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Repairing sealed system GE side by side

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FAn not working of duct clogged

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I slid out the tray, found the lever in the back where the rod went in, pulled it down, reinserted the ice tray, and IT WORKED! At first I thought I broke the lever, because I had to hold it down with a knife while I was inserting the tray, but it just must have been stuck.
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There is an opening next to the auger that dispenses the ice. In there there is a lever that must move up and down. It actually seats the metal rod on the bottom of the ice maker and controls cube or crushed. Make sure the lever is down (cube position) when you return the basket to the freezer. I had to hold it down while I slid the rod into the opening. Cubes again.
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no, this is normal. You can help the appliance be most efficient by leaving a couple of inches of free space around it, to allow the heat to escape.

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if it is a new one get it checked under wattery if not it may need regas

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Here is a tip that I wrote about the reasons why ice makers do not work.

Ice Maker Problems and Ice Maker Troubleshooting



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No , the panel is probably ok .
1 ) remove the ice bin
2 ) in the back of the freezer , you'll see a square hole , with a white rectangle piece inside , which you should be able to lift upward , with your finger . If this piece doesn't lift , then it may be corroded with rust , or be bad . When you call for cubes , this piece lifts up and in the process , lifts the long rod , attached to the ice bin . When the rod lifts , it opens the bin flap , allowing cubes to be dispensed . If it does not lift , the cubes will be ground against the cutters , therefore , dispensing crushed ice .
3 ) to access this solenoid which lifts the cube actuator , remove the 3 or 4 screws on the sides of the PANEL , and with the panel removed , you will have access to the solenoid and actuator .
4 ) you can check the solenoid for continuity , voltage ( when arm pressed for cubes) , or possibly a loose wire .

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You may want to check your door gasket for damage or ice build up. It doesn't sound like your freezer door is shutting properly.

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I've been replacing a lot of defrost heaters on these. is there frost inside back bottom of freezer? I've also had computer board problems that cause the freezer fan or the fan by compressor to not run...the coils next to compressor are very easy to get dirty and stop up and cause overheating also..check these and see if one of them is the problem :)

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there is a anti-freeze kit available. u will have to completely dry the motor first. (if you hold it long enough the heat will build up in the motor and thaw itself)but will freeze right back.

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This solution will work if you want to avoid replacing the solenoid and are willing to settle for alawys having cubed ice.

Remove the ice bin, and in the back of the freezer you'll see a square opening with a white plastic piece inside. When you dispense cubed ice this piece lifts up, lifting the long metal rod that runs along the bottom of the ice bin. When that rod lifts it opens the ice flap at the front of bin, allowing cubes to be dispensed. If the flap is not open, the cubes will be ground against the cutters and you will get crushed ice.

Here's what you can do to make it so that you always get cubed ice. Take a wine cork and stand it on end. Using a good knife, I positioned the blade about 1/3 of the diameter from the edge and cut all the way through the length of the cork. Then remove the ice tray.

Now put your finger in the sqaure opening and lift up the white pastic piece. Slide the modified cork under the flap so that it is jammed into the raised position. (This is the position it should be in when you are asking for cubed ice.) Now slide the ice tray back in while using your left hand to push the plastic ice flap at the front of the tray to the left side (again, the position it should be in for delivering cubed ice). Peer under the tray while you're slowly sliding it back in so that you can see if the metal rod connected to that ice flap successfully slides into the square opening at the back. If it can't slide in above the cork-raised plastic piece, you may need to pull the cork back out and trim a little more off it.

This worked for me... I can't get crushed ice anymore, but I've only needed crushed ice once in the 16 months I've lived here so that's not an issue for me.

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check to make sure that the fan in the back is working and then clean the condenser coil underneith the frig

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The button which selects cubes versus crushed controls a solenoid which engages/disengages the crusher. If the mechanisms which crush and push the ice from the chute are all clean, free of ice, etc., then the solenoid is not working. It either has loose/dirty connections or the solelnoid is bad.

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Either the inlet valve /water pump is defective, or the icemaker solenoid is shored.

Most likely the second one.

Enter the model number on one of two websites below to get parts and diagrams for your appliance:

Appliance Parts From PartSelect

Appliance Parts Pros

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Stop, the first thing to know is if you are getting voltage to the rotator srm in the back of the freezer

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the heating fan which turns on and off for defrosting is eathier stuck and wont start to defrost fast enough its a 35 part if you can do it your self when this happens its the defrost elment is going out

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There are a few reasons why the refrigerator part will not are a couple of tips that will help you to figure out why the refrigerantor is not cooling...

Refrigerator2_bing.gif not Cooling or Fridge not Cooling

How to Defrost Refrigerator Defrost Timer Problem


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Replace the defrost heater and defrost thermostat in the freezer.
GE is known for these parts to go bad.

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If there is frost on the back wall of the freezer, then the compressor is running. Another (maybe) good thing is the fan is running.

The problem could be -

1) Bad defrost heater
2) Failed defrost sensor
3) Failed defrost timer or refrigerator controller board.

There are diagnostic tests to determine the problem, but require skill at using a multimeter and possibly reading a schematic/wiring diagram.

You can temporarily make the refrigerator run again for awhile by unplugging, opening the doors, and defrosting for 6-8 hours (store food in coolers.). Then plug it back in. Note, water may come out of the freezer as a result of defrosted ice.

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