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use the vr adjustment points to adjust the AMC modulation. DO NOT cut the mic audio limiter tr-32 or the modulation limiter tr-54. it will over-modulate and splatter out of band if you do

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I just answered that in the link below

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buy yourself an astatic PDC-5 antenna matcher and use it to get your match to a 1.5:1 but before you do that is your antenna one that can be tuned by sliding it up or down if so and you can't get it any lower than 3 then get the PDC5 only about 24.00 plus S&H

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if your swr is higher on 1 then on 40 then your antenna is electrically short and you have to lenghten the antenna.If it is higher on 40 then on 1 then it is long and you have to shorten it. If you have to make it longer then you may have to add a quick disconnect or a coiled spring to make it longer. To make it shorter all you have to do is trim a 1/4 in at a time off the antenna whip but you must keep checking the match until it gets down below 1.5 .

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Have you tried keying it without the coax attached ? Take the mic apart and give it a squirt of electrical parts cleaner .Try using a different mic also.

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If you disable any part of the radio that does not pertain to CB then you could actually do damage to the radio. the best thing to do is leave it on the CB band and don't touch it.

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the radio is searching for a strong incoming signal and until it gets one it will search for one. Try turning off the scan button .

Connex Radio... | Answered on Oct 03, 2018 | 68 views

Probably inside the unit

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many trucks have a ground wire in the harness as the cabins are fibre glass or not grounded around the cabin mounts If the radio grounds out through the frame , then there would be no ground for the radio or the aerial wire
to fit this particular may require such a wire in the harness for the radio which it probably doesn't have
As you have been alerted to a problem, it would be advisable to talk with professional radio fitters who work on trucks to get the correct advice before starting on the job
it could save a lot of frustration

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Sorry we do not sell parts nor have the ability to locate them for you.

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If you ground the audio wire, you will have no noise or mic function at all. The mic hot wire and the shield should be enough to avoid hum.

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contact connex and they will give you a repair number and let you know where to send it.

Connex Radio... | Answered on Dec 04, 2016 | 186 views

Fixya is not a buying service.

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Is the CB getting its power from the amp(?) By amp I will assume you are talking about a signal amplifier..

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people think that if they peak and tune a radio it will work better. First, if its brand new from the factory you shouldn't have to,all you should have to do is lower the dead key raise the modulation and you are good to go . The proper way to do this is with a spectrom analyzer . Do you have one? Cheap on ebay ,may 4000-5000 dollars but if you get one and set that radio perfect you should hear anyone complain that you are interfering with their radio.

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first of all if you do not have a ham license then you should even worry about getting on any band other than the AM band .

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Your connex should have a know with letters on it A,B,C,D,E,F, Look at the counter and set that knob to C whick should be the CB frequency.

Connex Radio... | Answered on May 16, 2016 | 966 views

As a general rule of thumb all radios should be connected directly to the vehicle 12 battery. This connection cuts down on vehicle induced noise and allows the radio to have access to the full current it needs to operate at full efficiency. Make sure there are matched fuses in the positive and negative leads going to the radio.
Hope this answers your question.

Connex Radio... | Answered on May 15, 2016 | 149 views

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