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Your power board has issues, you can order one from shopjimmy or ebay

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If the power light comes on (green) for a few seconds and goes off:



PRESS AND HOLD "device"(input) and "menu" buttons on front of tv for at least 5 seconds and then release both together.

Watch for power light to blink in a sequence:

1 blink-then 2 blinks-------no error

2 blink-then 1 blink-------X-ray protection

2 blink-then 2 blink-------SHORT PROTECTION*******

2 blink-then 3 blink---------deflection circuit problem

2 blink-then 4 blink---------vertical circuit problem

******2, then 2 is most common---usually means one of the fuses that protect the Convergence IC or IC's is blown---set will detect no voltage to convergence IC and shut down.



let me know what you find--hope that you find 2 blinks, a pause and two blinks--this is the most common and easiest to fix.

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Hi Drew,

Please email me at, I will send you the copy of the repair manual.


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Disassembly instructions at
and full manual obtainable via

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I think you would be lucky to be able to sell it for that amount. Due to the shear size, weight and bulkiness of the tv, it is likely to sell closer to around $250 - $300. I believe the target group that would have interest is likely very small.

That's just my opinion based on what I am able to sell TVs for in my area.

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You can ship your board to PTS and have them rebuilt board,1-800-844-7871
Encompass Parts Distribution 1-800-638-3328 visit their website and type in your model#
for List of Parts/Prices and Part numbers

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look for a button on the remote most probably labeled " CC " or go into the menu in the audio or setup section and you should find the closed caption settings.

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Google to this website: Encompass Parts Distribution type in your Model number AND THEY WILL LIST ALL THE PARTS FOR THIS MODEL 1-800-638-3328

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ONLY 1 of 2 things can cause this problem----

First thing to do is remove front speaker grill--it should pull out and is secured with plastic pegs--behind it you will find an inspection plate---

Notice the one or two pairs of wires coming from the front keyboard2.gif of the set---remove the inspection plate and follow the wires to the right--you can unplug both plugs(most have two and they are marked with letters and different sizes so you cannot get them wrong)

The idea here is to remove the front keyboard2.gif with its reset button etc from the circuit---You will still be able to try to turn the set on with the remote---

These sets have a Receiver that is called a DM board--(large metal box to the left as you look from the back) and if the power goes out the green light will blink for about 70 seconds and then go out---it is the Receiver booting up. It is called the DM board.

If disconnecting the keyboard allows the set to turn on--you have a bad reset switch and two choices---either operate the set only with the remote or to remove the front screen and get at the reset switch (it is tiny) and remove and/or replace it.

If disconnecting the keyboard does not restore the set to operation---the receiver is bad---there are 4 or more caps and some pico fuses that can fail in that unit---Mitsubishi no longer sells or repairs these--if it is bad and not the caps there is a company you can send the unit to and have it repaired--if you need to know their name let me know---

You can call them and get a quote for repairing the receiver. There are also sites on the internet selling a kit for this repair.

If this information has helped you rate this solution as I do this here for free.

Let me know what more information you need--I am here to help.


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when the light constanly flashes, you have a bad digital module, in most cases you can remove the module and replace all of the 1000 microfarad at 16 volt capacitors in it, some have 4, some have 7 capacitors. that usually doea it, but you probably need a repairman.

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i got mine from mitsubishi! 1-800-553-7278 to get directly to the parts section. enjoy because i love mine! by the way do you mind telling me how you cracked yours because i have an interesting story to tell.

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You must remove the front bezel and frame holder to replace the screen. You will usually see the screws holding the from from the rear of the unit. Once you get the frame off, take note of the way the old screen is installed. There is usually a label on one side near the bottom; the new screens must be installed with the label in the same location. The lenticular goes on the outside (facing the viewer) and the fresnel goes on the inside facing the mirror. You will be able to recognize the fresnel, it has a series of concentric circles that are raised on the sirface of the plastic Be sure to rate this solution.Thanks!

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hi hook up a dvd see if it's working with it ,if is you have a problem with direct tv

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Sounds like the CRTs are going into protective blanking due to the vertical output ic needing to be resolderd. Try resoldering the vertical IC that may possibly fix the issue.

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There is no way to tell if it needs just resoldering only a couple minutes if the vertical IC is defective most shops will say you need a new Circuit board. thats sad to say but most shops dont do component level repairs anymore, they just switch Circuit boards as they can charge more that way, and not have to reply on having the experience to actually diagnose the problem.Thats very unfortunate but true.

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Needs DM module repair = replace four 1000mf/25v 105 degree

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The caps you're describing are in the power supply of the DM and a very common problem. Another problem in that same box is the E2P module. The E2P is a small board towards the rear of the module plugged into the module with a multi-pin connector. Unplug the E2p and re-install the DM and see if the unit powers up... If it does the picture won't look very good but at least you'll know if the E2P is keeping it down.. If it still won't power you've eliminated the E2P as a porblem.
Next let's take a look at the error code for some clues. This model is equipped with a self-diagnosis feature to help with diagnosis of shutdown problems. To activate this turn the unit on let it shutdown then press the device and menu buttons on the front panel simultaneously and hold them in for 5 seconds after 5 seconds the power LED on the front panel will blink a two digit sequence. This will be one set of blinks a short pause then another set of blinks, this will repeat 5 times. 1 - 2 = no error detected 2 - 1 = X-ray protect (high voltage or beam current) 2 - 2 = Short protect (short protect monitors low voltage supplies) 2 - 3 = Deflection protect (this could be loss of vertical or horizontal deflection) 2 - 4 = Vertical protect (usually loss of vertical from the source)
Then, let me know what you find...

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1. Check for no 8.4 volts DC at pin 3 of PC9A10 on the Power PCB, if low or missing replace PC9A10 part # 268P058020. 2. LED does not blink at plug in. Check for 3.3-volts DC at connector RF pin 3 (system reset) if low or missing suspect the reset switch S7L20 part # 432P109010 on the Control PCB. 3. LED does not stop blinking after plug in. Verify the standby supplies, 12-volts at connector KA pin 17, 6-volts at KA pin 18 and the 28-volts at KA pin 19, if the supplies are present suspect the DM PCB part # 934C067002 4. LED does not stop blinking after plug in. Check C9B01, C9B02, C9B10, and C9B11 (1000 UFD 16) on the DM PCB, if they are bad replace them with part # 181P734030 (680 UFD 16 V). 5. LED stops blinking after 70 seconds of plug in but will not power on. This model is equipped with a keyboard lock feature; this can be mistaken as a no power condition. To unlock the keyboard press and hold the "menu" button on the front panel for 10 seconds 6. LED stops blinking after 70 seconds of plug in but will not power on. Check for 3.2 volts DC at connector RF pin 4 and 5 on the Signal PCB if low suspect problems with the switches/buttons on the Control PCB part # 935D736001 7. LED stops blinking after 70 seconds of plug in but will not power on. Keyboard is not locked and key inputs at connector RF pin 4 and 5 check good suspect the E2P PCB part # 934C061001

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