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Visit Compaq's website and look for the webcam driver from there. If you already have the driver but you want it updated, then you can use RadarSync to update it automatically.


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Computer does not boot up The problem maybe the RAM, it could be faulty or just needs reseating to make proper electrical contact.
Reseat the RAM and then boot up your laptop. If it still does not boot up then remove the RAM module/s and take them to your friendly computer repair shop and get them to test the RAM for you. Just like you sometimes need a mechanic to repair your car, sometimes you do need a technician to diagnose and identify the fault or faults on your computer. Not only does a good service technican have the experience to deal with this type of problem, they also have the equipment that allows them to look at things the average computer user can't see, and he has a collection of replacement parts that can be used to quickly test individual components on your computer.

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go into device manager and find the cd/dvd device on your list. uninstall it. then run the check for hardware changes in the menu bar. and it should find it and reinstall it

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1) You can restore the computer to some data that your know was working good.
2) go to the control panel and then Sound open the icon and adjust the speakers.
3) you can disable the driver and update the driver for sound from the www.hp.com
God bless you

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Have you tried using a different gadget or computer that has the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly? If all connect without any problem, then you just need to update the device driver of your compaq. You can either update the drivers manually or you can do it automatically (recommended) so that you can get the correct drivers. You can use RadarSync to make it automated.

By the way, if all other gadgets and computers do not connect wirelessly then contact talk talk.

I hope this helps!


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WARNING: Before you start troubleshooting remember that you are dealing with electricity that can KILL. http://www.kitchentablecomputers.com/static.php - rules Only work inside the computer case when the power has been switched off and disconnected. Never open the power source. Some of the below steps recommend removing physical parts within the computer. While in the computer it is highly recommend that you be aware of ESD and its potential hazards Remove the memory modules from their slots. Take the opportunity to clean the slots on the motherboards and the memory module connectors. Use compressed air to blow dust away and clean contacts with a soft cloth. Do not use a metallic vacuum cleaner if it touches any component it may create a short and cause damage to the motherboard or other components. Do not use solvent that may attract dust and never poke things like cotton buds in to slots. lightly rub an alcohol on a cloth not to hard let the alcohol do the work on the copper gold or silver tabs and r Allow the pins to dry. They will air dry in a matter of minutes If reseating the memory did not resolve the issue try swapping the location of the memory. If you have only one stick of memory in the computer try moving it to another slot and then boot the computer. Check the memory module and memory slot contacts. They are either copper tin or gold. The colour will tell you which they are. Mixing tin and gold can result in corrosion that prevents proper contact. Look for any sign of physical damage to the memory module, memory slots or the motherboard. Reseat the memory modules. You should hear an audible click when they are in place. Do not use too much force to reseat the memory module in to the slot this can cause damage to the module, slot or motherboard. Could even be a virus or malware Download and install at least one of these all free depending on your operating system http://spybot-search-destroy.soft32.com/ Freeware detect and remove a multitude of adware files and modules. http://www.majorgeeks.com/Microsoft_Security_Essentials_for_Windows_d6242.html microsoft security essentials your operating system must be registered http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/security-essentials/product-information malware protection http://100-downloads.com/download.php?p=615 windows xp microsoft security essentials http://100-downloads.com/download.php?p=614 windows 7 microsoft security essentials Thermal compound is a sticky paste that is placed directly onto the CPU. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Thermal-Compound-Roundup-February-2012/1490 Allowing for a more direct heat transfer between the CPU and HEAT SINK and preventing air gaps from forming between the CPU and heat sink.
The hardware that you are trying to access is damaged or failing.

