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Canon S2 IS black screen

I have a black screen on my camera.The pictures takes black. Everything else works fine. I think it's a CCD sensor problem.

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Normal 0 BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH – FIXED AT LAST - After doing several hours of research on the internet, I have been able to eliminate the problem on my Powershot S2 IS. I started with the “fix” as suggested by guidofoc in a post on the “flickr” site. Thanks guidofoc! His procedure did fix the problem for me but it only lasted a day. The next day, back to the same old black screen. For the next few days/weeks, when I wanted to use my camera, I did the same procedure and it would come back to life but would be black again the next time I powered up the camera or a day later.
Back to internet research! On the “Fixya” site, I found a picture of the camera shutter and diaphragm blades. This picture was posted by “andyhutton” who was also having the same “black screen” problem. He had disassembled his camera and found what appeared to be an oil exuding on the shutter diaphragm blades. He disassembled the camera, cleaned it thoroughly, and reassembled it. This fixed his camera. Other information I found indicated that what appeared to be oil was a little “stiffer” than oil, almost hard. It was thought that this was happening after leaving in a hot car other high temperature environment.
All this made sense to me but I didn’t relish the thought of tearing the camera apart and reassembling it. This procedure reportedly took about 6-8 hours. And this was by a person who considered himself, to have a reasonable amount of mechanical ability. I definitely DON’T RECOMMEND this approach unless you have tried all else and are ready to junk your camera. Using this information I theorized that if I used the temporary fix procedure and then repeatedly activated the shutter, perhaps the “wiping action” may wear down the frictional areas and free up the shutter blades to move more freely. I tried it. Voila! It has worked now for the last 6-8 weeks without a failure. Here is my final procedure:

Set the camera in Tv mode, (delayed shutter mode) set the shutter at 15 sec, click to take a picture and during that 15 secs (like, after 7 seconds) open the battery, compartment which cuts contact with the battery circuit. Close the battery cover. At this point the camera works fine for me but only temporarily as noted above. Sometimes however, this procedure had to be performed more than once. Here is the key to the permanent fix. While the camera is working via the temporary fix, take many, many pictures. Hundreds! I probably snapped 400-600 pics. The idea is to wear down the little patches of hardened oil on the shutter blades. For the next three of days I took hundreds of pics each day. Basically, I just aimed the camera at the wall or whatever and snapped off several hundred pics.

Now that I seem to have my camera working permanently, my plan is to NOT leave my camera in a high temperature environment, and to try to use it regularly. Maybe, not unlike many other things, if it gets no regular use, it may start to deteriorate.

No guarantees but I do hope this helps someone.

Posted on Aug 20, 2009


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I have the same problem with my Canon S3 IS. I was about to buy a new camera and somehow bumped into this post. I tried this solution twice and it WORKS. Thanks a lot.

Posted on May 28, 2009


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Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-N1 - download photos from camera onto computer

how do i download my pictures from my sony Cybershot DSC-N1....the photos I want to download from the camera onto my computer is in the album feature...i was able to download the photo's that was in the memory but need help with the photos in the album feature. thanks

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You need to go to MENU, roll down to SET UP
if you roll down you would see at top
"Camera1", "Camera2" and "Memory Stick"
go to Memory Stick and roll down to COPY
go to ALBUM...
and then she ask you...All data in Album will be copied. Ready? touch OK ....
Now you create a folder with all the photos in the memory and you can download it.
I hope this help you...Liz Annette PR

Posted on Jul 09, 2008


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Canon PowerShot S2 IS Digital... E18 Problem

Camera lense will not retract when shut off. Not able to take any pictures, but can view pix from card. Replaced batteries and tried hooking camera to view pix on TV but still not able to use....has E18 error code on screen.

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#4 worked first try!

Posted on Aug 06, 2008


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Change the batteries message even with new NIMH RShack batteries

Righ after the change batteries message appears on the old batteries, I bought brand new NIMH batteries, charge in full and put it on; however, the message was coming back after I took around 50 pictures. Any advice?
Carlos Montalvan - Email address:

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The solution is to change the small 'date/time' battery. You can have the regular batteries as charged as you like, it won't make any difference. The tiny date/time battery is in the same compartment as the regular batteries, on the opposite side of the hinge. Extract it with a fingernail, it is situated on the left hand wall of the battery compartment (when the camera is inverted and the compartment open).

