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my phone displays 'unable to charge' or no battery icon?

My Motorola RAZR V3 has suddenly stopped charging. It displays an 'Unable to Charge' message on the home screen or the battery icon just disappears completely! However, when I plug the mini-USB charger into it the the phone lights up so it does recognise something is plugged in. I know it isn't the battery as I've checked this and tried swapping with another V3 and it works fine and the other phone's battery makes no difference to my phone. When the battery icon and 'Unable to Charge' message is displayed I've noticed a new icon appears next to the battery one at the top right-hand corner of the home screen. I don't recognise it but it looks like a phone with a straight vertical line either side with 2 chevrons (^ but facing inwards) about 1/4 way from top & bottom of each line. Otherwise the phone works perfectly!!!

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I plugged my phone up and all of a sudden got the message "Unable to charge" on it. I changed chargers (i had an extra one), i changed batteries (i had an extra one), and i swapped every combination imaginable.
My solution....
My Razr's plug has an opening to plug the phone that resembles a person's navel, and it got dirt and dust bunnies in it while it was in and out of my pockets. I was able to take an old tooth brush (or your new one if your really desperate), and got a can of office duster that you use to clean keyboards. Turn the can of office duster upside down for a second while you are spraying it and liquid will come out as you are spraying the connector. Immediately after that, use your toothbrush to work it inside the dirty connector to free it from anything that will keep it from making good contact. Then, hold the can of office duster upright and it will only spray air... and blow the connector free of anything that you loosened with the brush. Repeat this process if after all this it still doesn't work... because you have a REALLY REALLY dirty connector if it doesn't work after the first try.

Posted on Nov 17, 2008


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buttons don't work on RAZR v3

hey all,..Just like that, my razr doesn't work water damage, not bumps or anything else. When I open it up and try to hit any key, either nothing happens, or the voice recorder starts. One or two keys have worked since this happened two days ago, but they only worked that one time. I have tried taking out the battery for a day and blew out the area where the battery is with compressed air, but nothing changes. What can I do?

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Problem with Moto Razr where nothing works and either one of the following happens:
- voice record thing keeps popping up
- volume keeps moving
- none of the keys work except power off?

Here’s what’s going on:
The phone has these three silver buttons on either side of the flip. They internally have soldered connections, and those connections are getting triggered either due to water, or due to lint accumulated in your phone (yes that’s what happens when you keep it without cover in your pocket and bags). The lint and muck gets moist with humidity (rainy weather etc) and causes the same. It’s something like a ghost sitting somewhere continues to click a button. Why the power off works is because that is the only button that overrides all others.

I had the same problem and was able to fix it. It’s nota fluke, because post that I have fixed 2 more phones with similar problem, which were lying dead-unused with friends because the service center was asking for more than the phones weight for fixing it.

What to do:
Don’t try this at home until left with no other option, because opening the phone yourself is.. Anyway here goes:
Use same opening procedure as slotdoctor did in his post:
First things first –
1 - Take out the battery.
2 – Allow phone to dry. At least the water that entered it from the rain, tub, pot, or your baby’s saliva. If you don’t have access to sun, place it overnight next to the fan exhaust of your laptop and leave the virus scan or disk defrag on (to keep the fan running what else)

Get cracking it:
On the LCD side, you need to take the top apart. Take the 4 front tiny rubbers from the big LCD, one in each corner then you will need a special STAR screw driver, if you don’t have one, buy/beg/borrow/steal. Then you will need to use a blade of very thin flat screwdriver to insert in the thin area on the sides of the panel (where the silver buttons are located). I saw a YouTube demo of the same, don’t remember the link though, but you can find it. While you try and open it, think like opening an oyster if you have seen oneJ.

Clean it:
Once you succeed opening it, you will find that the three that is done, you will see that the back of your LCD, some connecting bus wires (and a lot of lint all over). Don’t touch anything. Use a clean soft makeup brush to get rid of all lint. While you do that, the silver buttons will fall off! That’s ok. Then you’ll find small electronic click buttons exposed where the silver buttons fell off from. Total 4 such buttons (the volume silver buttons has 2 electronic buttons underneath). Notice 4 soldered legs/terminals on each of these click buttons, and identify the terminal pair that has stuff between those terminals, most probably the one that was making the ghost clicks. Use a wooden toothpick to clean. No alcohol or water. Then blow away the scrapings (no spitting). You’ll be tempted to, but don’t go about poking the tooth-pick all over to try and clean every speck. And don’t even think about trying to clean all terminals. Just concentrate on the button that was giving ghost clicks.