Capacitors, sometimes also called condensers, are used to store energy in an electric field. In the context of computing, capacitors are used to block the direct current being circulated around the motherboard. A typical capacitor should last up to 15 years, but some computer manufacturers use substandard capacitors resulting in shorter lifetimes. Computer Problems b> When a capacitor has gone bad on a computer you may experience a large range of problems. The computer may have trouble booting up, or it may shut down without notice after running for only a short period of time. The most common problems associated with faulty capacitors are that they cause unexpected computer crashes and general reliability issues ranging from read/write issues to distorted screen images. b> Identifying a Bad Capacitor b> To identify a bad capacitor you will need to open your computer case and locate the capacitors on your motherboard. A bad capacitor may exhibit swelling at the top or the base of the capacitor or it may sit at an awkward angle with the motherboard, so compare the various capacitors in your computer in terms of and placement. Additionally, a bad capacitor may have a funny smell or it may have a brownish residue leaking from the top or the base. b> Prevention b> Manufacturers claim that capacitors may go bad because a computer is not receiving enough power from a power supply, because of an overclocked processor or because a computer is operating in an environment with too much heat or humidity. However, some capacitors prematurely fail due to faulty work on the part of the manufacturer. If you have a bad capacitor be sure to do research as to the lifespan of other products made by your manufacturer. Identifying bad capacitors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngA4k32jLGc Capacitor replacement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0Pn2tEjY04 How to check a capacitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4tnHA0phcc Replacing a leaking capacitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0Pn2tEjY04

The device drivers for the hardware are faulty or incompatible. Could be a problem with the Hard Drive or the Hard drives PCB http://www.onepcbsolution.com/ There is a connection problem such as a bad cable
Test all power and data leads that attach to your hard drive SATA
the leads from your MOTHERBOARD TO THE HARD DRIVE make sure they have a secure dust free connections and are not faulty. Although it would be very rare for the sata lead to be faulty. Make sure all leads that are attached to your drives dvd\cd have secure connections and are not faulty Computers need power and data to travel through every working device and continue its cycle and have an end so any faulty leads will end up with a computer error

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Step 1:
The touchpad of Hewlett Packard Compaq notebook computers comes equipped with vertical and horizontal scroll capabilities. Dragging your finger on the top or side of the touchpad will scroll in windows equipped with scrollbars. This feature takes some getting used to if you're used to a regular mouse or a wheel equipped mouse. If you prefer to not have vertical and horizontal scrolling performed from the touchpad, one or both features can be disabled.

Double-click the red Synaptics icon on your task bar. If it's not displaying, open the Control Panel and click on "Mouse" in Windows XP. In Windows Vista/7, type "Mouse" in the search field of the "Start" menu and click on the Mouse result. Click on the "Device Settings" tab and then click on the "Settings" button. The Properties for Synaptics TouchPad dialog box will appear. Click on "Virtual Scrolling" in the "Select an Item" box on the left. Clear one or both scrolling features in the "Virtual Scrolling" section. Click "Apply," and then "OK."

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Maybe perhaps you didn't download the updated version of Java. Download it and you should no longer have that error.

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hi i need drivers of presario C700 laptop

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As usual the shift key is on the right bottom corner second key up!



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try to update the driver or buy a good wifi adapter :)

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Does the computer make running sounds? If so it could be there is an issue with the LCD screen. If not it could be bad RAM or the Motherboard is having issues.

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You can download the WEBcam and device drivers from the Compaq/HP WEB support/download page. Make sure you select your model laptop and the Windows drivers you require and install them. Click on this link to download the drivers: -

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Make sure that the battery is charged or plug in the power supply.

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It sounds like you need to replace the key. You can find replacement laptop keys at http://www.laptop-keys.com

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The ntoskrnl file (NT operating system kernel file) is one of the main Windows file. You can repair this file by inserting the Windows CD install disk and boot up with this CD. Follow the instructions to Install Windows but ignore the first Repair instruction (unless you have a repair disk sually a floppy disk) continue until you get a 2nd repair request, then select this repair.
Windows install will then copy the main files and overright the corrupted ones. (your data and programs should remain intact).
If you still have problems you most likely have to install Windows again.

Best of luck, hope this works out for you, it is a pain having to install Windows again, sometimes it can't be helped.

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Do you have a Windows CD that came with your computer? If so do you know how to boot from it by inserting it into the drive and then pressing F12 just after you switch on your PC? If you can do this then you could try the "repair" option from Windows Setup, this might fix your missing PC problem.

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