Posted on Oct 25, 2009


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Display dark

When I turn the camera on the display is back, even when trying to look through the viewfinder. I know that the display works because I can view the pictures that have been taken. Is there a setting that I need to look at? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I looked in the manual and they dont have my problem as a troubleshooting problem.

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There is a temporary fix that works sometimes but eventually it will stop working alltogether. If canon can't help, might try this:


Posted on Feb 11, 2009


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canon powershot s2 Is

everything was dandy until my batteries died. i went to the store and bought new ones, loaded them up and now i can't use it. it beeps 4 times every time i try to snap a shot and across the top of the screen it says, "naming error". what do i do?

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I just fixed mine. Put your memory card into your computer. Right click on it. Choose format. Reformat the memory card. You WILL lose all pictures stored on it.

Before putting the memory card into your camera, do the following.

Go to MENU and choose RESET ALL.

Choose reset to original settings.

When camera is done doing so, turn camera off.

Reinsert memory card after it is done being formated in your pc.
Then your camera and memory card should work great again. I just did it on my Canon Powershot A620.

Posted on Mar 22, 2010


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Flash Problem

The flash does not fire. Sometimes even when I press the flash button what can I do?

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Using the flash When shooting with the built-in flash, open the flash manually. The flash does not pop-up automatically. The flash will not fire if it is closed. The flash will work when it is opened up. When the flash is open, the (flash on) icon or (automatic) icon will appear on the LCD monitor (or in the viewfinder). Flash on: The flash fires in every shot. Automatic: The flash fires automatically. Press the (flash) button to switch between the and flash modes while the flash is open. In some shooting modes, the flash mode does not switch even if the flash button is pressed. Please refer to Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode in the Camera User Guide provided with your camera for more information. When you are not using the flash, close it manually. When the flash is closed, the flash will not fire and the icon appears on the LCD monitor (or in the viewfinder).

Posted on Aug 31, 2005


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Canon Power Shot S21s screen is black

I am having the same problem mentioned by the others about a black screen and not being able to take any pictures. I have a 256 card in it. You can see the camera settings but no picture. I did not see anyone come up with a solution yet. Help! Please! Bought June 2006, have not used much, but like(d) a lot. Turned on the other day, screen & viewfinder black, but can see white square & icons (just not anything I want to take a picture of). The LCD screen can't be burned out -- I never use it -- just use the viewfinder. Called Canon, a tech walked me through "resetting" the camera -- no change. I sent it in, & got an estimate of $150.00 to fix it.

Called Canon (it seems to be same problem described for the S1 IS -- see "CCD Image Sensor Advisory" on their support site) to suggest they fix it for free, & was told that the CCD in mine is different from the one in the service bulletin, so they won't. I'm going to tell them to send it back, & I'll toss it some day.

And like other frustrated Canon owners whose posts I've seen, I really liked the camera, but will never buy another Canon. I'll also make it a point not to spend a lot on a type of equipment that's apparently not intended to last.

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This is a common problem in older Canon S2 IS cameras, especially ones that have not been regularly used. What happens is that the lens iris gets stuck at a small aperture. Most often you can get function back. Here's how:

Turn the camera on in shooting mode.

Turn the mode selector to shutter priority ("Tv").

Use the four-way button on the back to set the shutter speed to 15 seconds. That's right, 15 seconds.

Press the shutter release. Count to seven, then pop open the battery compartment.

Wait several seconds, then close the battery compartment.

You may need to repeat the above sequence several times to unstick the iris. If that does not accomplish it, you will likely have to send the camera in for repair.

Once you have it working again, you should use the camera regularly to keep it from sticking again.

Posted on Sep 25, 2008


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My Canon S2 IS keeps saying 'change the battery'

My Canon S2 IS keeps saying 'change the battery' even if I put the new batteries in. Why...? Thanks.

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there is a little coing battery located inside the battery compartment for the AA's. CR1220 you can get this at Radio Shack for about $5. If this battery is bad you will get the change batteries screen no matter how many fresh AA's you put in, Use a good quality alkaline battery such as the Energizer rechargable rated at 2700 mAh.

Posted on Dec 16, 2010

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