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It definitely has a lens in it then? Kids take them out to play with them and they are pretty useful as a magnifying glass.

If the projection bulb works and there is a lens in it, the only thing it can be is the shutter that comes across the lens to blackout the screen as the slide is changing. As the carousel starts to move, the shutter comes across, the old slide is removed, the new one inserted and then the shutter retracts to show that slide on the screen.

How you get to it and what is likely to be wrong with it, I am not sure, a linkage come off it or something similar?

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Jan 25, 2016

Your Carousel 760 Slide Projector is about 45 years old. One of the problems I have seen as Carousel Slide Projectors age is that the plastic parts in the projector get brittle and break. Given your description of the observed condition is that probably either the gear on the focus motor shaft or the gear it interfaces with (or both) that is broken. Given the age of the machine, parts will be tough to locate. Try: www.micro-tools.com
for the best chance to locate those parts. Good Luck !! Jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Feb 24, 2015

The Carousel projector you describe is approximately 50 years old. Parts are going to be very difficult to locate.
The continuous cycle condition you describe is due to either the cycle contacts just being worn out, or there is a slight chance that those same contacts could be out of adjustment.
If it is the contacts being worn out, it means that the "J"-shaped contact that stops the rotation of the clutch contact that protrudes from the hub of the camstack has nothing to stop it - - the clutch contact has "burned off" from excessive use.
If it is out of adjustment, the "J"-shaped contact should capture the spring protruding from the camstack. In this situation, a VERY careful hand can bend the "J"-shaped wire so it stops the cam contact after it makes one rotation.
I have searched my illustration archive, but can not find an illustration that represents these contacts.
I hope this helps you with your repair. Jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Feb 18, 2015

Detatchable power cords for KODAK Carousel Slide Projectors can be purchased from: www.micro-tools.com
or: www.vinevalleyimaging.com
Good Luck!! jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Feb 11, 2015

No problem! FIRST, make sure the locking ring is in place and tight on the top of the tray. Next, locate the center hub (the hole in the center of the tray fits over it). In the center of the hub you will see either a "coin slot" or a small metal lever. Push the lever in the direction it will move and at the same time lift the tray off the projector. If you have a "coin slot), use a quarter to turn the coin slot until the tray is released. Turn the tray upside down, replace any slides that may have left the tray when it became stuck, and rotate the bottom metal plate until it locks in the locating slot. Turn on the projector and cycle it a few times IN REVERSE without a tray on it. this unlocks the jam in the projector. You should be good to go now!! Good Luck !! Jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Feb 03, 2015

I am puzzled by your question: there is no sign-in required for Kodak Carousel Slide Projectors. If you re-post your question with more information, I will be glad to give it a try !! Jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Jan 21, 2015

Don't know if you have this figured out or not but I think this is what's going on. The debris in the bottom, I'm assuming is either white or if a very old unit, brown. It's insulating ceramic from the surface of the lamp dimming resistor and should pose no particular electrical threat. The sole exception to that would be is it's an old unit (600/700/800 series of Carousel or E2/E2 Ektagraphics-there were a few specialised models in that style too) AND the metal lower body was damaged so it would allow the metal to touch the outside of the resistor which is mounted on the fan housing. If no damage, no worry.

As for the not dropping slides, the most likely cause is dirt and/ or dried up lubrication on the lifter ass'y. The lifter is the arm that rises up and holds the slide up until the tray moves it forward and then the lifter falls down after the subsequent slide is in place. If you are lucky, you can use a few Q-tips wetted (not soaked) with rubbing alcohol. Carefully observe , with the lamp turned off, every surface you can see that the lifter rubs against on its travel up and down inside the gate (the opening the slides fall into). Clean those surfaces, as well as the lifter, where it makes contact. There may or may not be a white plastic strip inside the gate that the lifter rubs against. Clean that in particular.

If this doesn't do the trick, and you feel you can do this part, remove the lower body. This is easier with the older models newer ones may require a special Torx type driver. Mark their locations- those at the handle (newer style) are shorter.

Locate the pivot point of the lifter and clean it with the alcohol or a bit of WD-40. If you have access to a very light grease put just a little on the pivot point wherever it makes contact.

