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Connecting Ipod touch 8(GB) to Wi-fi

I have an ipod touch and a DG834G router, my ISP is AOL and I can't connect the ipod to AOL via the wireless connection. Everytime I enter the network settings manually the device says ( Unable to connect to network). Can somebody possibly offer a solution please!!!!!!!?????? I've eneetered the original network settings and followed solutions on the Apple website, ive even phoned Apple customer support and (after1.5hrs) they still couldn't figure out what the problem is.
I've entered the mac address in the routers allowed list, i've entered every IP address, subnet mask, router address and DNS server addresses, and no luck.

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After fighting with this for the last couple of hours I have my ipod touch working with the netgear DG834G(v3) router. The fix is a bit odd and I am not entirely sure why it works but I thought I would share and hopefully it might help you out …

First I think that the WEP encryption simply does not work between these two devices and causes some very strange behaviour – the WEP 'authentication type' setting I had on the 'wireless settings' page was set to 'shared key' – I flicked this to 'automatic' & strength to ‘128 bit’ - hit apply and finally I found I was able to connect without an error message (after inputting the correct WEP key). Unfortunately the DHCP did not work correctly after this and I kept receiving IP addresses in the range of 169.254.x.x (an internal default) rather than my networks expected 192.168.0.x range. The Ipod touch couldn’t find any DNS servers or connect to the internet.

To get round this I set the router ‘security options’ to use WPA instead (WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)) instead of WEP. Set the new WPA password at the bottom of the wireless settings page - again hit apply - and configured the ipod to use the new password and WPA PSK instead of WEP. This worked fine – although it does mean I have to change the settings on all my other wireless devices around the house!

The weird thing is that although the router isn’t using WEP encryption changing the 'authentication type' setting back to ‘shared key’ in the WEP menu breaks the WPA connection again – very odd? I blame netgear and their obviously crazy wep code :)

Posted on Nov 05, 2007


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Netgear wpn824v2 can't login to router, can't reset defaults

I keep losing wireless connections after 10 months of use. Now support tells me I have to re-configure. The user name and password admin/password do not work. The suggestions to push reset button on back of router (can't find one, I have held down the power button which is all I could find) and reset the defaults hasn't made any difference. Spent over 1/2 hr with support so they could tell me I have to email questions so they can answer. First response took only 3 hours. Second was almost 24 hrs. I think my only option is to buy a linksys and hope for something better.

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The router username is always admin
The default password is password or (for older routers) 1234
Try the default username and password before resetting the router to the factory defaults.
When a router resets, it goes back to the state when it was new — all information that was entered by hand is lost! Examples are critical things you need to get online, such as ISP username, ISP password, IP addresses, security keys, and ports and services that were opened. It all needs to be re-entered.

So, have your ISP information before resetting the router.
Naturally, if you moved to a new city, or if you bought a used router, the old information in the router may not be of use to you. Contact your ISP if you can't connect any computer directly to the Internet. Then, if there is a connection problem when the router is added, see No Internet Access Through the Router

Reset for most routers with a reset button on the rear panel
Write down configuration information such as IP addresses, security keys, opened ports and services, etc., that you modified. (The default username is admin and the password is either password or 1234. Try these before resetting the router.)

Press the reset button on the back until the test light blinks.
This takes about 10 seconds.
(To avoid accidental resets, the small button is recessed. Use a pen or paperclip to access it.)
Release the button.
Wait for the router to reboot.
Log in with the default password.
If the router was not cleared, try these additional steps AFTER the router has finished rebooting.

Unplug the router's power.
Press and hold the reset button.
While the button is held down, reconnect router's power.
Continue to hold the reset button for 20 seconds after reconnecting the power.
Wait for the router to reboot.
Log in with the default password

Posted on Oct 21, 2008


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sky branded Netgear DG834GT router

I am with AOL and cannot get this router to connect. I have reset it (inserting a pin in the hole at the bottom) but no luck. I can't find anywhere to put my username and password into it. I think Sky have blocked the router so you Can't use it with any other ISP. I would be obliged if anyone can tell me simply how to get around this.

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OK - it can be very simple to do, but took me two hours to work out ;-)

Google for all the info you can.

Download the recovery utility from Netgear.
Download the latest OS from Netgear.
Flash the router with the OS.
Enter the router config panel.
Change the Sky login and password to the ones given you by your ISP.

That should be that.

