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Yes I can and I can tell you how to check to veify the problem.
That code is due to the drum heaters not operating. They simply are 2- 150 watt halogen lamps that heat the aluminum drum. One or both of them fail and cause that specific fault code.
What you want to do is shut the printer off, then the easiest way to see them is to first turn off the lights in the office or room you are in.
Turn the machine back on. Looking from the front, go to the right side of the machine, you will see some slots, its a vented opening for the exhaust fan. Just look into those slots and watch for a glow of the lamps coming on. You will not see the lamps themselves, but if they are working you will see a pretty bright glow through that slot, inside the machine. I very very seriously doubt they are coming on. I actually hope you don't see any light in side the machine. My guess is there is a 99.99999 percent chance you will NOT.
Those lamps should come on, say about 30 seconds to a minute after the power comes on. So just peek in a few times, after a couple of minutes if you see noting just turn the machine off.
They are simply 2 halogen lamps you can buy at Lowes or pretty much any hardware store for about $15 for the pair. I really recommend that if you intend on fixing it yourself, purchase if you can, the Sylvania Halogens rated for 130 volts and that are vibration protected.Although any brand of the proper wattage will work.
If you call Xerox for service, they will charge over $250 to show up and about another $250 for the heater assembly, when you really only need the 2 $6 halogen lamps. But PLEASE, if you want to try and repair it yourself, ASK ME, I will send you a step by step procedure to replace those, It is a little time consuming but not really difficult. If you have patience, I can explain it to you and you can have your printer repaired for less than $20. There is one area in specific that you have to remove carefully so as not to break a switch actuator. But I can tell you where that is and how to avoid breaking that also.
But, I can pretty much say with certainty that the lamps are your only problem, Its not a major issue at all.

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on Jun 23, 2009

Is there a specific code you are getting when the machine stops?
It can be a few things, one would be a 3 letter number code, the other a 8 digit number listed as xx,xxx.xxx.
That would help greatly in determining your problem.

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on Feb 17, 2009

This error message is related to the drum heater malfunctioning. It is basically 4 small halogen bulbs that warm up the image drum. Sometimes one or two of the bulbs will blow causing this error. The part # is 650-4228-00 Drum/Paper Heater assy. It is not extremely difficult to change, however you need torx bit screwdrivers to remove the components, also there is a very delicate paper sensor that needs to be removed, so you may want to have a technician replace it.

Hope this helps!

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on May 20, 2008

I can write the procedure out here.
The lamps are 150 watt lamps, I normally buy the ones rated for 130 volts.
You need to first have torx bits or drivers for the screws.
Remove both side covers. There are 1 screw on the back of each cover and one screw on the front inside, that you have to open the front cover to access. On the upper part of the machine.
After removing the side covers, remove the maintenance tray and both green slide rails it sets in. Those small leaf springs on those green rails can have some scotch tape placed on them to keep them in place when re installing.
Then remove the stainless steel plate on the upper front. Its about 10 inches wide and 3 inches high. 2 screws hold it in place and 2 tabs on bottom.
Next you have to remove the registration roller assembly. It is the steel assembly about mid front. To remove that, you first have to remove the clutch and drive belt and gear from the left hand side of the machine ( looking from the front). Just one clip removes the clutch, the gear has a slot in it to get it past the clutch stop. Slide it and the belt off.
Now that registration assembly isnt difficult to remove, but can be anoying. One the left side of that assembly, there is a C slip with a tab on it, it holds the bearing in place. That clip has to be removed. Not a lot of room to access it, so have a longer thing screwdriver handy. And on the right side there is one torx screw holding it in. Also not the bearing on the right side stuck in the frame. I always take some white out or some glue and glue it into the frame when replacing the transport, It loves to fall out otherwise.
Once you remove that registration assembly, there are 2 screws about 8-10 inches apart on a beige plastic blocks. Remove those and you can then remove the heater assembly where those lamps are mounted. Replace the lamps. Take some emery cloth and clean the contacts to the lamps and reassemble.
Honestly if you just go slow and methodically it really isnt difficult. Just take your time.
I will say the Sylvania lamps, rated 150 watts, 130 volts with anti vibration coils in them never seem to fail.
Good luck let me know if there are any questions.

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on Apr 13, 2008

The Printer's Front Panel Displays Printer Error - Contact Service; Report Fault 13,004.43 Cause:
The left jet stack heater is not heating at all, or is heating too slowly TRY FIRST (Solutions without parts): 1. Poor ventilation. - Make sure printer has 6 inches minimum of clearance on all sides. 2. reseat the cables to the printhead. TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS AND HINTS: 1. added drum maintenance parts for damage control. replace as needed if worn or broken. PARTS:Parts are listed in the order of highest probability for repair. NUMBER QTY DESCRIPTION PROBABILITY% MODEL S/N FROM S/N TO S/N 650411200 1 *PRINT HEAD ASSY; . 367051501 2 FOLLOWER,CAM; DM CAM,SAFETY CONTROLLED, QTY 1 650428800 1 FRU, CLUTCH/ANTI-ROTATION COLLAR 351105301 1 GUIDE; DRAWER ASSY,DM RIGHT 351105102 1 GUIDE ASSEMBLY; DM DRAWER,LEFT,SAFETY CONTROLLED REPAIR/INSPECT/PREVENT PROCEDURE: 1. Clean pick rollers only when ink or debris is visible. 2. Clean feed rollers, exit rollers and guides only when ink or debris is visible. 3. Inspect cap/wipe/purge gasket and wiper blade. 4. Check for cooked or discolored inks; if necessary, flush out ink. 5. Inspect and clean the drum maintenance blade and the rapid release guide. Check print quality; if necessary, perform clean for light stripes. 6. Check cleanliness of interior and exterior of printer, including fans; if necessary, clean (dust or vacuum) these areas. 7. Report the use of Non-Tektronix/Xerox ink. 8. Review proper operation of printer.

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on Mar 24, 2008

If it is a 8200 or older, 860,850 etc there are 2 halogen lamps in the drum heater. One or both of those are blown out.
Phaser or Xerox will only sell you a heater assembly.But you can go to any hardware store and pick up 150 watt 120/130 voe halogen short lamps and replace them.
What you want to do is look into the fan openings on the printer when you turn it on, and see if you see lamps glowing.
If you do not, that is the problem, It is very common.

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on Mar 12, 2008

If it takes a long time to cycle, then shuts down. I suspect the drum heaters are defective.
Best way to find that out is, turn off yout room lights, then turn the machine on.
There is a fan exaust on the right side of the printer where there are sloted openings.
When you turn the machine, look in that fan slot and see if you see lights inside the printer. There should be a candesent type of glow you see about 20 seconds to a minute after you turn on the machine. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, but if you see no lights the heater or heaters are bad. They are standard 120 volt 150 watt halogen lamps. Tricky to change. But it can be done.

Xerox 8200/DP... | Answered on Dec 31, 2007

May be a defective toner cartridge - try a another to find out.


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