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This machine does not support USB boot function. Meaning, you wont be able to do so in this specific machine.

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reinstall windows!

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You have to reset your BIOS.
1. On the motherboard near the battery you will find a jumper. Put the jumper to cross the pin number 2 and 3. Turn on your PC. Wait 3 seconds. Remove the power cord from PC.
After that, put the jumper at the original state, and the bios doesn't has password anymore.

2. Or remove the battery, put it back after 60 seconds.

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usb or ps2 keyboard ? might need to be enabled in BIOS

If you want to use a USB keyboard to access Windows command prompt options, make changes in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), or to operate legacy operating systems, you must enable support for the device inside the BIOS.

Shut down the computer and disconnect the USB keyboard. Connect a PS/2 keyboard to the PS/2 connector port on the rear of the computer. Turn on the computer and press the "Delete" key several times as soon as you see the initial boot or company logo screen. Wait for the main BIOS setup screen to appear. Press the right or left arrow keys to move the cursor to the "Advanced" or "Advanced Settings" menu option. Press the "Enter" key. Move the cursor to the "Integrated Peripherals" or "Peripheral Configuration" menu option. Press the "Enter" key. Press the down-arrow key to navigate to the "USB Controllers" option. Press the "+" or "-" key to change the menu option to "Enabled." Move the cursor to the "USB Legacy Support" or "USB Legacy Function" field. Press the "+" key repeatedly until the value option changes to "Enabled." Press the "F10" key to save changes to the BIOS settings and exit the setup utility. Wait until the computer begins to restart and then press the power button and hold it for approximately four or five seconds. The computer shuts down completely. Unplug the PS/2 keyboard from the computer and set it aside. Reconnect the USB keyboard restart the computer. As soon as you see the initial boot screen, tap the "Delete" key several times and wait for the BIOS setup screen to appear. If you are able to access the BIOS setup screen with the USB keyboard, USB support is active in the BIOS.

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It's trying to boot the computer from the floppy diskette drive.

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to do a format you must boot the pc with the disc in the drive, and set pc to boot from dvd, in boot options, then when it comes to install options press options and format, this will do a wipe/format and you should be ok from then.

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F12 then choose Set up

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I would say yes, as long as you can get it boot from the USB. Check BIOS. Are installing you Win 95, 98, or XP? I ask because the manual has reference to Y2K.

You just want to keep it as a Linux box. Have Fun!

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Either your monitor is bad or the video card inside the computer is bad. To isolate the problem try a different monitor on the computer. Borrow a monitor from a neighbor, friend, relative or co-worker. If the borrowed monitor works, then your original monitor is bad. If the Borrowed monitor does not work, then the video card inside your computer is bad.

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Either your monitor is bad or the video card inside the computer is bad. To isolate the problem try a different monitor on the computer. Borrow a monitor from a neighbor, friend, relative or co-worker. If the borrowed monitor works, then your original monitor is bad. If the Borrowed monitor does not work, then the video card inside your computer is bad.

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Test your PSU or replace it if your power supply units fan is not working your PSU is faulty

One bad lead can cause a computer to continue on a cycle or to shutdown or fail to detect/ boot up a computer hard drive

Test all leads that attach to your hard drive including electrical extensions,IDE,SATA

the leads from your MOTHERBOARD TO YOUR HARD DRIVE make sure they have a secure connection and are not faulty or just replace them they could be faulty

make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd 3 1/2 inch floppy have secure connections and are not faulty even the electrical extensions or just replace them they could be faulty a computer needs its connections to continue its cycle and have an end so any faulty leads will end up with a computer error

even something as small as a faulty electrical extension or fan lead can cause you problems

computers need all of the data and electrical current to travel through every working device and to have an end to be able work properly

motherboard and a hard drive any leads between them will fail before your motherboard or your hard drive if its a flat ribbon 40 pin type IDE replace it this will be the first to fail

check all electrical power input and extensions make sure they are securely seated even the cd/dvd floppy drives need to have current go through make sure these drives are working

also check the Cmos battery and computer RAM modules make sure they are securely seated with no dust built up or in the sockets on some motherboards cmos batteries are soldered in

check you CPU make sure its securely seated and has thermal grease

hope this helps you

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have you checked to see if the cd drive is showing up in MY COMPUTER?
if it's not the it's possible that the cd drive needs to be replaced

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An Amber blinking powerbutton indicates a low voltage problem. This can be caused by a defective powersupply or a defective motherboard. Just to make sure that nothing else iscausing the problem, remove any PCI cards like modem, video card, sound card,etc... Remove the memory modules and disconnect cables to CD/DVD drives. Lookat the USB ports to see if any are damaged.

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Malfunctioning memory module - replace it and try again. If you get a similar result then the defect is in the memory controller from the motherboard. This is unfixable, the motherboard is dead - replace it.

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restart your computer press F8 then click restore the directory setting this will restore all the directory in the system and the system will reload properly if this doesn't work you will have to re install the OS

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firstly you can try chkdsk /f if that doesn't work you might need to do a repair install of windows or even a full install

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You need to install a graphics card

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The most simple way to reset a BIOS password is to just clear it. To do this, turn off and unplug your computer, wait for a few minutes for the capacitors to drain, just to be safe. Then physically open your computer by removing the screws from the back, connecting the outer panel(s) to the main body of the computer, and remove the outer panels by sliding them back and lifting them away from the central part of the computer. Next, make sure to ground yourself, you can do this by touching the bare metal parts of the computer with two spread fingers every now and then, or by using an anti-static wristband (I would bet you don't have one, so just don't bother) this will prevent you from frying your computer. Now, locate the BIOS battery on the motherboard, it looks like a watch battery (that's because it is, but I digress) es187.gif
The above is a picture of what your motherboard should look like, part #13 is what you're looking for, as we can see, it's near the middle of the board. simply remove this battery (there should be a small spring-like mechanism on one side of the battery that you press out to remove the battery). Also while we're in here, look for object #9 in the picture. There should be a jumper (a small piece of plastic covering two pins on the motherboard) here. If there is, then remove it. If there isn't, then don't worry. After about 5-10 minutes of waiting, replace the battery, making sure that the battery has the positive side up (the side with a big + etched in it). Replace the computer cover, plug it back in, and see if that all works.

I hope this helps!

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It sounds like the 3.5" floppy drive either got disconnected (if you were inside the computer) or it went bad.

I the easiest fix (if you don't use the floppy drive) is to disable the floppy drive in the BIO's.

I don't have the exact steps for this particular model Dell BIO's but here are some basic pointers.

When the computer first boots up you should see an option to enter SETUP (probably by hitting F2, or DELETE or F10, etc). Once in the BIO's look for the floppy disk setting and simply set it to NONE or DISABLE (what ever option they offer).

I hope this helps.

Best of luck!!

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one word YOU SHOULD NOT TOUCH THAT plus THAT COMPUTER IS OLDER THAN ???? hidden files should not be touched that's why they are HIDDEN

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