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Remove the print head and power on the printer . If it does tuen on the print head is defective, replace it

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You can search on internet for service manual, in order to find how you can open the printer and fix the issue.

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Maybe. Sounds like the print head is fubar and Canon charges a fortune for them; it is cheaper to get a new printer in that case after checking it out.

Before shopping you might want to try a hard reset of the printer and reinstalling the software after uninstalling the prior software. If still bogus then .....................

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Print head is fubar and for the cost that Canon will hit you with for a new print head you really have no alternative - new printer is cheaper than print head and also comes with a warranty.

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If you unplug a printer that is performing a firmware update then that ruins the logic board. However you do not say why the update was being performed. had you initiated the update? or did the machine start to do this of its own accord? Anyway its too late now. A new logic board is required and it has to be done by a Canon engineer as his has the software to reload its programming. This is well out of the scope of a user repair. Sorry.

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As with most modern electronics, your unit has a 'switched-mode' power supply and most are built well enough to outlast the warranty.
They are very efficient but the kind of service some parts (especially electrolytic capacitors) are subjected to adverse conditions.

If you want to try a DIY analysis, remove the housing from your unit and locate the power supply; if it is modular, you may have to open a second case (much smaller).
Power supplies are easy to identify since they are clearly a different animal than found on the main boards, being made up of coils and larger semiconductors than the other functions.

If you gain access, look for cylindrical components mounted perpendicular to the circuit board with a plastic foil jacket and an exposed aluminum top, there may be a lot of different sizes but these are the most likely failures.
Since they can burst when failing, the aluminum is scored in a 'Y' pattern to enable a more gentle bursting.

Check them closely and look for domed (bulging) tops. These are close to dying and typically no longer able to function as designed.

They vary in quality so replacements can be better (longer-lived) or worse.

Most techs will know which replacements are best and the cost difference is low and negligible.

Good luck-

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The print screen for the printer should have a check box for 'reverse the pages printed'. For some reason this sounds like it is selected. Uncheck the box and you should be able to print from page 1.

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Regarding your recent inquiry about the poor black print quality (Canon PG-225 PGBK ink cartridge) & lack of overall printing performance with your Canon MX882 printer, it sounds like your PRINTHEAD is either clogged (from dried ink) or has reached END-OF-LIFE, to help determine which please perform the following steps (if you have already performed a step, please continue to the next step in the order shown):

Canon Cartridge Troubleshooting:

1.Go into the printer's maintenance/tools menu and print a print quality test (i.e. heading cleaning, nozzle test or similar) to help identify which color (of number of colors) is impacted.

NOTE: To help determine which color has run out, use the following suggestions in sequence until you are able to identify the empty color: 1) Generate a Print Quality Test Page from your printer control panel; a faded color band indicates empty. 2) To distinguish between a black and photo black cartridge, print a text document and/or a photo. Faded black in a text document indicates the black cartridge is empty; faded black in a photo indicates the photo black cartridge is empty. 3) To distinguish between cyan, yellow, and magenta click here: A faded or missing color band indicates empty.

2.At the printer's control panel under the 'Maintenance' or 'Tools' menu, activate a 'CLEANING' or 'HEAD CLEANING' to prime the ink system. Then Run the Inkjet411 'Ink Recovery Test Print' from our Test Prints page to verify all colors are firing properly (all printers also provide some form of a Self Test page):

    3.Check your user's manual to see if there are any procedures on cleaning the service station/capping station assembly (this is where the carriage/cartridges 'park' when not in use). A dirty service station can cause all kinds of improper color output problems (assuming the printhead is working correctly of course). NOTE: May not be applicable for your model depending on the printer design.

    4.The Ink Absorber, if applicable depending on print model, may also be full which could also cause printing related issues (typically an error code will be displayed when the ink absorber is full) is a customer/yahoo response on this particular issue:
    5.Refer to our print quality support page to ensure other variables are not causing the issue such as printer driver settings or operating system device conflict, etc:

      6.If this does not remedy the problem, then one or more of the ink ports may be dry within the PRINTHEAD assembly (the ink cartridges physically connect to this electronic assembly). We suggest you either remove the printhead and perform a hot water flush for 2 minutes (in a sink) or using an eye-dropper, or similar, drip 5-10 milliliters (i.e. 1-2 teaspoons) of distilled water into the respective color ink port to help saturate the foam.

