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I'm unsure of the exact part number here but using the model number I checked the manual. This looks like it's just an access point which extends a current network you have. If you only have your laptop, this device and your internet modem it may not give you the wireless connectivity you're looking for. On a normal setup you would plug your modem into a router, plug your laptop into the router and set it up with all your DSL/Cable connection information as well as wireless on/off. You can then unplug from the router and continue life. with this one it's only connecting to an existing setup (another router or another wireless network) and extending it.
If you are looking for a solution to give you a router that connects to your modem and gives you wireless or adding multiple devices on a single connection I would recommend returning this and getting an all-in-one router such as this:

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It may because you have a mac filter on. If so you can correct this by connecting to the router then in a Internet explorer type and you should have a configure screen available then either disable the mac filter or enter the other mac adresses. Good Luck

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you make a device into ap mode you can get it

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update the firmware of the all device

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There suppose to be a reset button on it mainly on the back of it

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different USB port. There are usually 3 or 4 of them. If you can, format the USB drive (if you have nothing on it or already have copies of what is on it). It will take 10 seconds, but will wipe all data. It should be recognized then.

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look for a windows xp driver file on the included program compact disc that may need to be installed before you use the included program.

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Call your ISP and have them approve the new device.

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Ask a question.

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The question doesn't make sense but I'll assume you mean,
How fast is it.
It's set by the IEEE standards.
Look for eg. 802.11n
The letter at the end will give you an idea of it's speed.
N is current standard
AC is the most up to date
a & b are old standards



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U need to isolate the problem first.
Check if the wireless drops on all devices or only on one particular device.
If it occurs on only one particular device,the problem is with the wireless adapter of that advice..

If it happens on all the devices then the problem is with wireless router

For that
Check for the wireless interference . Avoid having cordless phone base near the router.
Also try changing the wireless channel of the router To 1,6,11

U can do this by logging on to the router set up page of your router

To Find the address of your router,type ipconfig /all in the command prompt.Look for the Default gateway address and type it in the address bar.U will find your Router set up page..and u can change the wireless channel there

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Why is this posted in Networking? Solaris 4x4 650 cc quad bike. Tune up specs are required has nothing to do with Computers/NETWORKING

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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Your new Laptop is capable of Wireless N theoretical transfer rate of 300 mbps with two antennas. Your router is wireless G at max. theoretical transfer rate of 54 mbps. I would recommend replacing your router with one that has wireless N. I use a Motorola Surfboard SBG6580. With some routers you can go into your settings and disable the firewall which will help with the speed. Firewalls can sometimes be redundant if you have a firewall in your operating system (windows) anyway. Before you run out and get a new router I would hardwire your laptop to the router (cat5E cable) you have now just to make sure you don't have a bottleneck somewhere else. Then do a speed test using your Vuze program. You may need to Port Forward your router, not always necessary..... you can get lots of info at on your specific router. Depending on your speed that you are paying for from Time Warner you want to make sure you have the right router as well. Here is a list Buy Your Modem Time Warner Cable . If you reach your desired speeds hardwired to your laptop then I would get the new Wireless N router. Good Luck.

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Communication restraints are relative to authorizations necessitated when setting passwords. Review the detailed data provided by the Modem/Router/Extender supplied to you when you obtained the hardware. Full instructions were given to you at that time on the procedures to set and reset communication authorization and codes. If you cannot follow the instructions, the OEM (equipment mfg.) will be happy to walk you through the process of completing and new link to your devices.

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Easy put all settings on dhcp and reboot system

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Printed on the label on the bottom of the unit. If that doesn't work, do a factory reset with a paper clip in the reset hole.

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You can use TELNET from the command prompt in Windows, but you need the name / IP address and login credentials.

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There are a few things that can cause you to lose wireless connection with your wireless router. 1. Weak signal strength, check the signal strength on your wireless card. If it is weak move the wireless router away from brick or concrete walls and if possible locate the wireless router higher up. 2. Have you secured your wireless router from people near your from unauthorized access? i.e. change the default password, setup encryption use WPA2 or WPA, change the default SSID, and turn off SSID broadcast, and for added protection, enable MAC address filtering which allows only the MAC address/es of your wireless card/s to connect to your wireless router. 3. You could be getting interference from electrical sources such as air conditioners, arc welders, washing machines etc. If so, the power supply to the wireless routers and computers etc should be connected to a surge protection power board, better still connect your computer equipment to an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). 4. Check the channels of the wireless routers and access points in your area and change the broadcast channel on your wireless router to an unused channel or one that is currently used but has the weakest signal strength. This will minimize interference with your wireless router from other wireless routers and access points in your area.

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