Before you start re-assembling: test. Put back the battery, switch on, and hopefully the ghost clicks are gone.

If you remember what you took off, assemble back.

- UK

Posted on Jul 11, 2008


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my cell phone screen dont work

my phone works just the screen dont work it gose on but its a blank screen..i get calls i can make calls. i just dont know what number iam putting in..i have a razor v3 and on the back i know i have alittle water damage but it works just not the me

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This is a common problem, it has to do with the keypad flex. either the connector on the top part of your phone is unpluged or your flex is damaged. Open the top of the phone where the screen is at (4 torx screws) genlty remove the cover. you will see two connectors, one that goes to the camera, the other is the one you want. genlty pry it off upwards, I would also clean it with some IPA (rubbing alcohol) and a brush, re-connect it pushing down firmly, you will fill it when it connects. if it doesnt work, you can purchase a new flex, if you need repair help, let me know I can try to repair

Posted on Nov 22, 2007


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bootloader USB INIT

When I turn my phone on it goes straight to a blue screen with the motorolla sign and at the bottom it reads "bootloader USB INIT" and I can't get out of it. Any suggestions!

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this happens to phones that have had water damage or something else and a way that might make it work is to take the battery out for no more than 60 seconds and put it back in and push the *,# and power buttons at the same time and if the blue screen comes up, while on the screen push the buttons and hold them until it goes normal. it worked for me

Posted on Nov 18, 2007


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blocking calls, motorola razr v3

I have an annoying customer that has gotten ahold of my cell phone number and I want to block his call. Is there a way within the cell phone I can block this number?

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Yes, sort of: go to Settings->Security->Enter lock code here if you've created one(otherwise ignore this step)->Limit Use->Restrict Incoming Calls From this step, you'll have to choose to restrict incoming calls from anyone NOT in your Contacts . You'll still get the voicemails and notifications of who called, but unwanted callers will go right to voicemail and you can call them back whenever you are ready.

Posted on Feb 09, 2007


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White Screen on Razr, What is a "Strip Problem"

My screen on my Razr is white and doesn't respond at all. I read a few threads on this site and I keep seeing people mentioning it is a Strip problem. What is the strip? Is it the electrical ribbon that connects the top and bottom of the flip phone?

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Before you open it and look inside it check to see if the magnetic switch is stuck. Check it with a kitchen magnet to the upper righthand corner of the keypad. There is a magnet in the lower righthand corner to activate it. Do some of the function work when it is closed? If they do then it is not the cable but the switch. Does the outside screen look the same as if it is closed then it is this switch? Could be a bad one, something stuck in there, or it could be stuck.

Posted on Jun 05, 2007


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ringback tones

i just bought a ringback tone how to i apply it to my phone so it will work as a ringback tone on my razor v3a

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if your phone has Internet go to the place where you bought the ringback tone and click the same ringback tone and it should pull up a menu if it shows something that says SET AS DEFAULT if it does click it

Posted on Jan 05, 2008


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phone lock & security codes for RAZR V3

Hello.  I have forgotten my lock & security codes for my phone.  I have contacted my provided Cingular, and they gave me the PUK codes, but that did not unlock the phone.  Who, what, where etc. can I get my phone unlocked?

Tracy Wilson

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see buddy what u have to do is firstly u have to put worng code 4-5 times than it will ask for the PUK code which u have to put in after that. it will reset the password ,,,, if uu have allready followed the procedure than u can consult withany local vendor out there.

Posted on Oct 25, 2007


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Can't send/receive picture messages on Motorola Razr V3

I was given a Motorola Razr V3 as a gift and I can't send/receive any picture messages. I have spoken with my service provider and they walked me through all these different steps and we still couldn't get it to work. Please help!

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Go to Motorolas website and select exact model of phone follow the directions and they will send you update for the phone. I did not realize that I needed to do this I bought my phone through internet and did not understand why could not send pics as my provider said that I shoud be able to. Now I can hope this works. Good luck

Posted on Sep 13, 2009


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forgot unlock code

I forgot the unlock code to my razr any suggestions

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During the 'phone code' press the upper middle button that acts as menu [not the one in between the directional buttons}, when It's done the phone will ack for security code, then press 00000 or 12345. it only unlocks the phone if you have not change your security code.

Posted on Feb 01, 2008

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