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Laser pickup unit to its DVD player faulty. Replace the DVD player.
If you wish to get some details; check the site linked here. Viewing it in "Mosaic" or "Magazine" will make surf easy. Pull up older posts. Surf the site with patience. Do a search by type in the brand name of your device at its search box and press "Enter".

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There is a mechanical switch that is operated by the lid as it's closed. Sometimes, a DVD player such as yours can be made to work by pressing down on the lid but this is a sure indication that something is wrong with the switch. It isn't practical to hold the lid down for the entire time you're viewing a movie so repair or replacement is the only solution

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Hi, the problem you are having is very common with all types of devices such as dvd players,phones,laptops/netbooks, etc basically anything that flips or slides open, now what is causing the loss of feed to the screen is a damaged data ribbon.
this data ribbon is a thin piece of ribbon with several single strand copper wires running through it and what happens is over time when you keep opening and closing the screen this ribbon keeps bending so it keeps the connection between the screen and the circuit board in the bottom half of the player, now over time this ribbon becomes brittle and what then happens is one or more of the copper wires that run inside this ribbon become brittle and break this then causes loss of conection with the screen and you then get no picture or any sort of feed to the screen.

now if this was a phone that you had the problem with then it would be a very easy fix as most phone shops will stock the data ribbon and as its a common fault its cheap to get fixed, how ever as yours is a portable dvd player then this is a different story, you would need to take it to a electrical repair shop or tv repair shop and ask them if they can order and fit the part for you, but as its a Mintek one then the chances of repair are slim as parts are hard to come by as they are not made to be repaired, todays electronics are throw away items which i think is bad practice as most could be fixed for a few quid and would save them going to landfill, getting the part yourself would be pretty much impossible but if you take it to a tv repair shop they may be able to match the part up off something else and get it working for you.

you will need to ask about the price and then decide if its worth getting fixed compared to buying a new player, i would say if its more than 2 years old then i would scrap it as the laser unit will be the next part to fail, if its less than a year old i would try and get it fixed as you should be able to get at least another 12 months out of it if you can get the part and have it fitted.

let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

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Look at the end of the charger plug you will see a color ring near the tip, take the tip and carefully look for the hole, it will be on the side or the back of the laptop slightly bigger than plug and will have a little drawing showing a circle with + and - showing.

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the lcd flex is defective.

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did you get a ac adaptor with your player? if not you can get one on ebay the # is ADPV26A 20.00 and it plugs into the side of the player to charge the battery

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I just bought one on ebay for 25.00 just put in the battery pack # its probably RB-Li55 if its for the mintek 1815 player

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download it from manufacturers site

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They sell adapters so you can plug more than 1 devise into the electronics input- you might have to buy one, see if the plug looks slimmer.

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Ebay, I have found everything there.

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If the manufacturer doesn't make such a charger, you might simply check the voltage etc on the battery or bring it to a radioshack type place and ask them to get you or order you a car charger that matches all elements of the home charger.

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Either the glass laser eye lens is dirty, or faulty. You can first try to clean with rubbing alcohol and cotton swab. If cleaning doesn't help, re-download drivers and cd-rom software. If problem still persists, get new laser eye unit or rom drive

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You can buy any tech store, tech data, staples for generic power adapter.

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The battery is bad and is not repairable. You can find parts for this player including the battery on e-bay at with web address. ( copy this web address and paste it into to your browsers address bar, it will take you to a page of this model dvd player for sale. This units are either in parts or whole units. This is the best chance to get a replacement battery at a reasonable price. I hope this information helps you with your problem.

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You need to try to clean the laser head and the transport. To do this you will need cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol and small cans of lithium grease and compressed air.. Open the up the compartment that the dvd discs are placed. In the center of the compartment you will find the spindle and a laser transport. In the transport you will see the laser head. Take a cotton swab and put a small amount of alcohol on the tip. Rub the tip of swab gently across the head of the laser. Do this until the head look bright and shiney. Use the other end of the swab to dry the excess moisture off the laser head. Take another swab and use a small amount of alcohol on the tip and go around the transport device cleaning the dust and dirt from it. Use a small can of compressed air to blow away any dust and dirt in the compartment. Once the laser head is cleaned and the transport is cleared of dust and dirt, Move the transport to the outer most point and bring it back in to its closest point. Do this several times. Do not applie to much pressure while doing it.If you find ruff and uneven action. Clean the areas of problem and return the transport action to smooth and easy operation. If still not smooth and easy. Take another cotton swab and use some lithium grease in very small amounts to lubricate the transport rails. Again move the transport back and forth to lubricate the laser transport. This should return the transport to normal action. Now play a music cd to calibrate the laser head . Let the cd play through a couple of times. After doing this you can now try a dvd disc and it should play normally. If it still does not play correctly, check the spindel to see if it is loose. If this is the case use a drop of super glue to tighten it up. Let it dry completely and try the disc again. It should work correctly. If you are still having a problem.You either have a problem with the laser itself or the drive motor. The drive motor problem would usually be noticed on the playing of the cd. The laserhead and the motor can be replaced if this is the problem. You can find more information on how to do these repairs on you tube. Put cleaning and repairing portable dvd players in the search engine and it will bring up videos on how people have done these types of repairs. I hope this information will help you with your problem.

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That should be a relatively common cable. I would try radio shack, if you have one in your area.

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With the power turned off, open the DVD Player, and then open the top where you load the DVD into the player. Locate the laser lens and notice that the laser is attached to a transport assembly that moves the laser diagonally outward in a slot. 1. Slide this assembly outward to the end of its track. 2. Slide the assembly back inward to the closest inward position. 3. Repeat the process of sliding the assembly outward and then back inward.4. Put in a music CD and let it play all the way through. This helps to calibrate the laser head assembly movement. When the music CD is finished playing. 5. Put in a DVD, and you should have a working unit again This is a factory solution from Mintek that was given to a customer who ask for help with the forever loading disc problems. This solution may work on other models of portable DVD players. Most portable DVD players use this type of transport mechanism. Try this solution it might work for you. I hope this information helps you with your problem.

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You can try this website: for help with your problem. They specialize in repairing lcd screen problems. They have technical support and sell parts. I hope this information helps you with your problem

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