Keep trying: I did, I'm no expert, and I got there.

Do everything you can to a*sf*ck Murdoch and his company.

Posted on May 16, 2008


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itouch wifi issues

I got my i-touch for Christmas. It's been working with the wifi since then. Early this morning (about 1 AM) it suddenly stopped working. I've tried different DNS, IP addresses, etc. I've spent hours trying to figure out how to fix it, and I have no idea. Usually, I'm pretty good with technical stuff, but this is insane. Why won't it work? Why did it all of a sudden stop? When I say suddenly, that's exactly what I mean. It had just loaded the google page and justas it got done loading the "can't find server" message appeared.

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turn off touch then back on, then go to settings and press forget network then that network should reappear and select it and it should work.

Posted on Jan 19, 2009


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How to lock my netgear router

Stressed out with this product can you help.


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go to on ur internet browser and go on wireless settings then go to security and click none then apply

Posted on Feb 04, 2008


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how do i password protect my router from outsiders connecting

I have the 54mbps wireless ADSL2+Modem Router DG834G and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how i password protect or encrypt my internet so no one else can access and use it without my password.Emma

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Hi, check out the support pages here:-

Select your model (v3,v4,v5 etc) then look at the setup pages. Set your security to WPA rather then WEP as this is easily crackable, and with WPA you can choose the password. You should also change the routers admin password to be extra safe.
Let me know if you need anymore help.

Posted on Jan 25, 2009


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power light flashing green

the power light on my wireless router is flashing green with the i light

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the green power light is flashing green with the orange tick next to it and i cant get any wireless internet through it what do i do please help me

Posted on Mar 06, 2010


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i have a dg834gu v5 router from optus australia

i have a dg834gu v5 router from optus australia but cant find the right drivers have tryed a few but when i upgrade the router it always fails & i cant see my router in the little picture area

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Download the drivers here.

Posted on Sep 20, 2009


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I have two routers Netgear DG834Gv3 and Thomson

I have two routers Netgear DG834Gv3 and Thomson SpeedTouch TG585v7. I want to create a wireless bridge between these two routers, so that I can have internet on the Netgear router. The main router/Access Point is the Thomson SpeedTouch and the repeater/secondary router is the Netgear DG834Gv3. So the Thomson SpeedTouch is the one connected to the phone line and currently has internet. I am with O2 Broadband UK. The Netgear router has the latest firmware.
I would be very greateful if anyone could please help me.

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I am sorry but I am not so familiar with the Thomson Device but I can give you a clue on how to set it can skip the security settings first just make sure they work then you can set it later...Check it out!

- Thomson as "Master Router" connected to modem set up as follows
-- Set up wireless access point as you normally would in Wireless Settings, muine are "MY_SSID",Channel 2,b+g mode,
64-bit WEP with hex key (rather than pass phrase)
--- Enter any laptop wifi MAC addresses in the "Client Access List" here to allow them and make sure it's set to restrict
-- Set DHCP range to to (my preference) in "Lan Settings"
-- go to Wireless Bridging and Repeating menu option
--- Set "Enable Wireless Repeating Function"
--- Set as "Wireless Base Station"
--- DO NOT check the "Disable Wireless Client Association" if you want to be able to use laptop wifi
--- Enter the mac address of your "Slave Router" here
Make sure all of the above is applied and has stuck, i had a habit of setting some things then clicking to a sub-menu
before clicking apply, always scroll down and click apply before drilling into sub options!

DG834G V3 : "Slave Router"
-- Get latest firmware as earlier v3 firmware doesnt support WDS
-- Enable Wireless Settings and set to exact same as "Master Router" including 64 bit WEP key and MAC access list for
laptops etc
-- Disable DHCP in Basic Setup (I think)
-- "Advanced Wireless Settings" menu option
--- "Enable Bridging and Repeating"
--- Select the "Wireless Bridge With Client Association" (or similar) option
--- Enter the "Master Router" MAC address here
Again, double check everything has stuck, that the "normal" wireless settings for both routers are identical and reboot
both (in either order worked for me but booting the Master first is probably best practise)

Posted on Oct 27, 2009


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I need a pin for my netgear router, so that i can

I need a pin for my netgear router, so that i can connect my nintendo wii

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From a computer that is connected to the NetGear router,
access the router's web-interface, and set a PIN.
Then, you can use that PIN on your WII.

Posted on Nov 09, 2009

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