment for 2 hours
(Messy - rags and mop required)
4. Wipe residual water in freezer compartment
5. Plug in unit
6. Reload freezer contents

Check for fan whine and normal temps in 4 hours.

If the fan is no longer whining you probably have an automatic defrosting problem. If it still whines you can try lubricating the fan motor bearings with "Zoom Spout" oiler (Any Appliance parts source carrys this for under $3.00) Do not use regular oil! It will cause the fan motor to sieze in about 1 month.

Worst case the evaporator fan motor would have to be changed:

Item 610 this link:

^- Note there are 2 types of fan motor. One with thermistor and one without. Both are listed under item 610.

Replacement plastic parts for the ice maker can be found here:

There are several internet sources for all of the parts above. Links are provided for reference.

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Pull the refrig out and remove the 8 " x 10 " panel . Behind this panel , is the main control board . Unplug the refrig . Remove the BLUE plug from the board , with 3 larger wires going to it . Looking at the blue plug , the sequence will be wire1,wire2,space,wire3 . Get a short piece of insulated wire , and strip about 1/4 inch from each end . Insert 1 end into wire2 , and the other into wire3 . Plug the refrig back in . After about 3 min , look in the freezer , at the bottom , behind the crisper , look for a red glow . If no red glow , unplug the refrig , and reassemble the plug and cover . This no glow , indicates a shorted defrost heater WR51X10101 . It is also advisable to replace the defrost thermostat ( pt. number WR50X10068 ) when replacing the heater . To access these parts , you will have to remove the inside rear wall of the freezer . The heater , is at the bottom of the coils , held on with 2 screws , and the thermostat , is the 1 " cylinder , with a blue and pink wire going to it , clipped on the top left of the coils .
If you do get a red glow , then the # 4 thermistor is bad . This tells the main control board , the temp of the coils , if they need defrosted , when they are thru defrosting . This thermistor is the 1 " long , torpedo looking piece , clipped on the top left of the coils , with 2 white wires going to it . Part number WR55X10025 . It would be advisable to also replace the # 5 thermistor , located at the bottom of the freezer , slightly in front of the drain , also with 2 white wires going to it , slid into a housing . This thermistor , is the freezer thermistor , which tells the control board , the freezer temp and when to cycle off due to selected temperature .

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The defrost timer/element is usually found behind the front grill "toe kick" of the refrigerator. It may also be found behind a cover plate inside the refrigerator or freezer, in the temperature control console, or behind the refrigerator near the compressor.
To test whether the defrost timer/element is simply failing to advance, locate the advance screw and turn it clockwise until you hear it click. This advances it to the next mode. If it was cooling before, it is now in defrost mode. Simply wait about 35 minutes and check whether it has left defrost mode and has resumed cooling (listen for the compressor). If it does not advance, the timer/element motor is probably bad and the entire timer needs to be replaced. If it advances as it should, then you can follow the steps below to test the switch electrically.
The timer/element is usually held in place with one or more screws. Remove the screws and gently pull the timer out far enough to disconnect the wiring connector. The connector can be removed by firmly pulling and rocking it left and right. It is not necessary to note the position of the wires because the connector plug is keyed so that it can be replaced in only one way.

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look in fresh food side top right back if it has a filter

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Time for manual defrost. Empty, unplug, clean, let sit for 24 hours. Heater becomes overwhelmed with ice and cant work. Cause? Door being held open too long or bad door gasket/ gasket not sealing. If it freezes up again and you know non of the above has happen, then its time to buy a heater and or thermo sensor.. try it. It worked for me and saved big bucks.

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Hello. Check to be sure that the ice maker is working and that the ice is not frozen into a large block, which often happens in humid weather. Also make sure that the pathway for the ice is not blocked. J.

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hello,it's your compressor that is the cause of it not blowing.all you need to do is to get a new one and also get your fan serviced.

take care.

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Hi this is most likely due to a dirty condenser or a failure of the condenser fan motor. See the link below for details.

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Frost on the back wall is an indication that the automatic defrost cycle has failed.

This will lead to improper cooling in a short period of time. If you want to make the repair yourself part number WR51X10053 is the heater (the most likely part that has failed).

You will need to unload the freezer, take all the shelves out and remove the rear panel from inside the freezer. You will see the element located at the bottom of the radiator looking coils.

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The frost in the freezer was the tip of the iceberg. The coils in the freezer are likely still blocked and need defrosted. Also the ducts that move air from the freezer to the frig will be blocked too. Take the rear panel off in the freezer and melt all the frost with a hair dryer. DO NOT use a pick or anything other than warm air, the aluminum coils puncture easily.

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check evaporator fan motor if it's working , if not replace evaporator motor in freezer .

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What we have here, is failure to defrost!

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If there is no frost on the rear wall , inside the freezer , then the main control board is bad . This board , is located behind the refrig , behind an 8 " X 10 " panel . The part number is WR55X10656 . This board , probably has a burnt compressor module , keeping the compressor from running . The board is easily replaceable .

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warm both side , motor working

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You don't have a defrost timer, you have a mother board probably on the back of the unit. It determines when to defrost based on the usuage of the unit.
you can force defrost with a jumper from J11 to J9, then monitor current. Assuming fridge is freezing , this should supply current to defrost coils. If not working, you have a bad heater or defrost thermostat. If this works, you have a bad mother boar

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