      7.Reinstall ink cartridges and retest.
      Inkjet411 Suggested PRINTHEAD Cleaning Procedures:
      Canon Printhead Warm-Water Flush Procedure:

      3rd party PRINTHEAD CLEANING solutions (for additional reference only): (Canon

        8.If the problem persists, then you may have a damaged PRINTHEAD (worst case scenario), unrelated to the refilled cartridges. The printhead is a separate electronic assembly (which the cartridges are installed into) and is responsible for firing the ink drops onto the paper. Over time and based on usage this assembly will eventually fail (typically lasts ~4,000 to 5000 printed pages on avg). Refer to video on how the PRINTHEAD functions:

        IIT (individual ink tank-based) printer models have an electronic PRINTHEAD within the base of the carriage assembly (responsible for pulling ink from the 4, 5 or 6 ink cartridges and then firing the ink droplets onto the paper) - these will eventually fail depending on print usage type and printer duty cycle (i.e. rated for approximately 10,000 printed pages over life, but the consumer average is typically closer ~4,000-5,000 thruput pages). The printhead is replaceable and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or . For information on how the PRINTHEAD functions, please watch the following video:

        Typically the printhead should not reach it's end-of-life until after a minimum of 8 or more complete sets of cartridge changes. While some printheads may last 10,000+ pages others may only last 2000 pages, actual results will vary. The printhead will eventually fail in time due to an internal micro-electronics failure, due to the following leading factors: general customer print usage and printer care, printer duty cycle (i.e. # pages printed per month), printing frequency (i.e. time between each print job), print mode (i.e. draft vs. normal) and content printed (i.e. photos vs plain pages) and color mode (black and white only vs. color/greyscale printing).

        Paper types used (i.e. plain paper, photo papers & matte/heavy bond papers) and paper edge curl (i.e. duration in printer and/or exposure to low relative humidity) can also quickly lead to premature printhead failures due to physical 'head strikes' of the paper edges making repeated contact with the printhead nozzle plate surfaces.

        CAUTION: the use of compatible/clone cartridges (i.e. sold thru the internet from China) are known to be problematic and may cause printer errors and permanent PRINTHEAD damage. We do NOT suggest refilling these types of ink cartridges.....refilling of original/genuine ink cartridges is only suggested!

        Canon 225/226 Ink Refilling Services & Additional Cautions:


        For USA store ink refill locations and details on ink refill pricing:

        Costco USA Ink Refill Service (all 453+ stores):

        Fry's Electronics Ink Refill Service (all 34 stores):

        Micro Center Ink Refill Service:


        Customers who have questions regarding the use of refilled ink cartridges can visit or contact us directly at INKJET411HELP@GMAIL.COM
        -Thank you

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The printer only prints what it is sent. I suggest you create a new doc using the same program of which created the original. See if that prints ok. If so then the original has gone corrupt. If still the same problem persists then put the new file on a laptop or another pc attached to your printer and see if that is ok. I am sure it will be. Its more than likely that the printer driver is corrupt and needs to UNINSTALLED and REINSTALLED. Don't just delete it. Download the latest driver from the manufacturers website and install that.
Good luck

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Look at adapter, see what output is supposed to be- maybe 12 volts DC? Find a multimeter that will measure DC voltage, and see if the output plug has that across the connector. If you have an ordinary power cord without an adapter, it will have 120 volts AC like any other cord, which you can also measure on AC scale, but be careful as you can get a dangerous shock, just like you can from an ordinary household outlet.
Note: AC voltage may vary by country.

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be sure the cartrigde are ok

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is 100% working after unistall printer

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Canceled the jobs on PC and verify the inks.If you use the refill inks perform the head cleaning in the mantenance mode.

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Not sure of the QUESTION..? Do you want to print colour or black and
white..? Anyway,try this, bring up image , at top left click on Fix , at top
right click on Auto Adjust then go down to Adjust Colour click on and
hold Saturation Slider move to left to remove colour ,right to add colour
go to print and it should give you a black / white image. Remember to
return image back to original colour or image will return to file in b/w
hope this works for you..goodluck...T.C.

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The blinking is just an attention light so there's nothing to worry about that. Try adjusting your paper tray to the paper size you are about to use. Or try checking the duplexer panif its positioned properly. Hope this helps.

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The black print head may have blocked nozzels.
Inkjet printers need to be used frequently to prevent ink drying out and blocking the print head nozzles.
If the print head cleaning maintenance routine does not clear the blockages, then print head needs replacing, but it may be expensive.
It may be more cost effective to buy a later model and better printer than replace the print head.

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Do you have a question about this unit?

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You need special transparency film designed for inkjet printers.
You can get this film from this WEB site.

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check to make sure you have it set on the right printer by find printer... if that is okay check your ink levels and make sure they are in properly... you might also want to try restarting the printer and if none of those work you will have to try and uninstall the printer and then reinstall it....

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