While you are in there, and IF this is a newer model , you can avoid another similar problem. ONLY IF you are are OK with operating the projector with power applied, have it turned upside down and, with a remote control preferably (so you don't jostle the projector, activate the advance. Observe a small grey metal "trigger" that moves for a split second, releasing the thick white gear below it.The trigger will stay in motion a bit longer if using the Reverse . Now disconnect the power and look at the pivot point of that trigger. Drop 2 -4 drops of alcohol on the pivot and gently rock the trigger back and forth. This cleans out old oil. Apply one or two drops (no more) of the lightest oil you can find.("Sewing machine" oil may be OK or very light oil you sometimes get with hair clippers or electric razors) It's almost better to have no oil at this point, than a heavy one. The symptom you get when this trigger starts to stick is that it will advance 2 or 3 slides at a time before stopping.

Reassemble the bottom being careful to fit any wiring inside and not pinch it in any way.

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Dec 18, 2014

Depending on the model of Kodak Slide Projector, the "slot" will either be just that (a slot) or a small metal lever that you can actuate with your finger tip. Either way, it will be located in the hub that centers the slide tray on the top of the projector.

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Sep 24, 2014

The shutter ("door" you refer to) should be spring loaded - the spring will snap the door open when a slide enters the gate. Usually, if the shutter fails to open, it is because the spring that tensions the shutter has either fallen off or somehow unhooked.

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Sep 24, 2014

the mechanism needs cleaning. it is an almost purely mechanical device and needs greasing. the old grease gets hot and dusty and starts to get sticky. when this happens, the moving parts tend not to move. the mechanism needs to come out for a cleaning and regreasing.

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Oct 15, 2013

Hi - I buy and sell these projectors all the time, but don't know this one - is it similar to the Ektalite?

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Oct 11, 2013

Hi - If you are still looking for a heat filter, I have some spare ones of these in stock as I buy and sell these projectors on ebay. You can contact me on stevescarousels@btinternet.com.

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Oct 11, 2013

As long as the slide film is in 2"x2" mounts, yes! I would advise you to use an 80-slide tray as opposed to a 140-slide tray. The individual slide compartments in an 80-slide tray are wider, making it more forgiving to older, possibly warped slides. 80-slide trays can still be purchased from: www.vinevalleyimaging.com. Good Luck! Jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Jan 25, 2013

Sure! Not only did Kodak sell an external automatic timer that plugs into the remote socket, a number of other companies had them as well. If you can't find one searching online for "Kodak slide projector plug-in timer", try: www.micro-tools.com Good Luck !

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Nov 24, 2012

You can order a power cord for a Carousel 850H from: www.micro-tools.com They have purchased Kodak's inventory of spare parts!
Good Luck !!

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Oct 03, 2012

Neither of the "trademarks" you mention were used by Kodak, so the lens must be a non-Kodak lens. First of all, remove the lens and look along its side - it should have a rectangular "rack" (dimensions of the "rack" are roughly 1/2 inch by 3 1/4 inches) with gear teeth that will connect with the corresponding gear (inside the projector) on the focus knob shaft. If the lens does not have this "rack", then you should try to find a lens that does. (One source for lenses is www.VineValleyImaging.com). Verify that the lens is on the focus knob shaft and does not appear to be damaged. If the gear on the focus shaft is damaged (or slipping) you will need to contact a Authorized Repair Dealer to see if parts are still available for your specific model. Let me know if you need anything else! Good Luck !! Jim

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Aug 11, 2012

The problem is "continuous cycle", a fairly simple adjustment to the cycle switch lever. Remove the lamp module & unplug the projector. Turn it upside down. Remove the 6 T-15 TORX screws from the bottom cover. The lever is a "J" shaped wire near the center of the projector. Refer to the attached diagram for help locating. You will have to carefully(!) bend the wire down - a very little at a time. After each bend, plug the projector in and cycle it a few times. If it continues to cycle, shut it off - unplug it - and bend a little more (too much is bad: the wire can break or "trap" the cycle mechanism. You want to get it in the center of the pad, as the picture illustrates. Good Luck !!

Kodak Carousel... | Answered on Jul 13, 2012

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